Turkey demands 40,000 years in prison for Thodex crypto-fraudsters

Prosecutors have concluded their investigation into the Thodex scam project
They are seeking 40,564 years in prison for 21 employees of the crypto exchange
The big question now is finding the fleeing director

Turkish prosecutors have demanded unprecedentedly high prison sentences for those involved in the Thodex case. For the 21 ex-employees, he imposed a total sentence of 40,564 years.

Details of the most high-profile scam of 2021

Last March, Thodex, the largest local crypto exchange, froze the accounts of all users without warning. And its CEO Farouk Fatih Ozer fled the country, taking with him $2 billion of customers’ money. According to the authorities, the businessman is hiding in Albania.

Later, Farukh Ozer published a message in which he promised to pay all the money to investors and face the Turkish court. But more than a year has passed, and the swindler is still successfully hiding abroad. But local police officers arrested 62 ex-employees of Thodex.

The defendants are now charged with fraud and criminal association. Prosecutors have proven 21 employees directly guilty and are asking for 40,564 years in prison.

Local authorities have frozen Thodex’s bank accounts and seized its headquarters in Istanbul.

The strange fate of crypto-exchange directors

This week, the world was reminded of another mysterious story involving a crypto-exchange director. Netflix released the first part of the documentary “Trust No One: The Hunt for Cryptocurrency.” In it, they investigate the mysterious death of QuadrigaCX exchange head Gerald Cotten.

The fact is that the cause of death is listed as Crohn’s disease, a disease that rarely leads to death. And after that, all the clients’ money disappeared, because only Cotten allegedly had the access key.