What do you do drunk? 50 drunken entertainment

What to do when you’ve had a drink but you don’t know what to do? Under the influence of alcohol, you always want something interesting, and sometimes extreme. What do you do when you’re drunk? 50 entertainments for a drunk person. “Wine has wisdom, beer has freedom, water has bacteria.” Benjamin Franklin If you’re drunk, but you want to continue the banquet, this is an article for you. What’s interesting about having fun at a degree? What can you do when you’re drunk? The most common activities for drunk people. What do you do when you’re drunk?

The best entertainment for drunk people is

1. Find new acquaintances, buddies or friends.

2. Dance at the club or at home like no one can see.

3. Sing karaoke.

4. Flirt and meet the girls.

5. Tell the truth to people what you think about them.

6. Call and send the ex to the North Pole.

7. Discuss philosophical and serious topics with your companion.

8. Play board games with your buddies.

9. Smoke cigarettes, cigars, bong.

10. Play computer games.

11. Buy everyone a drink at the bar.

12. Buy more drinks and roll again.

13. Take a ride on the swing in the yard.

14. Sit by the fire.

15. Sing songs to the guitar.

16. Share your secret that you’ve wanted to tell for a long time.

17. Have a heated debate about politics, religion and the meaning of life.

18. Sing and wander the streets with your friends.

19. Download the dating app and forget the weekend date.

20. Watch an interesting movie or show.

21. Try to write a poem, article or story.

22. Take pictures to see what happened in the morning.

23. Swim in the fountain, but don’t drown in it.

24. Show a fact or an ass to strangers.

25. Send someone to an unknown destination.

26. Do a hooliganic, but harmless prank.

27. Gossip and talk to your friends.

28. Confess your love to somebody.

29. Pick a new specialty or a new city to live in.

30. Tell somebody a compliment.

31. Drop the call and set up a contest in anything.

32. Turn on the movie and then take a sip when the movie dialogue starts.

33. Write something on the social network.

34. Read a book and fall asleep while you’re at it.

35. Play active games with your friends: Twister, legs or similar.

36. Walk home on foot or just take a walk.

37. Play strip cards with a girl.

38. Look at the old photos and reminisce.

39. Check your reaction rate and coordination when you’re drunk.

40. Order a pizza or eat something.

41. Have a drunken scuffle and even a fight.

42. Play a game of truth or lie when the loser drinks.

43. Fool around with your friends or do something stupid.

44. Plan your future vacation.

45. Dive, cry and think about the meaning of life.

46. Go home.

47. Dance the striptease.

48. Have sex with a girl you don’t know.

49. Decide to make a radical change in your life by writing down a plan on the leaf.

50. Go to bed.