What does it take to meet a nice girl?

So, in our minds, we have already realized that we are a married man. We know exactly what we want to achieve by getting to know a girl. But in order to become what we realize we are, we need to act. If we do nothing but dream, our awareness will never materialize. We only bring it to life through our own thoughts and actions.

The problem with many men is that they put off dating, they don’t dare to act. Their life goes on day after day, work-home, work-home, meeting with friends on weekends. And if friends get married themselves, these meetings are likely to stop, because there is no time for them anymore.

And a man may want to meet a nice girl and get acquainted with her, but he doesn’t act. And he finds different reasons for this: he needs to buy a good apartment, an expensive car, and also to pump up his muscles, because women like muscular men, buy a dog or a cat, because women like animals, etc., etc. Okay, stop! We had one main goal: to meet a girl.

And we must act precisely in this direction, and not dissipate his attention on the secondary and often unnecessary goals. Act and only act because, as you know, the water does not flow under a rolling stone. So, what you need to do to get acquainted:

1.In order to meet a girl, be prepared for this, always and everywhere, because a good girl may be near you, but his delay you can miss it. And who knows, what if she was the one?

Do not miss an opportunity in vain. If you can ask for the phone – ask. Do not be afraid, you will not tear your tongue. If there is an opportunity to approach, to talk – feel free to come up and talk. If you want to know something, find out. If you want to pay a compliment to a girl you like, what’s the matter? You can buy a flower and give it to a girl.

Remember, you are the head of the family, confident and decisive. Just do not be too serious, good humor and witty jokes will play into your hands. If there is some awkwardness and shyness in communication – do not panic, because as the acquaintance develops shyness will pass. In addition, some embarrassment is better than trivial insolence and rude neglect. Of course, the golden mean is best, but initial shyness is also okay.

2.During your search communicate with several girls. The more there are, the better. Most importantly, don’t get confused. Just don’t get the idea that I am urging you to sleep with every one of these girls. First of all, this is impossible, not all girls are ready for this kind of relationship and therefore may break their communication with you. Secondly, this is not serious behavior. Not serious for a man who wants to start a family. If you want to find a girl just for sex, that’s another matter. But, as stated at the beginning of this article, we are not considering this option.

So, you need to communicate with several girls. Then you will see how interesting you are to each of them, how each of them treats you, which of them you feel more sympathy to. The longer the communication, the better you get to know each other. As soon as you single out one of the girls, start developing an acquaintance with her, ask her out, buy her flowers, candy, etc., etc. Just don’t drag it out, otherwise, the moment will be lost and the girl will sense your insecurity and hesitation.

3. Discard pessimism, don’t be upset if you receive rejections from girls. Rejections are bound to happen. You can’t meet a good girl without rejection. And it is a normal situation when a girl gives a negative answer. After all, you know that not every girl will want to get acquainted at all. And not every girl you know will want to get to know you better. You may suit her as a friend or an interlocutor, but she’s not interested in getting closer to you. Just switch to talking to other girls.

And don’t believe the Cossacks and Loverboys who claim they have never been rejected and can “glue” any girl together. If you have never been rejected by a girl you have never tried to get acquainted with any girl. Don’t think I’m setting you up for failure. You are not. Just take all failed attempts calmly. A negative result is a result, too, and it’s much better than no result at all. And I can definitely tell you that all attempts cannot be negative.

I can give you an example of my own. When I decided to settle down and seriously considered getting married, I started hanging out with a lot of girls. Over the course of a year there were more than twenty of them. I received rejections from many of them at various stages of dating, and I rejected some of them myself. But my search ended brilliantly. I found the one I was looking for. There’s a wonderful expression, “He who seeks will find,” and it’s true. Repeat it always, remember it if you are unsuccessful. And pessimism in this case, as in any other, is not a helper. Take action, and again, take action. It’s not scary, it’s interesting. It’s always interesting to talk to other people. You will see for yourself.

4. Don’t promise anything to all the girls in a row, don’t tie them to you. Remember, you’re just communicating to get a feel for how each girl feels about you and to see which one you like the most.

Of course, you can make a date to all in a row and promised eternal love. But you can only marry one, and it turns out that all the rest you just cheated. And, first, such a man’s behavior is simply unacceptable, and secondly, in the eyes of the other girls you will fall very low. Do you want that? I don’t think so. So, just chat until you figure out which girl you would like to start a serious relationship with.

Before you try to meet girls, believe in yourself

All in all, the information on how to meet girls for a serious relationship is already enough to meet the girl of your dreams. Well, or almost enough. One more thing is needed. Do you know the difference between a man who knows how to meet girls and a man who does not? Do you think it’s the way he dresses? Or maybe Hollywood looks? The ability to talk? Lack of shyness? A big wallet and a cool car? No.

If you’ve noticed, the two parts of the article don’t say a word about these attributes. Sure, they can play a positive role. But, in fact, they are only of secondary importance. The main and only difference is one. A man who knows how to meet girls knows exactly what he is going to meet. Not with one girl, but with another. And he looks for a way to do that and he finds it. And a man who doesn’t know how to meet girls, accordingly, knows that he’s not going to meet girls. And, also, he looks for a way to do it and finds it. Believe in yourself. Sincerely believe and act by believing in yourself.