What guys like in bed what kind of caresses men like in bed

Before the meeting, take it easy without tension. Go to the store and buy nice underwear. Please wear it. It looks normal and above all. Remember that well.

Many women are noisy about their looks, so they not only worry about their beauty, but they also face anxiety. And if a man wants to share the night with you, you don’t have to worry about your flaw.

What flirts before the first approach are important characteristics of love. At this point, two dreams are connected to one set. At this point, I think multiple text choices are good. Also, if this is a type of cat-and-cat game, the result is clear for both men and women.

In correspondence and conversation, you can get rid of the other person or walk away. However, if you overdo it, men will be very concerned (in fact, they are).

Confidence is the key to winning

Give men confidence and promote all action. This is as important as most of it is that it looks attractive. Clear the chosen man, which leads to his confidence. For example, it’s a good idea to pass on talent, happy, wonderful things.

I want to keep his confidence, but I don’t know what to do? Here are some hints.

If you’re going to important meetings, interviews, exams, etc. etc., Encourage, praise, and tell you how special you are. That way, he worries about it, but he’ll probably get it back, though only on the bed.

Please give me more holidays and cook something delicious. Call me during the day, but don’t overdo it.

After that, my thoughts about you will only increase.

How you can surprise a man in bed

After bed with a man you need to follow five rules. Of course, unless you want to continue the relationship.

The man in a woman likes it in the near future.

Be confident. You have to radiate that. No one likes an infamous man. Feel free to be naked. To a man now, you are a motive.

It’s interesting. No one wants to get into a snow queen’s bed. Show that you like the process, such as stroking, kissing, caressing.

It’s a temperament. It can be unreal for any man. Men like (most) (most) of the initiative in bed comes from girls. Throw it on the pillow, kiss it hot and break your shirt. If not, don’t clear that last point. I don’t know. Maybe it’s his favorite shirt. Or his only existence.

Note, you don’t need to drag your lover’s pan to the bed. But you do need to make an effort to bring joy to the other party. Inexperienced girls may ask questions when they are having sex. Of course, you don’t need to be more involved in contradicting yourself other than yourself. But trying to please a man.

Sentimental feeling

“Eh, it’s so.

Or “very good.”

Also, light crying and shouting are also appropriate. But they don’t have to be repetitive. In other words, they say they like everything. The quiet partner represents the shy person. Does he feel joy in the process? That’s vague. So, let’s take the decisive step and talk to the other person. Again, however, if you talk too much, it gets in the way, so don’t overdo it.

Stimulating the Mind

One of the easiest and most effective ways to satisfy men is to talk. But it’s not conversation, it’s your one game.

When you whisper a sensual thing in your opponent’s ears, your opponent immediately becomes aroused and starts acting up. So, it happened that everyone believed that the only woman believed that she loved her ears, but in fact it is not as strong as women, but still an erotic zone.

By the way, in a close monologue, you have to consider that the representative is the adversary, as in all sexual intercourse. Here I will present a few ways to please my husband, LVA. Please rinse this out.

“I like passionate kissing.”

“It feels good to be with you.”

“I want to come inside me soon.”

“You can lie here.”

“I like your try.”

What to do in bed to please a man

Many people try to please men in bed and start doing things they have never done before. For example, everyone knows that men prefer oral lovemaking. However, if you are inexperienced, I think it will take considerable trouble. Inappropriate movements can scare him. He thinks you are always playing around and forgetting the next date.

If you are inexperienced, you don’t need oral sex at all. However, experimenting with new partners is not worth it.

As you can see in the words of the famous sage, the first thing to do is basic charts. Then it moves on to improvisation.

Fusty and sex are incompatible. Keep your clothes on and try to hide them in the bathroom. After an intimate relationship, a man wants to enjoy the moment lying in the arms of the woman he loves.

The most important thing in intimacy is Rask. You can experience the work even if you have no experience. He seems to enjoy stroking his hair and stroking his back and buttocks. Kids are very religious to keep them dignified, so you have to be careful. Many people are crazy about chewing, lightly licking the flute and kissing behind the ears.

Change your position when you have sex (it shows initiative). In addition to missionaries, most men who have different options, such as when girls are on top. They also lie and enjoy it. But don’t you want to control it yourself?

Enjoy yourself

Who said sex wasn’t fun? There are different positions about it. And to learn how to please men, it’s innovative and trying to create pleasure. At the same time, your partner will not only be satisfied with your efforts, but also enjoy your intimate time.

Why don’t you learn how to please men when things go wrong and excite the game? Then please read this.

