Useful professions for society

When you meet a girl or new friends on the street, you almost always talk about your profession. If you work as an ordinary engineer, teacher, doctor or mechanic, you can expect a crumpled nose of a girl, as well as the smirks of people around you. Now in fashion quite different professions: stars, bloggers, musicians, actors, models, coaches, photographers, baristas, stylists, tattoos masters, officials. But if you are not one of them, then you are a loser. Since when did useful professions become despised and disrespected in society? The modern society puts upside down the world of occupations. It is possible to enumerate the huge list of almost useless professions which are secondary in a society. These are bloggers, stars, officials, stylists, models and other muddy brothers. There is a substitution of values, when really useful professions are not valued, and different nonsense is revered. Doubtful types of work are respected, not the professions that keep this world afloat.

Aren’t you tired of it? The fashion for secondary professions has led to the fact that young people choose dubious areas of employment, when there is a lack of good engineers, mechanics, doctors, teachers, scientists, programmers. The list of unnecessary and popular professions is expanding every day. Everyone wants to be someone, but not to have the usual useful specialty. Why is it that dubious professions are more respected? In 90% of cases it is about money. Working as an engineer, doctor or teacher, you can’t count on a decent income. But this situation is only in the former USSR countries. In more civilized countries of Europe, Canada or the United States, everything is different. Such professions, including workers, are adequately paid and rewarded. Useful professions for society receive high wages and working conditions.

The list of useful professions for society The profession defines a lot in human life. What professions can be called not only useful, but also in demand in the future? Than these professions are useful to a society it is quite clear. IT-specialist Engineer Doctor Scientist Pedagogue Mechanic Chemist Builder Military Rescuer or Fireman

In a modern society became fashionable decorative specialties, and therefore we began to roll in an abyss. Now every second blogger, coach, model, and no one to move progress. Any person can speak for hours about actors, bloggers and selebrity, then can’t name the doctor who saved his life. We respect stars and other similar people, whose disappearance would not bring down the world.

Everybody is worried about an actor who gets into an accident, kills a person and goes to jail. But everyone forgets about the driver of the delivery service, who died in this tragic accident. The life of any person is important, not only a famous blogger, actor or model. We began to honor dubious professions, and their bearers are mistaken for gods. We have found ourselves false idols and false ideals. We ignore useful professions for a society, and also their carriers. Since when did we stop respecting engineers, workers, drivers, sellers, harvesters and other similar professions? Why do people who do real work no longer have respect for them? If you read the Internet, all photographers, bloggers, beauty models and novice writers. But there are never those who want to work in important and necessary fields.

Useful professions for society and your happiness In today’s world there has been a change of values. Empty people with empty desires and empty heads become more and more. Girls do not want the man with a usual profession, having absorbed glamour and pathos of the modern world. Igor Rasteryaev sang in his song “Combiners” about the crisis of professions: “Combiners, tractor drivers, loaders of watermelon trucks. These guys are not a dream of glamorous fools.” But useful and important professions are a common thing, so there is no need to worry.

From the glossy magazine covers we are looked at by very different people who you will never meet in real life. We began to imagine life in the Hollywood style, but we disagree less. Girls dream about glamour, luxury, five-star hotels, private airplanes, white limousines, large diamonds and other glossy attributes. All this we have seen in low-budget Hollywood movies, more like a fairy tale. Endless illusions and exaggerated expectations lead to bitter disappointments. We have learned to be content with what we have, to openly rejoice and enjoy life. We are in an endless race to meet some imposed ideals from the outside. How happy are you when you choose this job? Do you make the world a better place and do you benefit? Stop listening to glamorous gossip that hasn’t made anyone happy yet. Do something really important. Do not listen to empty people who have long sold their souls for green fantasies. Happiness is far from that.