Tricky female manipulations you need to know

You think your woman isn’t using her tricky ways of controlling and manipulating you? You shouldn’t be so naive and arrogant. All girls are trying to secretly control and manipulate a man with their female techniques to get what they want. Each girl has her own arsenal of techniques and methods of manipulation, through which she gets her man. Girls like to steer a man discreetly and carefully so that he does not even know about it. Women’s manipulations must be known not to step on a man’s rake 1000 times in a row.

Cunning female manipulation, which you should know

1. The girl asks for gifts The girl complains that she has nothing to wear and nothing fits to the new dress? The girl can complain on the old phone and is often unavailable for this, of course, because of the bad phone that the man bought her a new one. A girl may complain about not being able to buy a fitness ticket, a bicycle, a car or a small thing around the house. It’s all done for one purpose. To force a man “nobly” to offer her help. As soon as the man says his sentence, the girl is happy to grab him and give him a good sex. What if a girl asks for gifts? Feel for her, but no more. Just mention that you also want a ticket to the gym, a new bike and tires for the car.

2. You’re not a real man. If a girl says “real man”, the next word is “must”. It’s the most popular method of manipulation. The girl claims you’re not a real man? For you to be, you have to do what she said. Do you feel the trap? When a man doesn’t give a girl what she wants, she starts to hurt his pride and courage. So by manipulation, a girl gets what she wants from a man. She’ll say he’s a real man now, but you and I know he’s become a deer and a dodger. What if the girl says you’re not a real man? Tell her you don’t have to prove anything to her. Ask her how much of a real woman she is? Will she be able to go with you as Decembrist wives to Siberia? Or will she run away at the first financial or other difficulties? Will she whine and complain instead of help? Can a girl support, care and nurture a man, as shown in the movies? If she is far from a real woman, it is not her to talk about a real man.

3. Girl flatters Girls like to compliment a man and flatter him if she wants something from him. Girl claims you’re generous and make good money? She needs something to buy or just money. The girl says you’re a handyman? So she needs to do something and male physical strength. The girl says she wants to spend more time with you and suggests she go to her mother’s cottage? Girls like to flatter a man when they want him to obey and fulfill their whims. What if a girl is manipulating flattery? Admit the compliments, but don’t agree to do what you don’t want to do. Give your arguments and arguments.

4. The easiest way for a girl to manipulate a man is to make him guilty. You didn’t seem to do anything, and she’s already sulking, not talking, and ignoring. You’re an indifferent, insensitive, rude and inattentive chump. Anyone, even the most harmless, can be a reason for resentment. You have offended your “angel” with your behavior, words, actions or even thoughts. What is all this for? A guilty man does everything he can to make it up to him. He gives gifts, cares intensively, does all the women’s whims and does everything, the woman will say. A naive fool. A girl can deliberately provoke a man to make mistakes, so that he then poke his nose into it. What to do if a girl is offended? Ask her to explain in detail what happened. A girl can say that it’s okay to keep sulking. Ask her to talk about it, and if she doesn’t want to, it’s not worth the egg. Demand an explanation or a hint that she’s in a bad mood, nerdy and pessimistic. And you don’t like girls like that.

5. You don’t love me. How many times have you heard that phrase? It’s a very popular female trap. It’s used by absolutely every woman without exception. You didn’t follow her whims, whims or instructions, which means you don’t love her. You went out with friends, you didn’t call her or do what she wants. What if a girl doubts your love? It’s best to answer with humor. Ask if she’s joking or serious? Put it all in a joke. Ask her to prove her love for you and give examples. Doubt her love in return if she won’t let you do what you want.

6. Girl blackmails Girl blackmails a man to do what she wants him to do? It’s the most rude, primitive and unpleasant way to manipulate. If you go out with your friends, I’ll go out with my girlfriends at the club. If you don’t spend the weekend with me, I’ll go out with a male friend. If you don’t give me a new dress or jewelry, I’ll think you’re indifferent. If you want to sign a prenup before the wedding, you don’t and I’ll find someone else. You don’t want to sell your parents’ apartment to buy us a house, you don’t care about our happiness and I don’t want to see you. You didn’t buy me a new iPhone, so I’ll find someone who will. What if a girl’s blackmailing me? The most effective way to deal with threats was invented by the Israeli security services. They never meet terrorist demands. Ultimatums and threats should be answered in a manly manner. You do what you think is right and advise her to stop manipulating you. Let her shut up.

How do you fight the manipulation of women? There are a couple of general counter strategies. Ignore and ignore the manipulation of the girl Change the topic of conversation and get away from the dispute Convince her in the dispute using arguments Defend your rights and do not let yourself wipe your feet Look confident and calm, Show her your balls Don’t agree and say no to the girl Slap the girl on the butt as a punishment Be a man, not a rag and shut her mouth with words The girl will constantly check you and provoke you to bend to her needs. But if a man always defends his rights and does not allow himself to be offended, the girl goes backwards. Girls love strong men, and rags and podkabluchniki cheat. The girl will always check you periodically for eggs. Maybe you lost them over time.