How to make sure a guy likes you in bed, making sex unforgettable

The young men we meet will be evaluating each other and exploring for a while. It would be nice to have contacts such as hobbies, problems, and places to exchange opinions on various topics. This deepens your understanding and reduces the distance between lovers. However, sooner or later flashing emotions lead to intimacy, so it is important for girls to understand what they do in bed to please men or adult men.

Unfortunately, the success and life of an affair depends on the first physical contact, and a chosen disappointment will put an end to the S O that hasn’t begun. The most uncomfortable thing in an intimate relationship is, as in life, but awkward, and even if you can hide it during a conversation, sex is almost impossible. And the thing is, women may not have much experience. First of all, you need to understand what she expects a man to do.

Gender refers to the physiological aspect of the human face, but relationships between different genders are based on many psychological nuances. Girls who have studied have a chance to catch important people.

7 sex secrets that make men lose their heads

Many experiences give young women a lack of skill in lovemaking. However, there is no need to worry, even if you have no experience. Open, comfortable and interesting, giving your lover an unforgettable experience. If a woman decides to be an intimate relationship, it is already an intuitive confidence for the other person, forgetting about embarrassment and relaxation and gets the greatest joy. Nevertheless, it would not be a loss to know what they like in bed with a common girl.


The excitement of the genitals points to the existence of the lover, and there are members of the fair sex, as if they were reluctant to obey the rules of the game, as if they were reluctant to obey. Some lying is found here, which is recognized as a favor to the other party and full of emotion.

According to psychologists, they want to show their initiative as well as strong sexes, but many expect them to be active in the second half. This means sincere feelings, passion and a partner’s desire for them.

Learn the right way. After all, many women do not know what actions they should take.

Feminine activity must be demonstrated long before the physical approach, and it is rudimentary and courting.

You can seduce a gentleman with an easy cue and continue the night in a looser atmosphere.

In addition, these details, such as beautiful hairstyles, light makeup and open socks to work, prepared by young women for dating, can be considered not only to emphasize beauty, but also be a tool of temptation.

It is important to show selected confidence, interest and motivation. Excitement is motivated to respond to kisses and skills boldly and naturally to show your feelings, rather than abandoning your partners, as many people misunderstand. Nevertheless, it simply manages the actions of the Master, and what to do.


Some young women think that Intimacy foreplay is only necessary for themselves, but men love caressing, cuddling, and stroking. It’s important to have a high-quality beginning, such as pleasing each other leads to the next date.

The best idea is to reach out to young men

In the slow lane, make a special attraction for temptation. Visual observations associated with pleasure have been found to trigger the clearest desires. It is necessary to relax and watch in a splendid way. You can defeat your lover in bed and take off your clothes until he allows you to touch your body and continue flirting.

Once you get into bed, provide your favorite simple massage and erotic massage. Use an aromatic oil that stimulates cream and lubricating oil to do so. Massage relieves stress, relieves muscle and psychological stress and increases the feeling of sensation.

A person’s main ambition is, for example, romantic play, which makes breathing. Observe the body of the important person well, stop breathing, bring your lips close to your skin and slowly exhale warm air. In this way, you can keep looking for the most sensitive spot and gradually induce excitement.

Holding the edge is a prerequisite for such an operation, which will eventually resolve itself with a real emotional outburst.


Mood, mental lift, sensitivity to the details of an intimate relationship, that’s what a person needs to state your sincere feelings. If you want to continue the relationship, you need to convince the other man. As you find ways to please your man in bed, you may come to the conclusion that you should act as if it was the first and last time you had sex in your life.

To do this, you need to drop all bandages and fully surrender to your emotions. Thanks to their intuition, many members of the weaker sex are able to understand what their partner likes, so you need to follow only these impulses and respond to love with all openness.

Almost all men will be pleased if a girl is temperamental and does not lie dead in bed – from it must come out the fire, energy and vitality. But do not expose yourself on purpose and imitate the actions of those or other movie characters prone to debauchery – even in close proximity is unnecessary. By the way, it looks pretty playful.

Scratching the lover’s shoulder or back is also completely arbitrary – it scares many people. Excessive emotion and imperfections can ruin everything, but the lover is simply indispensable.

In many cases, the ideal image is a passionate lover, but everyone has his own way of thinking, so someone’s sincere feelings can be seen as weakness, so be careful not to overreact. .

Sigh and sigh

There are many questions about young men’s attitudes toward sex friends and women who crave sex. Most of these symptoms (but most of the similes) are related to the fact that partners want to please their significant others and treat them with genuine love and respect. However, in this case, it is also necessary to have sex in silence so as not to repeat oneself unnecessarily.

In other words, if you ask the girl, this behavior is encouraged, but for the other person is a deception and condescension. By the way, some people find this a laughing matter, and of course caution unscrupulous actresses.

We need to remember when and what such demos should look like.

