Varieties of classic men’s shoes

One of the important and priority things that make up the men’s wardrobe is classic shoes. Every man should know its basic varieties in order to find the right pair to match the selected suit. Well guided in the names of fashionable shoes, a representative of the strong sex quickly orientated in a shoe store, telling the seller what he needs to create the desired image.

A classic option for all Oxford times

The English style of men’s shoes has always been very popular. Englishmen are dressed with taste, their shoes attract attention due to special aristocracy and sophistication. British men’s shoes are called The Oxford Shoes. It is not by chance that the shoes got their name. They were popular with Oxford University students.

Classic Oxford shoes are considered one of the most famous types of classic shoes. They are well known both to employees working in offices and men who like to wear fitted men’s suits with the park.

Distinctive features of the model

How the oxfords differ from other classic men’s shoes:

The characteristic lacing, in which the thighs or the front of the shoe with lacing holes are sewn together with the alliance.

The tongue is completely hidden.

Smooth leather is most often used in production.

Originally, the model was supposed to use smooth leather. Concise perforation or spectacular stitching of the seam, which separated the alligator and sock, was used very rarely to decorate the product. A special type of lacing has always been a distinctive feature of this model. Oxfords make the image noble and respectable.

Modern versions of Oxfords can be made not only of perfectly smooth leather. For their creation texture material and natural suede is used. The shoes can be decorated with beautiful overlays made of perforated leather. The onlays frame an elegant sock, thumbs or allies. The back of the product is almost never decorated.

Classic shoes of Oxford model are produced in dark colors: most often in deep black or dark brown. Sometimes on the shelves of shoe shops you can see the model in dark gray or blue. Shoes are most effectively combined with an office suit. According to the designers, you can wear Oxford with jeans or modern styles of non-classical pants, but to find the right combination will be a difficult task.

The original derby model

Classic derby shoes are often confused with oxfords. They really do look a lot alike. To be able to distinguish them, you need to know the basic feature of the Derby Shoes. They are characterized by an open type of lacing, for which the derby shoes are sewn on top of the alliance. When the shoe is laced if necessary, its sides are freely parted in different directions.

Distinctive features

How to distinguish the derby model:

By the open lacing.

Characteristics: sewn together the allies and the back, the thighs, sewn on top of the allies.

On the open ankles of the shoe owner.

Derby style implies the use of both natural smooth and textured leather with unusual decorative ornaments. The material can be of different shades. Derby models made of natural suede or spectacular perforated leather can be found in shops.

Classic derby model combines elegance, comfort and originality. Thanks to the open type of lacing, the shoes are suitable for all legs, regardless of the lift and other anatomical characteristics.

What kind of clothes are combined with

Derby shoes are considered a versatile option that can be used to create different images. They can certainly go to events that are informal in nature, go to work in the office, walk in the park. Derby shoes are perfectly combined with both classic suit and casual clothing.

Comfortable loafer shoes

The Loafer models are preferred by men who, due to certain circumstances, must take long walks. They are very comfortable shoes, there is no lacing, loafer looks a bit like soft and comfortable loafers.

Distinctive feature of loafers is a rather high heel and the presence of decorative tassels on the tibia. They are absolutely non-functional and are used for decorating.

Unique decoration

Thanks to the famous clothes designer Gucci, an unusual jewelry appeared on the loafers: a small iron scaffold. The decoration became the model’s business card. The trenzel is called an adaptation to the udyles, which is used to tame stroptic horses. In appearance, it resembles a few rings, fastened to each other with a chain.

After the appearance of an unusual decoration shoes have gained special popularity among representatives of business circles in the U.S.. This model for a long time was considered a universal standard of dress code, which adhered to businessmen and office workers.

Loafers dress not only for work, they walk in the parks and travel. They go well with tight pants in casual style and with jeans.

Broogies are the ideal solution for informal style

A classic model of the Brogues men’s shoes is distinguished by the original decorative cape patch, which has different configurations. It can be laced in and out, which is why people confuse the brogues with the popular models of derby and oxford.

