Ukraine agreed to pay hackers one million hryvnia

Ministry of Digital Information of Ukraine announced a bugbounty with a prize fund of 1 million hryvnia – its goal will be to search for vulnerabilities and buggy in the application “Dia”.

According to Deputy Prime Minister Mikhail Fedorov, the Challenge, which will be open only to “white” hackers from around the world, will be launched on the Bugcrowd platform (this international company specializes in cybersecurity and bugbounty). Participants in the Challenge must hack into a test application, which will not have any personal data.

The implementation of the Bugcrowd is supported by USAID CyberBusinessCritical Infrastructure in Ukraine.

I promised that we will pay UAH 1 million to anyone who finds a vulnerability in Diya. I do it.

We are launching a bugbounty with a prize fund of UAH 1 million – we will look for vulnerabilities and bugs in the Diya application. It is important to always improve the safety of the product, even if everything is normal.

This will be a challenge for white hackers from all over the world on the Bugcrowd platform. An international company specializing in cybersecurity and bugbounty.

The prize fund is $ 35 thousand or UAH 1 million. White hackers will break a test application that does not contain personal data. Dee’s safety is not threatened.

Implementation of bugbounty – with the support of USAID “Cyberbezpeka of Critically Important Infrastructure in Ukraine”.