Encourage your children by calling their names from time to time and saying, “Ah, yes!”, “More!” and “Hurry up!”

A woman can express her great feeling with desperate sighs, quiet cries, and intermittent breathing (when she is really happy). If you feel almost nothing in the position, it’s best not to act too aggressively. It’s also important to know which layout you prefer.

It’s a swear word, but if you don’t get a positive response, don’t use it.

If you know how to please a man in bed, it is wise not to do it at all. Don’t think about how you will behave during sex with a friend, just let the process do its job.


It takes a good mind and an accurate sense of the nuances of a relationship to compliment someone correctly. Not all women of the beautiful half of humanity fall into this category, so I’m ready to help with advice.

The celebration can take place before intercourse. For this, emphasize how you like your lover’s hands, tan, eyes and eyelashes, and you will be pleased with his taste and ability to dress.

You can express pleasure directly during sexual activity, and you can praise his personal details, such as his penis technique, size and ability to choose the best rhythm. If he is enthusiastic or kind, he can encourage him to continue NG by telling you how comfortable he is.

At the end of the process, the praise is. “You’re wonderful. I always feel what I need.” “I’m happy, thank you.” “I feel really good with you.” It’s important to note that these phrases can only be said right after an intimate relationship or in bed. Later, when you get up from there, such praise will no longer make sense.

Another method is to send a message of exclamation that lists the wonderful feeling you had with him. Rest assured, your lover will be very happy to read and think about the new date. All in all, it may be trivial, but to please men, psychologists recommend as much of his physical facts and penis as possible.


Women’s dreams are beautiful human relationships and romance, but men’s dreams are more enthusiastic and interested in expressing passion, wild and animal. So if you want to impress, it’s a good idea to ask what new feeling the chosen man wants.

The following role-playing options are cues to find out what kind of game they like.

The girl turns into a stern teacher or nurse, such as the scenario, is not new, but men are fooled by it.

This is a typical example of a fantasy to be blindfolded and tied to a bed, but such productions can be alternately performed in between.

There seem to be instances where male desires (with other people) are fulfilled with the help of adults, such as vibrators, for example, with the help of adults. Of course, the young lady is interested in the man and should be mentally prepared for such toys, but that is her choice.

Men have another dream that has room for debate. An open partner without a complex and interesting experiment is a source of sexual inspiration, and you rarely want to break up with such a woman. A few follies will certainly reduce the distance between lovers, increase trust in each other, and create an invisible but strong psychological bond.

C o-ssleepy

We often don’t know how to behave after a night of lovemaking. In this regard, men are rarely awkward in the morning. But girls always pay attention to the impression of a wonderful moment. Some suggestions will support them with dignity to overcome the situation.

It is a well-known fact that intimate contact requires a lot of energy, but it can not be said about the hair and makeup, but power is restored after rest. As a result, the passionate lover becomes unhappy. So it’s a good idea to get up 15-20 minutes earlier than men and organize things.

Face wash/moisturizing

brushing your teeth.

Comb your hair.

It’s enough to accentuate your eyes a little with pencil or shadow and powder your skin. Show your loved ones a fresh and natural expression.

It’s not good to walk around naked in the morning, so you can wear a man’s shirt, but if you wear such clothes, you will be very excited, so there is a risk of finding them in bed again.

Now about providing breakfast. It’s best to brew coffee for your chosen one and create a sandwich. Also, there is generally no awkward atmosphere and you can have a peaceful conversation.

It is not good to go out in English because it makes your adversary uncomfortable, and it is not good to do short-term and mistresses in the morning. And goodbye, please give warm words without being lazy.

Typical mistakes girls make in bed

Of course, the first intimate encounter may not be as perfect as your partner presented, and the reason is that women are unaware of some subtle nuances.

Male dissatisfaction is often related to the following mistakes women make out of ignorance.

Everyone is more or less complicated, but if a girl hides her body during sex, she will never have a good feeling. Good women, don’t think of the priest as something, though infatuated. In that case, it’s a sweet idea that a lover will care about your folds and cellulite, but alienation is immediately transmitted.

The original orgasm is not the best way to win men over in bed. In particular, experienced gentlemen will immediately see deception, so pretending it won’t be bad. Women’s tricks are not only frustrating, but also offend men’s pride and sometimes significantly lower their self-esteem.

It is totally inappropriate to discuss the types of birth control to share each other’s joy. It is well known that men want to fall in love without using any kind of birth control, so women should think ahead.

It seems to be a mistake to want to talk to a date. This is an inappropriate time for any conversation or issue. Not only is it inappropriate, but such words can make you feel sick and reduce people’s power, but don’t look forward to it. Something like a similar performance and provocative affair after the act of sexual ability of the partner and g o d e in its “training.

