Top 5 ideas on how to have fun with friends!

Time spent with close and dear people is always priceless. And for a day off in a circle of friends to be fun and memorable, you should choose an exciting entertainment. Party2go’s creative team will always help you find original games, unique attractions and trappings for fun starts. After all, we have everything you need to make your weekend or holiday a unique one!

Choosing entertainment, you should consider the interests of the entire company and age, and then the rides will certainly give a lot of pleasure and positive!


A lot of excitement and unforgettable experience you will get from a fascinating game of lasertag. Unlike paintball to shoot at your opponent you will be a laser beam, so you will not experience any discomfort or pain in case of unsuccessful hit. Depending on the level of training you can choose to pass a certain mission, such as capturing the enemy’s base, winning the banner and others. Camouflage and weapons give special realism to the game. And the final result, of course, depends on the cohesion of the team!

Table Tennis

You can have fun and carefree time with friends by renting a table tennis table. Not only players, but also spectators will enjoy the exciting game, because looking at the rivals’ competitions you unwittingly start cheering for the best player.

The rules of the game are very simple, the first move is determined by drawing lots, then the game goes up to 11 points. During the game time will pass unnoticed, and everyone can demonstrate agility, speed and demonstrate a virtuoso game.

Giant checkers

Who doesn’t like checkers? Undoubtedly, everyone loves checkers, and their popularity has not decreased at all, even despite the emergence of a mass of interactive games. But the special pleasure you can get from the game is not the usual, and giant checkers. After all, in order to walk, you need to move the figure to the right cell.

If you think of a difficult move that allows you to take a few checkers, you will have to run pretty much on the field, moving the figures, which will certainly cheer up the audience. And if players are tired of moving checkers from one cell to another, you can sit down on the pieces and have some rest.

Air soccer

Do your friends like football? – Then we suggest you play, not table soccer, but air soccer. The main feature of the game is that several people play at the same time, and the game takes place on a large inflatable field. In order to score the ball into the opponent’s goal, you need to hit it with the flow of air from the pipe. The rules of the game remain the same, and the victory can win the fastest and most accurate player.

This game will allow you to have a good laugh and look at the usual game with different eyes.

Obstacle strip

Undoubtedly, the best way to have fun and demonstrate strength and agility is an obstacle course. In our assortment you will be able to choose the optimal obstacle course or make the perfect lane of several different modules. And here everyone will be able to run over, jump and get better, and all kinds of inflatable obstacles in the form of rocks, tunnels or logs that are in your way will prevent you from reaching the finish line.

And no matter what kind of entertainment you choose for a cheerful and carefree vacation in the company of friends you will certainly have a pleasant time. And if the weather is bad outside, do not despair, because our team can offer you the original board and salon games. Believe me, we have something to surprise you!