Top 9 useful Viber features that few people use

Viber Messenger is currently one of the most common among Ukrainian users, and now experts have named the most important features and capabilities of this service, which users often do not pay attention to. You may know some of these chips, but others will definitely come as a surprise.

The first interesting feature that gives tools to teachers is the opportunity to create quizzes, and after the author receives statistics. You can create quizzes in group chats and Viber communities.

The second feature that few people know about is smart notifications. Their essence is that if you receive many messages from one chat, they will be grouped in one big notification instead of receiving notifications for each message. This will be especially handy in work chats.

The third important option is to turn off notifications in non-priority chats. Viber users can adjust this feature in chat or group settings.

The fourth feature is the ability to hide the status. If you disable the Share Online status feature, other users will not see you when you are online. This feature is available in the privacy settings.

Fifth on our list is the ability to maintain privacy through secret chats in which messages are deleted on a timer. There are also other options that allow you to set up secret chats for yourself.

The sixth feature is a built-in image editor that allows you to add text, filters, stickers and more to the image. Once you receive a photo of the other person, you can click “Doodle this Photo” and send them the edited image.

The seventh feature is a new sticker editor that allows you to create your own stickers. The feature is available in the Viber sticker store, it has the same name “Create a sticker”.

The eighth feature is the ability to delete messages for both yourself and the other person, which is available in many other messengers. First, click on the message that the user wants to delete, and then click on “Delete for all”.

The ninth feature is the ability to add a few more people to an existing call. To do this, click “Add to call”, and then select a contact or enter a number.