What food products increase male potency?

When there are health problems or when you want to make positive changes (lose weight, improve health, body condition) people often rush to buy pharmacy drugs. However, it is possible to make a difference with healthy and affordable food.

In today’s article we will talk about how food can improve potency.

Why is it important to maintain potency in good condition?

Prolonged intercourse and a stable erection indicate that the potency is all right. Many factors influence its condition – hormones, blood circulation, emotional state. If there are “sexual” difficulties, in some cases the problem must be looked for in the body – to find out what went wrong.

Men over 50 years of age may have a worsened erection due to a vascular problem and worsened blood circulation. Then it is important to eliminate the cause first with the help of a doctor. Younger men may also experience problems with potency, e.g. due to frequent nervous overvoltage, lack of sleep. It is not uncommon to use stimulants for sham improvement. However, they do not produce a stable effect, cause a fairly rapid habituation and create stress on the heart.

Products that improve the potency

A balanced and wholesome diet generally improves health and well-being. It also has a positive effect on potency. The sexual function of men reacts quickly if the body does not have enough useful and nutritious substances.

Experts recommend that the diet is rich in vitamins A, C, E, B1. Also useful zinc and potassium. They improve the work of blood vessels, hearts and circulation, which is important for men’s health.

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The best spices are cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, fenugreek, hot pepper and cloves. These products not only improve blood circulation, but also increase energy.

Seeds and nuts

Walnuts, pistachios, almond nuts, pine nuts will be useful. They contain useful fats as well as vitamins. Pumpkin seeds are also important due to their zinc content.

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Seafood contains many substances useful for men’s health. Especially useful are oysters and fish of the salmon family.


Among the fruits it is better to give preference to bananas, strawberries, avocado, watermelon, currant. With a lack of fruit in the diet is often a vitamin deficiency, which can have a bad effect on erection and provoke a decline in strength.

Red wine and bitter chocolate

In moderate quantities, red wine and bitter chocolate can be consumed. They improve your mood, and wine also has a positive effect on vessels. A positive effect is the content of resveratrol in alcohol.

In addition to a healthy diet, experts recommend men to lead a healthy lifestyle and timely see a doctor in case of anxious symptoms – pain, burning, frequent use of the toilet. Doing self-treatment is not safe. It is necessary to go immediately to the urologist’s appointment.

Important nuance

The listed foods will help to improve potency if the main problem with it is the wrong diet. But if there are problems with hormones, nervous tension and blood vessels, it is necessary to eliminate the cause and adjust the diet at the same time.

Nutrition affects people more than it may seem at first sight. What kind of impact will depend on what foods and how much a person eats. With the right diet, you can reduce weight, improve well-being, appearance and men’s health.