What a real man should do

The word “should” in relation to a man is more often identified with some kind of manipulation, psychological influence, and possibly “pumping” of feminine charms. This is from the category of “I’ll tell him that he has to, like a real man, and then I’ll use it against him.

However, the realities of today’s world suggest that the word “should” be transformed into the phrase “would rather be able to or could. Check out this list of what makes an ordinary man a real man.

  1. A real man is true to himself and does only what he wants to do

Does a hateful job depress you? Has your relationship with your girlfriend become routine? Are you haunted by the idea that life is passing you by, and the questions: “How to radically change my life?” and “How to determine my vocation?” do not let you sleep peacefully?

Be honest with yourself – you’ve already decided all the answers, and deep in your heart you know how to act in this or that situation. Maybe you have not opened a complete picture, but the key to the coveted door that leads to the room of your desires, has long been in hand. Maybe you should put the key in the well and finally break into the room? It is necessary to be true to yourself and do only what you want, not to indulge other people’s desires and try to adjust to the interests of outsiders.

  1. A man should have a place to live and money

Wise Jewish people long ago defined the truth in the saying – it’s not as good with money as it is without it. Finances may not be the most important thing in life, but they define it, they determine the quality and level of your life. The feeling of your own solvency is akin to ecstasy after good sex.

If a man has no desire to earn, then he runs away from the problems, hiding in the house in the hope – and hopefully it will happen. The desire to earn good money is in men’s blood, it is vital and natural, like air for the lungs. Develop the habit of being able to earn and categorically forbid yourself to live in debt.

Another important aspect – build your own house (buy an apartment, cottage, townhouse – that housing, where you will be comfortable). A real man should have a “doghouse” where you can lick your wounds, rest, have an evening out with your girlfriend or a party with friends. The awareness that you own real estate, gives confidence in your own importance.

And do not be upset if you have not yet had time to get a house. The main thing is to set yourself such a goal. To begin with, you can plan to rent a prestigious apartment, and then earn your own. But do not save in the hope that penny to penny will add up, renting a room in a dormitory. Restructure your thinking, plan for big goals, fantasize as if you rule the planet. This kind of sending into space will pay off for you a hundredfold.

  1. it’s important for a man to develop professionally

Men, unlike women, cannot afford to live according to the principle that if I am not successful in my career, I will be happy in love. Even if everything is great in their family life, such men will not feel fulfilled. The awareness of their own insignificance will be depressing and will have a bad impact on their personal life.

It is extremely important for a man to realize himself in a professional field. It is necessary to develop the skills that will allow you to earn an income. This will allow them to find meaning in their actions, in their existence in general.

Professional level should be constantly raised, you need to support the desire to develop themselves. Find a case for yourself, which is close to you in spirit. Set goals, perform them and fill up with life energy, implementing the goals. So you’ll become not only an attractive person, but you will be confident in yourself. Don’t pass up an opportunity to get some additional education.

  1. A man needs to maintain his health and body

In the process of evolution, man has come a long way from a farmer and hunter to an office worker or manager. He is genetically accustomed to work, he knows how to organize his life. But technological progress has made its adjustments – there is no longer a need to work physically hard to get money.

So it is extremely important not to forget about your health and body. Go to the gym, build muscles, eat as much as possible correctly and healthily. Remember the saying – a healthy body in a healthy mind? Well, it is still relevant today.

  1. Discipline and consistency – the key to success

Systematicity, consistency, consistency and self-discipline are the key to the success of your goals. Think back to how many times you’ve tried to start something new? Did you quit halfway through, or did you get discouraged? But most likely, after you harassed yourself thinking that you have not reached your heart’s desire.

The lack of consistency and discipline in a man’s life is nothing short of a dream killer. It almost imperceptibly but persistently whispers in your ear: “You’re handsome! Why do you need to go to the gym, why spend money on sports? Buy yourself a meal at Mac and relax with a beer.

Chase away the devil, do not listen to his insidious words, and do yourself. Lean, with a nice smile, a man with no health problems lives a full and beautiful.

  1. Prioritizing and being able to say “no”

In order for you to start doing what you want to do, you have to learn to do what you don’t want to do. It seems simple, doesn’t it? But it’s more serious than that. Most men do not know how to say “no” in the right moment, do not know (or do not want) to set priorities.

Comrades persistently “ask” you for a drink, and you did not want to spend the evening in the arms of a glass? Do you regularly see advertising, which broadcasts from all channels, that you need to take a real fighter course and then …? Do you realize what you’re being forced to do? You’re being forced to think that you’re incompetent as a person, aren’t you? What do you need a real man’s course for? You already are!

Set boundaries in communication with overly pushy friends and colleagues. Categorically, but calmly say “No” if you don’t want to do something. You and only you know what you want and what you don’t want. Do not give the reins of your life to strangers, sometimes even strangers!

The modern world is insidious and cunning, and marketers know exactly how to present services or goods, under what label to put it, so that people first have a feeling of inferiority and then the desire to compensate it by purchase or action.

  1. Make a habit of self-education and reading

Nothing trains the brain like reading useful, quality literature. If you want to achieve high goals, engage in self-education.

A book is a source of wisdom and knowledge, it gives answers to all questions without exception. Determine for yourself the level at which you want to be. Do you want to live every day with the rules imposed by someone else? Or do you want to set them for yourself?

Reading allows you to enrich yourself spiritually, to solve problems, to look at any situation from a new angle. Knowledge is the key to confidence and peace of mind.

  1. Travel, relax and have fun

A wise man once remarked that if you work without rest, you can become the richest … in the cemetery. Many people simply do not know how to relax, do not allow themselves to rest and almost round the clock earn. It seems like a great goal, but how can it be achieved?

Be sure to find time for yourself – go on a trip, discover new places, meet with friends if you wish. To reach new heights, you need to be filled with positive energy.

  1. Learn how to build relationships and communicate with the fair sex

A woman adorns the life of any man, she is fun to be with, she is pleasant to be with. And no matter what kind of character she has – it’s definitely boring to live without her.

Of course, you do not need to put the presence of women in life as the main goal, but a man’s existence without her will not be as interesting.

To become attractive to the weaker sex, learn how to communicate easily and unobtrusively. Learn how to flirt, ironize the lady, but without bringing this irony to the point of insult.