Traveling alone

Meet independent people, identify your strengths and weaknesses, practice discretion and endurance. Not all travelers will be able to do something like this.

Plus. Above all, solo travel is a spiritually enriching process. Recall the need for shut-ins, after all, people didn’t come to them by accident. Pretty much clears the brain of debris.

Minus – not good for soulless people. They initially will not understand why it is necessary. After all, you can just stare at the zombie TV.

Plus, there is a natural human need to be alone with yourself. Why not go with nature? As we strive for false values in the chaos of chaotic existence, we don’t even always have time to understand the meaning of our own existence. A journey alone, especially a long one, helps us to understand and accept this meaning, and thus to find inner freedom. The minus is that not all people understand why they need freedom, some are even afraid of it. On the plus side, constant adventures are a great way to train optimism and endurance. The weather can change quickly and unexpectedly, especially in the mountains. On the unexplored path unexpected things are bound to happen. Having gained valuable experience in overcoming all these surprises or troubles, you can safely look forward to tomorrow. Now any possible obstacles are seen as new opportunities to demonstrate your skills and abilities, and this applies not only to travel, but to life in general. Minus – a weak person can break down at the first test. It is better for such a person not to go on a risky journey, but still stay with the zombie TV.

Plus. Traveling alone disciplines, trains discretion. In case of injury or illness there will be nobody to help. So recklessness is excluded. The skill of the analysis of a situation, the definition of a safe line of behavior is recruited – it is useful throughout all life, in any situations. The disadvantage is that a person who is reckless may not have time to develop this skill. Because of his rashness, he will get under a car even before the trip.

Plus: there is silence and serenity. As a rule, people are prone to talking and other sound eruptions. And you just want to take a break from the noise of the city! And any other noise. When you’re alone, no one will disturb your peace.

Minus: – some people take so long to realize the beauty of silence that they do not have time to live up to that moment. People with sluggish thinking speeds are contraindicated to solo travel.

Plus: Photographers are especially comfortable traveling alone. It may take you a long time to find a comfortable angle. Or wait for good lighting. In that case, no one will rush you.

Minus: I couldn’t find any. Only pluses… The plus is inspiration. Travel is a successful combination of gorgeous scenery, relaxation and the inevitable adventure. It will serve as an endless source of inspiration. Poetry, prose, and painting require inspiration.

Minus: Not good for people who are alien to creativity.

Plus: Buddha himself secluded himself for the purpose of self-discovery. Retreat (retreat) has been practiced for thousands of years by monks and scholars to find resources for further existence.

Minus: not everyone is going to go on living, there are some who are suicidal. The good news: unexpected situations arise in the journey. Travelers gradually learn to cope with all situations, because there is simply no one to count on. Develops independence, which is so much missing these days.

Minus: not everyone understands why they need independence. For example, they have a mom who will feed and water and dress and wipe their snot, and turn on the right channel in the zombie TV.

Plus: on a solo trip, you get to know your strengths and weaknesses thoroughly. It’s like a diagnosis: if you know your weaknesses, it’s clear what you need to get rid of. Even if in some cases it is not possible to get rid of the weakness, but you will be aware of its existence. If necessary, it will allow you to hide it.

Minus: not everyone wants to know about their shortcomings. And mentally unhealthy people it may even be harmful.

Plus: on a solo trip, you can express your excitement as loudly as you want, in any form. Otherwise, in a group, some people are shy.

Minus: you don’t.

Plus: getting to know strong and independent people. Solo travel develops independence and strong character, so there’s a high chance you’ll meet just such people. It’s also highly likely that friendships will develop, or even more. And some people complain that their friends are helpless sleuths. So you have to understand where you’re better off finding a strong personality.

Minus: Some weak people are afraid of strong friends because they emphasize their inferiority.

Plus: while enjoying the scenery alone, you can suddenly catch yourself feeling that the whole world belongs to you. There is no one else around. It’s a funny feeling. Minus: it’s just a feeling. You don’t become the master of the world that way.

Plus: solo travel can show you that the most important thing in life is not money. It turns out that there are such categories as will, spaciousness, beauty, inspiration. And money is shallow and boring, although sometimes it helps to solve some problems. But whoever gets hung up on money just doesn’t have time to live.

Minus: a pathologically greedy person is unlikely to understand it. Plus: traveling alone allows you to walk around naked, after all, there are such lovers. Even if the figure is ugly, there’s no one to be ashamed of.

Minus: but if, on the contrary, you have a great figure? And there is no one to admire, it’s a shame.

Plus: the opportunity to photograph sunrises. You can wake up and get up at any convenient time. Here I am in recent years, I rarely travel alone, often with a girl. That’s why I have so few pictures of the sunrise. Just going to get out of the tent, and she – grabbed by the neck. That’s it. True, I’ve never regretted missing a sunrise this way.

Minus: not everyone understands the beauty of dawns. Even I myself, an avid traveler and photographer, have to admit that a warm and affectionate girl is better than any sunrise.

Plus: when you see a paradoxical Parabola, you can believe it doesn’t exist. And no one will disagree with you. If you go with a group, people will convince you that it’s a real rock, that Parabola is a rock… Ugh, it’s so boring.

Minus: this Parabola is real.

Plus: you get to experience the romance to the fullest. If you’re in a group, however, some whiner might blurt out something stupid at the most inopportune moment, ruining the solemnity of the moment.

Minus: romance is out of fashion these days. On the plus side, you can photograph your subject in whatever pose you want. No one will photograph you with a snide giggle.

Minus: it’s harder to spot interesting subjects when you’re alone. You might miss it.

Plus: no one will stop you from contemplating.

Minus: no one will tell you what exactly you are contemplating, you’ll have to think for yourself.

Plus: there it is, total freedom!

Minus: Some people are afraid of freedom and don’t know what to do with it. They prefer dependence.

Plus: When you do spiritual practices, you can hide your secrets.

Minus: some don’t understand why spiritual practices are necessary. They’re replaced by the zombie TV.

Plus: the hermit Lada Tsuranova has long enjoyed solitude in the Ergaki. You can come to her and ask her to put your mind in its place. If she likes you, she will do it.

Minus: if she doesn’t like you, which happens, she’ll chase you away. Plus: traveling alone, it’s easier to see wildlife or birds. After all, a group is usually noisy. Minus: a fed bear can be dangerous. In that case, it’s better to be with a group. Any other thoughts on this?