Two useful settings for MIUI 12

In addition, due to the huge amount of written materials, answers to some of them have already been given and if you are too lazy to look for them on the main page of the site, you can ask any question about the work of MIUI and get an answer to it, or a link to previous articles that will help you to properly configure your smartphone.

However, it’s closer to the topic. One of the readers addressed three questions:

1.The item “Other” unexpectedly became the leader in battery consumption statistics. What can you do?
2.How to set the correct charge saving, what can be turned off, what can not?
3.Some applications work without problems from Wi-Fi and start to be strange when using mobile Internet.

And if the answer to the first question is very simple – SIM replacement, because based on my personal experience, after this action the problem disappears, the other two require small comments.

Saving the charge

In this section, you can fine-tune applications and services. Or, to be more precise – restrictions on the work in the background. This way you can decide for yourself which program will have more privileges when it is not used.

However, in the initial state of the system, in this item may be given permissions for background activity to applications that you do not use at all, which means they should be forbidden to spend the charge.

Go to “Settings” –> Passwords and security –> Privacy –> Special access –> Battery saving.

For example, I think that “Emergency data” and “Device search” are superfluous in this list, so clicking on each one and choosing “Save” forbid them from excessive activity in the background.

If, on the other hand, an application is especially important to you, or if Viber’s notifications (for example) come in late after another update, you may, on the contrary, allow the application to be more active while it is inactive.

To do this, click on the down arrow (top right corner), select “All Applications”, find the application you want and allow it to work in the background.

Now about applications and the Internet

In one of the past materials, I have already touched upon the topic of setting up unlimited access to the mobile Internet for applications. However, to all appearances, it is necessary to explain in detail.

In MIUI there is a special configuration, which allows to improve the work of some applications when using the mobile Internet. Again, we go to “Settings” –> Passwords and Security –> Privacy –> Special Access –> Unlimited Mobile Internet.

Click on “More” –> Show system processes, and then activate the switches of the applications you use all the time and want them to have no Internet restrictions.

And then you disable unlimited access for those you don’t want. Only the system components do not need to be touched. Of course, nothing terrible will happen, you can turn it back on, but still better ask in comments or personal messages if you are in doubt.

And last but not least. After updating on the Android 10 complaints about the incorrect operation of the GPS, in navigators and maps became more frequent. To solve the problem, you need to turn off the Google geolocation in the menu Settings –> Passwords and security –> Location. And you should turn on the GPS in the curtain first, only after starting the navigator.