Types of men’s shoes

The French are good, very accurate. The real taste of a person can be understood by the details in his clothes. You can dress simply, but as they say: “Tasteful! Shoes are such a detail of your image that can complement it and bring it to perfection, or destroy all efforts.

Remember an excerpt from the film “Moscow does not believe in tears”, when the heroine Katerina was driving in the train and Gosha sat in front of her, her gaze slipped from the man’s face on his feet, and then back.

Seeing dirty boots on the man, everything was written on her face without words – neglect. Despite the fact that the man helped his grandmother and was quite cute, the dirty shoes spoiled his entire image. The same thing can happen in life. Even if you are wearing clean, but worn or inappropriate shoes, your image in the eyes of new acquaintances will be difficult to save.

Choosing the right shoes is not an easy task. It’s sometimes harder than choosing clothes or accessories. I will help you to understand this difficult business. Since the topic of shoes is very extensive, in one article I will not be able to tell all the subtleties and secrets, so, watch your posts. As usual, I will start with errors. The most common mistake is when men wear sports shoes with a classic business suit. Looking at such a man, it is clear at once, or he has no taste, or no money for decent shoes.

Sandals – are best left to rest at sea or in the park, there’s no room for them in the office. Another common mistake is the use of excessively decorated shoes such as logos, inscriptions, velcro, etc. On the right shoes you will never see the name of the brand on the top side. Men’s shoes Well, try to figure out what should be in your shoe wardrobe. I will start with the basics and talk about the types of shoes for men. I will conditionally divide men’s shoes into classical, sports, beach and “ultra” creative ones.

Classic footwear is suitable for office, social events, it fits well into the urban casual style. Sportswear is suitable for sports or outdoor walks; it is good for trips out of town. More recently, sports chic style has become fashionable and designers have suggested wearing sportswear and shoes everywhere. However, this does not mean that you have to walk around the city in running shoes and sweatpants. Clothing and footwear in the style of kezhual or sports chic is different from things intended for sports.

I call “Ultra” creative shoes one that is best avoided, and in this case, I use the word “creative” in a bad way. I need to be able to identify such things and bypass the shops with “creative” shoes. In the styles I have mentioned above, shoes can be divided into conservative, everyday (casual) and creative shoes. Creativity in shoes is the addition of decoration, colour and material experiments. The more creative the shoes are, the less formal they become. Sometimes the creativity goes off the scale and the shoes become trash. Learn more about how to distinguish between conservative and creative shoes in the next post.

Types of classic men’s shoes In the list I have placed the most actual models of classical men’s shoes in descending order on the scale of formalities. The formality of the shoes determines its belonging to the business style. You can safely wear the formal shoe with a classic business suit. I will tell you more about the formal classic shoes in the next post.

Oxford – shoes with closed laces.

Derby – open lace-up shoes.

Monkey – (Pastor’s Shoes) Shoes on a strap. Shoe shoes without shoelaces. shoe shoes shoes (Chuka boots) shoes to the height of the ankle, on shoelaces. shoes Chelsea boots – height to the ankle, rubber inserts on the sides. chelsea deserts Suede material, height to the ankle. deserters Topsiders shoelaces runs along the heel and is laced over shoes. Topsiders and loafers are worn without socks, or with short socks that are not visible from the shoes.

Moccasins Soft shoes without soles. moccasins Sports shoes for men Sports shoes Sports shoes are usually made of soft leather, suede and other natural or artificial materials. It is not suitable for a classic business suit, it is designed for recreation.

Sneakers Many varieties of sports models and shoes in the style of casual. men’s sneakers Kedas Rubber soles, the top of the fabric. men’s sneakers For the beach Espadrillya slippers – the sole of the twine, the top of the fabric. espadrillya sandalya sandalya wear a bare leg.

Men’s sandals “Ultra” are creative men’s shoes.The main difference of such shoes is that sometimes the flight of fancy designers takes them so far away that it can be very difficult to identify it with the generally accepted styles, or there is an excessive decor on it.

This money is thrown away, it will not give your image refinement and will not emphasize your taste. In the following articles I will tell you more about each of these species and help you to make the right shoe wardrobe. Write down what shoes you prefer to wear in the office and on vacation, ask your questions, I will be happy to answer them.