Unsuccessful people’s habits: 13 things that keep you from getting rich

Poverty and wealth are two different ways of thinking. So say successful entrepreneurs, financial experts and other people who managed to reach certain heights. How you think, how you behave and what rules you follow – all this determines your income level.

It’s time to get rid of the habits that prevent him from growing! Ask any owner of a multi-billion dollar corporation for advice, and he will say approximately the same thing. Because all of us are prevented to get rich by the same “rake” on which we are constantly becoming. In front of you are the most bad habits of an unsuccessful person. Your income will not increase as long as you:

1.Spend every last one of your money

So you not only deprive yourself of financial freedom, but also take great risks. If there is some force majeure situation (illness, dismissal, car breakdown), you won’t even have the means to solve it. In order not to sit without a penny in your pocket and not to get into debt, try to put off at least 10% of each salary. Gradually, your reserve fund will grow, and in case of which you will have a good amount on your hands.

2. Keep the money at home

When you have a large amount of money, it’s silly just to keep it at home and not use it. It doesn’t matter if it’s under a mattress or on a separate plastic card – if you’re just saving money and you’re not going to spend it, you’d better invest it. Inflation is constantly rising, and in a couple of years your capital will be less, even if you don’t touch it. But investment is the best way to multiply the amount. Do you know where to invest? Try to start with a deposit in a reliable bank.

3. Buy too much food

First of all, food is energy. But many have a habit of turning it into entertainment. If you often eat because of boredom and constantly buy sweets, snacks and semi-finished products, then a round sum comes in a month. And also the products have the property to spoil, and you just throw money in the trash can. Try not to buy more food than you really need. Spend a certain budget on it and think over the menu for the week. And always give preference to natural products. A balanced diet is not only tasty and useful, but also economical!

4. Always in debt

When it is not a problem for you to borrow every month or exceed your credit card limit – what savings can we talk about? This frivolous attitude towards money is an alarming sign. Of course, it is absolutely normal to borrow in an emergency situation. But you can’t live in debt. You must be able to pay for all your daily needs. To analyze why you have to borrow, sign all your expenses in a month and think about where you can save money. And also how to increase your income in the near future.

  1. You make impulse purchases

Absolutely unnecessary things are often acquired through emotions. Often, these things are not cheap. And the joy of buying them does not last long. If you are constantly buying something that was not originally on the list, or, surrendering to a dubious discount, take ten packages instead of one – be prepared for a growing hole in the budget. To get rid of this habit, you need to show willpower. Always go to the store with a list and a limited amount of money. Do not just go to the shopping center, “look closely”. Unsubscribe from all advertising mailings. If you feel that the problem with spontaneous shopping is getting too serious and you can’t control yourself, you should think about working with a psychologist. Often, shopaholism is the result of some unresolved internal problems.

  1. All go down for fun

No matter how carefully you plan your budget, sometimes the temptation to have a grand feast is too tempting, to spend your entire salary on vacation or to buy a new prefix. To have fun “like the last time” is fun and great. But it is not profitable at all. So do not exceed the limit that you allocate for entertainment. It is better to save up and rest later than to sit again without money.

  1. Smoke and drink alcohol

Another expense item, which can cost simply huge amounts every month. Alcohol and cigarettes become more expensive regularly. And if you are not ready to consume the cheapest, then this article will only grow. But it is never too late to give up bad habits, both in terms of money and health.

  1. Keep an expensive car

Gasoline, spare parts and insurance are not cheap. And when you do not earn on your car, it is not easy to maintain it on an average salary. Think whether you really need a personal car. If without it, try not to take the car when walking takes the same amount of time.

  1. You do not know your rights

Non-conflict polite people are constantly trying to deceive. They are counted at the store; they sell spoiled goods; they make repairs themselves after pipes are broken in the neighborhood; and without scandals they pay a huge bill, even if the service was not provided to the full extent. If you get to know yourself, knock it off. You just have to know your rights and be able to defend them. An active position in this case will not make you a bad person. But it will help you save money and nerves.

  1. You ignore fair criticism

No one is perfect. And the methods of your work may well be flawed. But if you do not want to listen to the opinion of the outside, you will not be able to develop and work better. And, accordingly, make more money. You should always listen to constructive advice and comments. Of course, you need to be able to distinguish them from empty teases and outright insults. And it is not even necessary to follow all good advice. But the ability to listen to criticism without immediately taking it into bayonets, is very useful in life.

  1. You blame the circumstances

All rich people are just lucky, and you are a loser in life, so there is nothing even to try? Do you know your thoughts? If so, drive them away. Let there are a lot of people around you who had a better start than you. But what is the point in comparing yourself with others? That way you won’t get rich for sure. Start from your own realities and look for ways to get what you want.

  1. You communicate with unsuccessful people

To move forward, you need an appropriate environment. When your friends only do that they complain about life and regret the lost opportunities, do not wait for the influx of motivation. Surround yourself with people full of fresh ideas. Those who can teach you something, by example, show that everything is possible. With such friends, you will become more active and productive yourself.

  1. You don’t know how to save money

Whatever your salary, believe me, you can still save some money. Saving is a valuable skill that you should develop. When you acquire it, you get free money, which you can use to your advantage. Spend it on something you really need, and even better, invest it. Everyone has an area in which you can save money. Try to save at least a small amount in the next month. You will see, it is not that difficult.

These are the most bad habits that a person can have, that strive for success and financial independence. Get rid of them, and you will immediately notice the difference.