What does a pet say about you

What kind of pet do you have or dream of? A person can tell you a lot about what kind of animal he chooses as a pet and his friend. We are not only responsible for those we tame. Often the choice of a pet is due to some traits of our character and lifestyle. But not everyone has a pet. Often the absence of a pet is often dictated by circumstances and a person actually wants to have a dog or cat. Even the kind of animal we wish to have can tell a lot about man.

What a pet says about you

Pet cat

Cats are the most popular pets. They are especially loved by single people, families, girls and a little less guys. Love for cats speaks about the sensitivity, reliability and tenderness of the owner. If a cat owner lives alone, but he loves independence and self-sufficiency.

Pet Dog

A dog is our four-legged friends who are really happy to see us. Dogs are turned on by people you can trust. They are honest, friendly and reliable people. Usually owners of dogs are extroverts who like to communicate with other people. They have confidence in themselves and know what they want.

Home Reptile

Some people prefer to have snakes, turtles, lizards and other reptiles. People who have such a creature at home are usually creative and extraordinary people. They like to travel, party and get tattoos. They live on their own wave.


As a pet, some people prefer birds. It’s a parrot, a canary, an amadin, an astrilde. The choice of a feathered pet as a friend suggests a certain isolation of the owner. They’re quite strange, a little asocial, unusual but polite people. Birds are made by dreamers, impressionable and romantic people.

Home fish

Many people like to buy beautiful aquariums and exotic fish. Often fish are turned on by people who love peace, contemplation and reflection. Fish owners are looking for peace and comfort in this life. Sometimes they are lovers of diving and scuba diving. Fish owners are often wealthy and successful people.

No pets

Most people prefer to live without pets. Sometimes the size of an apartment or a small child does not allow you to have a pet. Young people often work very hard and do not want to burden themselves or take responsibility. A pet is tied to the house and young people like to travel. The lack of pets often speaks of a person who is alone walking towards his or her dreams.