Users have complained about problems with the PlayStation 5

Some can be solved by resetting the console to factory settings

Sales of the PlayStation 5 began in some countries yesterday. Users have already begun to complain about problems with the console. In some cases, she loses her ability to work. The problem can sometimes be solved by resetting to factory settings. According to the media, one bug in the PS5 makes games and applications stuck in the download queue or in an error state. This game can be downloaded to the end, you can not cancel the download and start it again. The PS5 library displays as if the game is there, but the PS5 Store offers to buy it.

Resetting to factory settings seems to solve the problem. It is also reported that the failure of the PS5 causes sleep mode. The console may even lose its functionality. More users talk about the drop in performance after turning on the PS5, hangs during games. Sometimes there is a problem with the use of USB ports on the back.