Top 7 worst resorts in the world

Here you can catch a disease, become a victim of pickpockets or predators

British insurance company Norwich Union Travel Insurance has ranked the worst resorts in the world – dangerous for the life of the tourist, with a high level of accidents, theft, poisoning, as well as poor quality service, scams and other “scams” for big money. The rating was based on an analysis of more than 60 thousand complaints from tourists around the world.

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So, the countries where it is not recommended to go:


This is the country where most accidents, food poisoning, and theft occur.

If you would like to travel to Thailand, don’t forget to check if you are going to Thailand. Do not agree to dubious excursions (even if the cost is much less than the official tour desk offered), when you take a cab always make sure that the driver understood you correctly. Otherwise you might get into trouble, at best only saying goodbye to your valuables.

Every time you leave the hotel, take a business card (at the reception, free of charge), which in Thai is written the hotel address and map to it – you need it to explain the way to the cab driver.

And also: not to spoil your vacation poisoning, do not drink tap water. Always buy bottled water (it is possible that the hotel will give it free of charge). Also use it for washing fruits, brushing teeth, etc. Refrain from buying food and drinks on the street, as well as treats from strangers. Exoticism in Thailand is better tried in the form of relaxing massages and spa treatments!

  1. South Africa

When traveling in South Africa tourists are most likely to be robbed (including with a gun) or have their suitcases stolen on the way to the hotel. The crime rate in South Africa is very high.

Note. Areas in which it is better not to go, even if you really want extreme: Johannesburg, Soweto, Hillbro, Alexandra and Kettlehong.

  1. Serpent Island (located off the coast of Brazil)

The most dangerous venomous snakes of the continent are found here. For example, spearheads – one bite of this species of snake leads to instant tissue death and death.

According to statistics, the number of poisonous snakes ranges from 1 to 5 individuals per square meter of Snake Island. Therefore, it is officially forbidden to visit the island. But still every year there are extreme people…

  1. Barbados

Ironically, this famous island resort of the Caribbean also made the list of not the most attractive for recreation. And all because of the large number of poisonous tropical insects, as well as unfriendly underwater creatures (sharks, rays and other predators).

Pay attention, if you’re going to vacation in Barbados. Swim only on civilized beaches that are fenced off from the ocean by coral reefs.

  1. Czech Republic

It is in this country that most tourists become victims of pickpocket thieves.

  1. India

It is recommended to travel to this country only after all vaccinations in order to protect against poisonous insects, viruses, infections, and other infections.

India has a rather high mortality rate due to infection by local insects and animals, as well as infections you can catch from drinking water or swimming in local rivers or reservoirs full of filth.

  1. Cuba

According to many tourists, this paradise is dangerous because you can catch a surprise from Venus and get hooked on drugs faster than you can get to the beach.

  1. Barcelona

The mischievous heart of Spain and the center of fun and nightlife, Barcelona is also on the list of “creepy” resorts. And all because of the large number of street crooks, pickpockets, beggars and other crooks with a history. And also such unpleasant phenomenon, when you for a high enough cost (hotel room, order in a restaurant, etc.) will be given or “steal” something useless or of poor quality.