Ukrainians have opened the world’s first digital clothing store

Dresses that cannot be touched, but which can be worn to go on the social network. Innovative fashion – startup Dress X – is an online boutique that sells clothes that exist only in electronic form. The startup belongs to two Ukrainian women – Daria Shapovalova and Natalia Modenova.

“We realized that content is very important to people and they are willing to pay for it and when there was a coronavirus it all started with lockdowns I realized that working in traditional retail does not make sense and I realized that it was time to to launch the world’s first digital clothing store, ”says Daria Shapovalova, co-founder of the startup Dress X

To wear a digital dress you need to go to the site, choose a style and pay. You also need to upload your photo.

“It’s important that the photo has good light and that you like it,” said Natasha Modenova, co-founder of startup Dres X.

After uploading the photo, wait a day or 3 until a new dress is prepared for you, ie for your photo. The developers guarantee that the clothes will fit perfectly on any figure.

“Digital clothing is good because it is very inclusive. He sits on all figures, for any age, for any gender, we can wear all this on any person “, – says Natasha Modenova.

Among the clothes are many dresses from Ukrainian designers. Some of them exist only in the digital version, and purity in reality, but they are many times more expensive than digital versions.

Yulia Dovgal from Kyiv has been living in Los Angeles for two years. During the quarantine she created her own blog. In six months, 400,000 people subscribed to her page. Julia teaches how to creatively photograph yourself and create unique images.

“Today there is a lot of competition among bloggers. It is very important for me to interest my audience. It is very important to me that you like my image, music, cosmetics and clothes, ”says Yulia Dovgal, Blogger.

When Julia learned about Dress X, she immediately understood – this is what she needs.

“I’m for rational consumption, I don’t want to spend a lot of money on clothes that I will wear only once, so Dress X is a very cool alternative, to appear in a new way every day,” adds Julia Dovgal, a blogger.

Digital clothing is a completely new philosophy of fashion. Daria and Natalia have been working in the fashion industry for more than a day. They owned several fashion boutiques in Paris and Los Angeles. But the new startup does not need to rent the premises, nor to buy the clothes themselves, nor any resources for production.

“The fashion industry pollutes the environment with waste. And we see that there is a large-scale crisis in the world, so we need to change what is fast fashion, when clothes are bought and immediately thrown in the trash, a photo is taken and a person no longer needs it. This habit needs to be changed, ”says Daria Shapovalov.