Waste of money

The best way to have more money – is not to spend blood money earned on useless things. What is a meaningless waste of money? What is the best way to never spend money to be more financially sustainable? Do you want to have more money? We earn money diligently, stuck at work every day from morning to night. But we have not learned how to spend it economically. We throw away money, get into dubious adventures, buy useless things and waste our finances. We act as if we have a hole in our pocket, through which coins and bills fall out.

The money we save is the money we earn. You spend a lot of money on things and entertainment that are not worth it. Spend all your time and all your life earning money, which you then aimlessly spend? What for? It is better to save money to have more rest and enjoy life. How many days do you have to sit at work to earn a new iPont or other senseless bliss? Count your days of life that you throw away for dubious shopping. Nothing is more expensive than time, but you change it cheaply for shiny beads, like an illiterate native. Consumer society turns us into shopaholics who have an interest in bright things, expensive brands, lots of things and bad habits. It’s easier to make a person a consumer than a slave, on which to spend the guards and chains. What are we wasting money and time on?

What is a waste of money?

1. Too cheap things that will come into disrepair very soon.

2. Absolutely everything that is bought in order to impress other people.

3. Earnings at Forex, trading, binary options and other lotteries.

4. Buy designer clothes, where you overpay only for the logo.

5. Gambling that makes people only poorer.

6. New gadget every year, which will become obsolete in six months.

7. Meals outside the home is a waste of money.

8. Buying an expensive car that can’t be afforded.

9. Cigarettes and alcohol take a lot of money as well as health.

10. Buying alcohol in bars to assert themselves and impress selling women.

11. Buying coffee on the way to work? Coffee is expensive if you calculate the amount per month.

12. Buying anything on credit or by installment is a waste of money, except for buying an apartment or house.

13. Hiking to luxury restaurants is overestimated from the point of view of combining pleasure and spending money.

14. Diamonds and expensive jewelry are not worth it. It is a waste of money on things that are overpriced many times.

15. Switching to cheaper rates for telephone, internet and television will save money.

16. spending money, in different places and buying gifts, for dubious girls? Doubtful decision.

17. An expensive haircut from a super-popular hairdresser.

18. Spending money on computer games and things in them.

19. Water in bottles and energy drinks.

20. Super expensive hotel on vacation, where you will only spend the night.

21. Designer things, accessories and home furnishings.

22. Paying fortune-tellers, astrologers, shamans and other crooks is a waste of money.

23. most consumer goods that television imposes on you.

24. Buying an extra guarantee that makes no sense.

25. Fees for education that will never come in handy, and a diploma is meaningless.

26. lottery tickets are a tax that the government levies on people who do not know statistics.

27. Buying designer or expensive clothing for children.

28. any courses that are designed to charge you for money, not teach you.

29. cool car license plates confirm the complex of uncertainty.

30. Expensive wedding that takes a lot of money and nerves. It is better to go on a trip.

31. Giving money to beggars who give almost everything to the crime.

32. Subscribing to obscure sites or satellite channels may take money.

33. Gift wrapping, which is always thrown away in a second.

34. Subscription to an expensive sports club that you do not go to.

35. Most of the things that you buy, you do not need. Why spend your whole life working and then pouring money on what you have advertised on TV or the Internet? Why waste your time, which is so little allotted? Life is too short to chase dubious values. To be the richest man in the cemetery? Doubtful achievement, if during life was busy all the time, but was not happy.