We’re not going anywhere: Top 10 activities for children and adults in total quarantine (so as not to go crazy)

Such advice will be particularly useful for extroverts who are used to being away from home frequently, so banning social activity is a real challenge for them.

All mass events have been officially banned in the city. Obviously, nothing that we are used to considering as entertainment and cultural leisure does not work in the cities: bars, coffee shops, cinemas, theaters, restaurants, museums, exhibitions, shopping and entertainment centers, gyms, swimming pools. And today, when the eleventh day of quarantine ends, it turns out that all this is not necessary for the mind, the balance of thought and the preservation of common sense.

It is enough to be at home and find or remember a truly favorite thing. We decided to remember home entertainment and useful activities, which can involve the whole family and keep the mood at this difficult time.


True, we are familiar with the situation when in the notebook and in the notes on the laptop a few dozens of interesting, delicious and simple recipes are saved, and it is impossible to cook?

Now is the time to gather your thoughts and have a lot of free time to experiment in the kitchen. The family will be pleasantly surprised and you will feel the emotional weight falling off your shoulders. Prepare what you love from childhood, what you do best, and in the end something that has not reached the hands of a few years. It can be a dessert – pancakes, cupcakes, cookies or pie – or a whole lunch from the first and second. Either way, this class is worth at least one quarantine day.

Offline Games

It’s hard for all of us to remember the last time we plunged into old games without using gadgets. It’s time to devote a few nights to it.

Children will be interested at least to plunge into the era of offline games, which they did not catch when born in the digital world.

Old pictures

Besides, just look at the photos – not on your smartphone, but on paper, which now seem to be mammoths, fossils, from which hundreds of years before us.

You will discover a lot of new things, look at yourself, family and friends through the prism of tenderness and nostalgia and you are guaranteed to think about it and what to remember!

Hobby and handmaiden

The first thing you can focus your creativity on is creating medical masks. While they are not in pharmacies, we can make them with our own hands from gauze, bandages and simple fabric. In this way you will not only get a scarce item today, but practically a work of art, something that no one else in the world has.

For two weeks daily you can draw, sew, embroider, make wooden, glass, fabric, plasticine toys, sculpt from clay, paint dishes, draw on glass and teach all these crafts to your children.

Cleaning (including large-scale general cleaning)

It’s not fun, but it’s important to keep the room clean when you’re always at home.

We advise you to devote one day completely to general cleaning. Thoroughly wash all surfaces, floors, get to the corners and ceiling, wash and iron curtains and curtains, wash mirrors, windows, fridge, microwave. Wash children’s toys, unseasonable clothes and things that have not been worn for a long time, and prepare them for spring.

You can transplant flowers in vases, rearrange furniture in a new way, get a new tablecloth, fix things that have long been waiting for their turn. Anything that’s been delayed for a long time should be done now. We remember that the cleanliness of the house is one of the guarantees of family health.

Unloading the closet

Open the closet and honestly admit to yourself what things you haven’t worn for a year or longer, which means you’ll never wear. Do not put things off again, say, put them on later, do not want to throw away / give away.

If you have inappropriate clothing: carried, small, faded, poured out, stretched, pack it to give to those who need it. Of course, after quarantine. If things look good, but you’re tired, place an ad on online platforms for the sale of clothing. You – a few hundred hryvnia in your wallet, someone – cool things and zero garbage.

This will give you an emotional unload. Feel how your mood will improve and it will seem that the house is easier to breathe.

Relax, reboot

Sleep for a couple of years of university, for sessions, for loud parties, for a few sleepless nights because of deadlines and projects, for children’s crying at night. Sleep not only for the past, but for the future as well. Because the quarantine will end and everyone will regain an active, busy life.

Besides sleep, we advise to please your body and skin with baths, useful procedures, yoga, nourishing masks. Look on the Internet, what healthy oils and cosmetics you can buy, considering your tastes and needs. Take some time to find a new shampoo, night hand cream, face oil and more. Now you can choose it and buy it after quarantine.

Homemade sports

In order not to gain extra weight in conditions where you can not walk on the street, you should think about sports exercises to keep your body in tone. Find exercises on YouTube that can be done at home.

Download the mini-program on yoga, do fitness, stretches, curls, run on the spot, learn to stand on your head, on your hands, in the bar. In short, everything you love can be done outside the gym.

Self-education: new language, new knowledge

Now we have a lot of free time. Almost all the time is free. It should be distributed wisely – not only for entertainment, but also for brain work. English is a painful problem for many people of all ages.

Study foreign languages with your children – teach them what you know, or study together for lessons on the internet.

By the way, quarantine can be devoted to fruitful preparation for UPE – there are hundreds of exercises and options for last year’s tasks that are useful for future applicants. In particular, on the TV channel “Rada” and on YouTube channel of the Ministry of Education and Science you can watch several lessons on Ukrainian language and literature.

Cinema and Bookworld

Now we can take full advantage of all cultural achievements of mankind and plunge into the world of literature and film art. Most of them are at our service on the Internet.

Watch the series, which constantly lacked time, watch documentaries and visual guides to famous museums of the world, old television recordings of theatrical performances. Connoisseurs of retroversion are advised to listen to your favorite records, radio spectacles, and watch diagrams.

After all, read the book not in pauses between work, transport and worries, but in a quiet mode with a cup of coffee, lying in bed, sitting on the loggia and so on. Grab a paper book or download literature from the Internet – there are truly vast oceans of books available.

By the way, an interesting thing – because of the mass quarantine sitting the well-known streaming service Netflix and YouTube from March 20 reduced the quality of video transmission for European countries to prevent overload of Internet networks.

At a time when even the president urges every not to go out unnecessarily, one should listen to common sense. Finally drop all “street” business and pause contacts with people. It will save your life.

And finally, think about what really useful things you can do at your own leisure. It is possible that the virus is able to make mankind finally look not only towards enrichment and eternal employment, but also to look deep into the eyes of family and children. After all, how else can one force everyone to devote time to himself and his family?