What colors are best for menswear?

The choice of colors in men’s clothing is due to several factors. For each individual man, there is its own, separate range of colors, which will suit him, as in business or formal suits, and in everyday clothing.

What should be paid attention to in the first place in the choice of colors in men’s clothing?

First of all, you should match your own color type. How to determine your own color type? They are, if not to go into fine detail, a total of three: “warm”, “cold” and “neutral.

How do you determine your own color type?

Look closely at yourself in the mirror and assess the shades of hair, eyes and skin. “Cold” color type is characterized by cold hair tones (this can include black, dark ashy, light ashy – without any redness or other warm flashes), cold eye tones (dark brown without “yellowing” in the iris, gray, green, again, without yellowing, blue, blue) and cold skin tone, often, quite light, pinkish, often, with a rather pronounced blush. “Warm” colortypes are the opposite: warm, olive skin tones, brown eyes, green with a yellowish iris, a warm shade, olive skin, red or brown hair. The category of “neutral” includes types that do not have such, pronounced features or, are mixed.

Further, in matters of selection of shades in clothing, we focus on the color type: here there should be observed correspondence, cold shades in clothing (blue, purple, gray, cold red, and others) – “cold” color types, warm shades (mustard, yellow, orange, terracotta, warm red, olive, warm khaki) – “warm” color types: this is how the image will look holistic and stylish. “Neutral” colortypes can be more relaxed in the selection of clothing: in fact, almost everything suits them.

All colors will also suit the universal, classic colors – black and white, in this regard, do not worry – this combination is perfect for anyone.

How else to choose colors in men’s clothing?

The first selection should be guided by your own reflection in the mirror, if we reject the theory, then this method will help you to choose the necessary shades.

If you incredibly liked the thing that does not correspond to your color type – for example, a shirt, then add a suitable accessory to your “portrait zone”: it can be, for example, a tie or a scarf: then you and use the color you liked and keep your image holistic and stylish.