Trendy Men’s Hoodies 2020. A cocktail of comfort and style, why not?

Hoodies are experiencing an incredible peak of popularity; they are presented by both sports and classic brands. How to combine a hoodie to get a better look? For a long time, a hoodie was a sign of people not watching their wardrobe. Hoody because of its bulk, lack of vivid features of the cut, was considered too simple to be stylish.

The path to the hearts of fashionistas Over a hundred years, the sweatshirt has passed a difficult path of recognition. First, athletes chose a convenient oversized sweater, then hoodies became a hallmark of various street subcultures: musicians, skaters, street artists of graffiti.

Due to the strong association with some subcultures, the hoodie was even banned, and people wearing it aroused suspicion. But everything flows, everything changes. Everyone is tired of strict uncomfortable images.

Now everyone wants to move away from conventions, to reveal themselves. I’d like to abandon stereotypical thinking, allow myself freedom, dynamism, minimalism. These trends are instantly reflected in fashion trends. Designers create collections with oversize things, experiment with well-known wardrobe elements, focusing on convenience and comfort. A sweatshirt is the favorite clothing of almost all men.

And right now, the golden age of hoodies has come. The adoption of a sweatshirt, like any part of youth culture, in the end, happened. This piece of clothing, as never before, is timely. Functional, convenient and stylish sweatshirt firmly entrenched in the wardrobe.

Gordon Richardson, formerly the Creative Director of Topman, notes that the hooded sweatshirt is the epitome of street wear and has gained widespread popularity due to its versatility and comfort.

In a men’s wardrobe there are not many things that would be suitable for every occasion and would be appropriate in any environment.

Walking around the city, going home or to the gym, an informal meeting – hoodies can be worn everywhere. Fashion brands not only set the direction of movement, but they themselves are sensitive to any changes in the market. Now men are not afraid to experiment with style and introduce sportswear into their everyday wardrobe. The sweatshirt entrenched among the favorite men’s things, and designers are ready to include it in their collections. But how to wear a hoodie? Variations of a hoody.

A sweatshirt has a number of characteristic differences. The main ones are a sport cut and a hood. For sewing, knitted fabrics are traditionally used: footer and fleece.

Some designers offer acrylic yarn-related hoodies. More expensive brands indulge their fans with cashmere, merino. Of the decorative elements for hoodies are used: lacing; pockets (patch pockets, kangaroo pockets, welt pockets); fasteners; rivets; application; embroidery.

Despite the fact that the hoodie was originally oversized clothing, now it is increasingly being fitted. Unimaginable combinations Everyone is used to wearing a sweatshirt as a sports outfit. But leading fashion designers offer to try some unexpected combinations.

Smart Hoodies Smart Hoodies are a great example of a casual and sporty cocktail. The fitted and accurate Olympic sweater goes well with an elegant coat, trousers, shirt. Hoodies that fit in a casual style offer brands: Philipp Plein. 1 of 2 COS – the Swedish brand offers its fans discreet cut clothes with clear lines, muted shades.

Reiss is a British respectable brand that does not differ in the originality of design solutions, but will always please with laconic and classic outfits. Beams Plus, a young Japanese brand of men’s clothing, instantly picked up the idea of ​​combining hoodies with classic things.

Sunspel – this manufacturer from the UK has long been specialized in high-quality knitwear. The brand offers classic sweatshirts with patch kangaroo pockets. Polo Ralph Lauren. The famous American dreamer “literally rediscovered the hoodie. Finding smart-casual hoodies is easy. It is necessary to choose a fitted sweatshirt that would fit with trousers. Hoodies for every day Wearing a hoodie every day is convenient and practical. The sweatshirt certainly combines with dark jeans, because voluminous hoodies and light jeans will turn even the most toned and slim figure into something shapeless.

You can wear a bomber jacket, jacket or denim sleeveless top. Brands that offer comfortable casual sweatshirts: Zara. The North Face. H&M. 1 of 2 Nike and Adidas also introduced a collection of hoodies. Their sweatshirts are perfect for sports and for ordinary walks. Nike sweatshirts amaze with variety Nike used all variations of sweatshirts in the new collection. These sweatshirts can be of any color or style. In fact, they pay tribute to the street subcultures that raised them to the peak of fashion.

You can choose a similar hoodie from the brands: Champion. Stussy. Carhatt. Off-White. Gucci. Comfortable hoodie has become stylish and fashionable. It is firmly entrenched in the wardrobes of men and has become an excellent element of clothing that opens up space for experimentation.