The history of shoes owes its origin to simple farmers who lived in Ireland in the XVII century. At that time, men began wearing an unusual type of shoes, which had special holes to drain the liquid entering the shoes. Water poured out through the holes, the shoes could not get too wet and quickly dried. The ground in Ireland was marshy, which caused the feet of farmers in ordinary shoes to get very wet.

The unusual shape of the sock

Over time, people from aristocratic circles liked the model. Brogs began to be used to play golf. Cut-off sock, similar to the letter W, appeared with the light hand of the Prince of Wales Edward. The novelty has been preserved to this day.

The model is classified as an informal shoe. The combination of brogue and an expensive classic suit is almost impossible to meet.

Such shoes add a twist to free cut corduroy trousers, trendy tweed jackets and any items of clothing in the popular casual style.

Elegant and brutal Chelsea boots

The Chelsea Boot is considered high enough. The shoes reach the ankle, are characterized by a small heel, a non-fat sole and a beautiful rounded cape shape. The Chelsea Boot does not use perforations or other unusual decorative elements. Men’s shoes are made of genuine leather in dark shades: most often black, sometimes brown in various shades.

Distinctive features

What distinguishes a man from other types of classic men’s shoes:

Sewn on the sides of the elastic bands that go from the top to the bottom of the shoe.

No clasps or lacing. Thanks to this, the shoes are easy to dress and can be removed from any foot.

The history of the emergence of the Chelsea owes its origin to an English shoemaker who lived in the era of Victorian England. His name was J. Sparquez Hall. One day, a shoemaker had the honor of customizing a pair of shoes for the Queen of England. Despite the fact that the royalty praised the work of the cobbler, unusual shoes have not won great popularity among the courtiers.

Conquest of popularity

Since 1960, the Chelsea model has become a unique symbol of its time. The shoes were worn by British students, who were members of student movements in the era of the legendary group The Beatles. Comfortable shoes are widely used by riders on horses. Thanks to a comfortable pad and stitched on the sides of elastic bands, its use is justified in any orthopedic problems of the legs.

According to the designers, the model of Chelsea is well combined with a variety of styles. Classic version of black boots looks great with a business suit.

Shoes add elegance and originality to the image. Suede and bangs, made of brown leather, add a twist to the modern casual style. They are worn in combination with a cozy pullover or trendy cardigan, a stylish checked shirt or monochrome turtleneck.

Chuck’s model is a perfect addition to the informal style of clothing

The Chukka Boot owes its origin to the team polo players. One of the periods in the game is called “Chukka”. Initially, the shoes did not cover the ankles of the athletes. Over time, it was devised to increase the height of the shoes for ease of use not only during the game, but also after its completion.

Distinctive features

What are the features of the shoes:

Two or three slots for comfortable lacing.

A slight rounding of the sock.

Comfortable to use: the tibs are sewn over the base like in the derby model. As a result, lacing is easy, and the shoes are comfortable for dressing and socks.

The classic version is made of calfskin, characterized by high softness. Sometimes there are models made of high quality suede.

Most often chakkas are combined with informal style of clothes. Shoes perfectly complement it and add zest to the male image. It is possible to combine shoes with a business suit for daily work in the office.


To make a harmonious image of the men’s wardrobe will need more than one pair of classic shoes, each of which will be useful for different reasons.

What should be remembered when picking up models of shoes:

Every man’s wardrobe should have a pair of classic oxfords, made of expensive black leather. Such shoes will be useful for visiting festive events and official meetings.

For meetings with loved ones and friends, taking place in an informal atmosphere, you will need comfortable brogues or stylish loafers. These classic shoes will go well with casual styles such as slim pants or your favourite jeans.

You should know that the more decorative the shoes are, the more unofficial the shoes you choose.

To keep your shoes looking their best for longer, you should take care of them carefully.

Worn socks will spoil the impression even of expensive and presentable shoes.

High-quality and properly selected models will help the stronger sex to show their best side. The ability to wear classic shoes always indicates that any man has a taste and sense of style.