Underwater oxygen bar

It’s already hard to surprise a modern sophisticated tourist. Travelers are constantly looking for new entertainment that can give a previously unknown feeling. These needs have been taken into account by the Mexicans living on the tourist island of Kosumel. Entrepreneurial innovative businessmen offer everyone to visit an innovative oxygen bar under water.

The technology of Clear Lounge organization is officially patented, and so far, there are no analogues anywhere on the planet. The room is a huge rectangular glass aquarium filled with water. This aquarium is located in a densely populated area, on one of the busiest streets. Those inside the bar can see people on the street and vice versa.

The essence of the project is simple. The guests of the attraction are immersed in the aquarium, and when the water reaches their shoulders, they put on a special transparent helmet called SeaTREK, which is very similar to a part of the diving equipment. A duct is connected to this helmet, through which the visitor can breathe either regular air or an aromatic oxygen mixture (optional).

One guest can stay in the bar for about 25 minutes. The cost of the service is 38 dollars per person. All clients of the bar in one voice tell about the amazing sensations and certainly express the desire to visit a useful attraction once again. There is no doubt that our compatriots will appreciate the similar know-how!