Types of Girls on Dating Sites

What are the goals of girls registering on dating sites? How often are they similar to men’s dating sites? These questions are quite easy to understand, knowing the psychological types of the weaker sex and their motivation.

Very fond of them

Features of this type are usually easily accessible. They often fall in love, almost the first man who writes to her. At the time of acquaintance, they really sincerely believe that this relationship for life.

But conditionally after a month, from such vivid emotions there is no trace, and they switch all their attention to other men, with whom the relationship will be formed by the same scheme.

If your goal is a serious relationship, then, alas, this type of girl is certainly not suitable for you. Often these girls have piercing, tattoos. They can be identified by their immaturity and children’s perception of the world.


This type of girls is often found on dating sites. They consider themselves “princesses” and intend to look only for “prince”, and it is not so important what his age.

They easily find a bunch of flaws in any man, and therefore often do not reciprocate even the most worthy candidates. We will have to pass more than one “test” and endure. If you are not sure that you are a “prince”, or that you can become one, then this category of girls is unlikely to suit you.

Virtual girls

You don’t even have to count on meeting the girls who are in this group. You may be able to keep up a long and interesting correspondence with them, but don’t even get your hopes up on Skype or a phone call.

The profiles of such ladies, as a rule, do not correspond to reality, and on the site they are only for communication and to get rid of boredom.

Those who are looking for a serious relationship

Oddly enough, this type of girl is very common. If you are focused on creating a strong relationship, it is the most ideal option. Very often these girls are smart and financially independent. In a rare case, they can write to you first. But if you do, they probably won’t ignore you. The main goal for them is to find out which family member you are.

Girl for an easy relationship

To find out this type of girls on a dating site is easy enough. Sometimes they tell you that they’re looking for a sponsor. As a rule, these girls have special requirements for a partner.

To have a high-paying job, a good car, of course, an apartment. If you dream to become a girl just an ATM, this is the right type. Otherwise, your acquaintance will end in the first stage of communication.

These types of girls are very conventional. Sometimes the same woman can fall under several types at once. So pay attention to choosing the right partner for you.