Viber will delight users with a new unique feature

The rivalry of competing messengers from among the most popular forces developers to create something new and unique, able to attract a large part of the audience. The latest solution in the Viber application should greatly contribute to this. We are talking about the appearance of a new option in the interface – quizzes (Quiz).

Each Viber user can now create a new quiz with one or more answer options. Gradually, this process is as follows: click “Poll” (the icon is next to the input field of the message) – “Quiz mode” – ask questions – enter the answer options. If necessary, some explanations to the survey can be made there. The last point before creating a quiz should be to choose the correct answer. When participating in the survey, the correct answer is indicated by a green icon, and the incorrect – by a red one.

It is worth noting that this innovation is designed not just for fun, but also has educational purposes. For example, with the help of interactive quizzes you can create relevant tests for the current learning moment. Also important is the fact that there are no restrictions on the number of participants in the Quiz.

While this innovation is only planned for release and has not yet appeared in smartphones, we will announce the specific dates of mass distribution.