What common questions to ask a girl

If you want to have sex, then talk on obscene and vulgar topics with a girl. What common questions can a girl ask to start a conversation about what you want to do? What common questions to ask the girl to seduce her? With a girl you can talk about birds, literature, music, technology and higher matters. But all this is boring and banal. It’s like talking to a nerd. Girls love conversations that are full of flirtation, charm, double meanings and half hints. Girls love men who turn them on, provoke and seduce. If you want to have sex, then have conversations closer to intimacy.

But do not ask such vulgar questions right away. You should start from afar so as not to frighten the girl away. Start asking the girl obscene questions with a smile, as if it were a game or a joke. A little vulgarity, so that the girl picked up this game. Mix decent and indecent questions. So, it will be more tactful. Not talking about the birds with a pretty chick. Make conversations on obscene and vulgar topics, so you get closer faster. Seduce a girl by talking about sex. If a girl and a guy communicate, then they have already mentally been in bed for a long time and in various poses. It remains to observe some formalities. Take action. What vulgar questions to ask a girl What vulgar questions to ask a girl?

  1. What vulgar things have you done in life?
  2. Do you have obscene selfies? Will you send me?
  3. What do you think about the film “50 shades of gray”? Would you like to try?
  4. What part of your body is the sexiest?
  5. Do you like hugging and kissing? Yes? Go here.
  6. What do you think of edible underwear? Is this stupid or interesting?
  7. Do you like to sleep naked or walk naked at home?
  8. Have you kissed another girl? Liked?
  9. How crazy or extreme are you? What do you prove right now? What common questions to ask the girl?
  10. What is your chest size? Need to check.
  11. You are always so beautiful and so behave? Or are you trying to seduce me?
  12. Do men often pester you on the street with obscenities? How many times today?
  13. Do you like to kiss in public when others watch?
  14. What vulgar thoughts come to you in everyday life, that you blush?
  15. What kind of underwear do you prefer? What’s on you now? Show me.
  16. Ever read erotic stories?
  17. Do you know how to dance striptease?
  18. Let’s play strip cards?
  19. How did you seduce a guy you liked? Show me.
  20. What is your favorite place to kiss? What common questions to ask girl?
  21. Do you like other girls as a sexual object of desire?
  22. Do you consider yourself a modest or bad girl?
  23. Have you ever been to a sex shop?
  24. What part of the body do you most often receive compliments?
  25. Do you like more rough sex or gentle?
  26. What turns you on most in a man?
  27. Is there a sexual scene from the movie that you remember?
  28. Are you more smart or sexy?
  29. How important is sex in a relationship?
  30. Do you consider yourself a hot and sexy chick?
  31. Do you like it when a man takes the first step, is persistent, pestering?
  32. Do you have erotic dreams? What kind?
  33. Do you have fake breasts? The real one? Can not be. Let me check it out.
  34. Have you ever left the house without panties?
  35. Do you like beautiful erotic lingerie? Which one?
  36. How often do you watch adult films? Would you look with me?
  37. Have you ever seen sex from the side by accident or on purpose?
  38. What should I do for you to tear off my clothes?
  39. Which animal can you compare yourself with in life or in bed? What vulgar questions to ask the girl 40. What are the tastes of the lips? What does it taste like?
  40. Men represent girls naked when they look. Are girls the other way around?
  41. Doctors say that long without sex is impossible. What do you think?
  42. How often do nipples swell in girls?
  43. Have you ever been to a striptease?
  44. Do you dance beautifully? They say that good dancers are good at sex. It’s true?
  45. ​​Girls doing obscenities in the bathroom or in the shower?
  46. Do you like to flirt and have conversations with a double meaning?
  47. Do you have a sexual fetish? 49. Which celebrity turns you on the most?
  48. What sexual fantasy do you have?
  49. Do you have a favorite sex position?
  50. Has anyone accidentally seen you naked? What vulgar questions to ask the girl?
  51. When you drink, is she capable of reckless actions? Another glass?
  52. What do you choose dominance or passivity?
  53. Do you often blush or be embarrassed?
  54. Do you prefer sex at night, in the morning, or now?
  55. Naked men in pictures of girls turn on?
  56. If I slept for money. Would you pay or get money?
  57. Would you like to be spanked?
  58. Is physical attraction to each other in a relationship important?
  59. Sex with the light on or in the dark?
  60. How can I be of service tonight?
  61. Men think about sex many times a day. What about the girls?
  62. Are you sunbathing on a nudist beach naked or topless? Would you like to? What vulgar questions to ask the girl?
  63. I would like to be tied in bed?
  64. What would you do now if you were in my place?
  65. What causes your rush of excitement?
  66. Is there a sexual attraction between us?
  67. Have you ever wanted to rape someone?
  68. Do you like vulgar jokes or dirty tricks?
  69. Had you been harassed in transport?
  70. How long will the prelude in ideal sex last?
  71. What is your main erogenous zone?
  72. Have you ever been painted or photographed naked? Let’s try.
  73. Would you like to change clothes, but did someone spy on you? What vulgar questions to ask the girl 76. Are you loud in bed or quiet?
  74. What is your favorite color of clothing? What about underwear?
  75. What men’s clothing turns you on?
  76. Is able to have sex with a stranger?
  77. Do you like to look at your naked body?
  78. What is the difference between sex and love?
  79. Rumor has it that all the girls have a sex toy. It’s true?
  80. Do you like the naked bodies of people?
  81. What part of the body do I need to touch to get you?
  82. Would you be able to have sex all night? Prove it. What common questions to ask a girl?
  83. Sex in a long relationship or marriage is fading away?
  84. Would you like to be raped by a beautiful stranger?
  85. Would you like to have sex on the beach, in the pool, or in nature?
  86. What do you think about role-playing games in sex?
  87. With your boyfriend or husband, how many times will you tumble in bed a week?
  88. Would you star in porn for money? Could be a pornstar?
  89. What kind of men’s underwear turns you on?
  90. Will we have children? Maybe it’s time to do it?
  91. Want to take a bath with me?
  92. Did you dream of having sex with your teacher at the university?
  93. Is it hard to get you started or do you start up with a half turn?
  94. Have you read the Kama Sutra or other textbooks of love?
  95. Is sex a part of normal adult life?
  96. In the movie, all the girls know how to dance on the lap of a man. And you?
  97. In a threesome, who will be the third? A man or a girl?
  98. Are you a log or a good lover? Your evidence?
  99. Where do you want to kiss me?
  100. Above or below?
  101. Have you fantasized about being close to me?
  102. How do you feel about oral sex and other liberties?
  103. What should I say so that you undress?
  104. What should I do to seduce you?
  105. Can there be relationships without sex?
  106. Is there a passion that cannot be held?
  107. Have you come to me or to you?
  108. You are attractive, I’m damn attractive, why not waste time?
  109. What vulgar questions to ask a girl
  110. What vulgar questions to ask a girl?
  111. Any that are close to sex. If you want to seduce a girl, then more often touch her and talk about sex. Girls love vicious vulgarities and bad guys. Do not yawn if you want this chick yourself. Beauty herself does not seduce.