In the process of intimate contact, women will begin to talk about their first and their talents, even as they try to bless the current master. All men have a strong monopoly, so there is always the risk of emphasizing jealousy and anger.

If a girl wants to repeat herself and expresses it in a request, an unpleasant situation will be created. For one thing, menstruation takes time to heal when it conflicts in this way. On the other hand, in such a tone as a final reminder, women cannot give results, but they will definitely offend their lovers.

Not only can a cruiser do young inexperienced people who don’t know how to love a man in bed for the first time, but they also have sex when they are busy watching soccer and when they are busy watching soccer. It shows a desire for that. It’s not likely to be stronger in a romantic relationship. So it’s probably impossible to please your husband in bed, no matter how hard you try. In any case, it is important to be sensitive to the wishes of your loved ones and accurately convey their needs.

The secrets of a woman’s bliss: how to caress her correctly and what actions to avoid in bed?

Not all men are easily excited in bed. Nevertheless, pleasuring women gives a huge advantage for men and makes the overall life more colorful and vibrant. Do you want to learn how to caress women or hone your sexual skills? Then the female alphabet will be useful.

The hottest female zones

Before treating, you need to identify a woman’s erotic zone. Although there are individual differences in women’s sensitivity, it seems that they often respond to the following parts.

Kisses are not lost because there are hundreds of nerves on the surface of the lips. If you touch this part with your fingers, lips and tongue with your fingers, lips and tongue on the beat of foreplay, you can hook your opponent. So if you are an exciting partner, if you don’t ignore your lips, you stop on them as much as possible. When you touch your lips, which are weathered and chapped, you feel very uncomfortable. For frost and wind, please deal with hygiene agents sold in drugstores. This treatment does not lose courage, but no woman can forget your kiss.

This is my ear. A woman’s ears for stimulation are used in two ways: all kinds of vulgar affection or fondling of the lips and tongue. You can combine these steps and alternatives. Do you want to be absorbed in women’s ears? Gently chew on the leaves and go the kissing route, covering your opponent’s neck.

It’s the neck. Since it’s thin skin, it’s easy to respond to kisses and subtle strokes. Remove the back of the girl and pull your finger from the ear to the slope. A neck kiss will be initiated by any woman.

In fact, men prefer a woman’s long hair as an attractive feature. Please hit it when you love love. For a passionate experiment, you can hold him in your fist and pull him toward you. These dominant acts of excitement for many women.

Part of the shoulder. Tension builds up in this area throughout the day, so does your favorite high relaxation massage. With the muscles well stretched, kiss the shoulders to stimulate the girl. This area may not be the most sensitive, but it is inevitable to neglect it with a stroke.

It’s the bust. The breathtaking expression of a beautiful woman’s bust is what every man craves. This part responds to being caressed as much as possible. To excite your partner, and sometimes lead to an orgasm, fondle a woman’s breasts as much as possible during foreplay.

It’s the stomach. It is very easy to stimulate your partner with a vessel across the stomach, bringing a soft thump to this area of true bliss. Kissing this area is just as exciting as the lips and neck.

Kniffs. Touching the waist gives women unrealistic pleasure. The inside is a thinner area where only kindness fits, while the outside allows for the passion of men. Mushrooms, firm contractions, munchies-all are quite appropriate when you have a close relationship.

Back. These round guys have upset a number of men. Buttocks can feel both kind and intense manners, so there’s room for imagination. Kissing and hitting are just a small part of the variety you can give your adversary in bed with my sweet cookie.

Familiar Zone. A woman’s breasts are experienced between her lips and her clitoris and want pleasure. It’s best to take a woman in this part without touching her and leave her for dessert. How do you caress women’s cocks: gentle or more assertive? Try both and watch the reaction.

Fingers, toes. Licking your toes is a real fetish for many girls. Please, please, women, like this. After all, there are thousands of nerves on the fingers.

Most women seem to consist of erotic zones. And this is true, but only when she is with a man, relaxed and feeling relaxed. Give her love and protection, and then the girl has a fierce reaction in bed.

How to caress a girl properly: a guide for men who don’t care

I knew there was a girl. Nevertheless, flourishing a woman from head to heel does not mean exciting women. What is the proper caress to give pleasure to women?

A little bit about kissing

The style of kissing is different for each person, and this kind of intimate business c-experience is short or unsuccessful. To get a good kissing style, tomatoes are useless, and you need to practice. How to kiss so you don’t blurt out women.

While kissing, remove some consciousness and switch brains. Feel the movement of the girl and the lips and try to replicate the girl. This way you can combine the kissing style into one and both can have fun.

Apply a tactic that alternates between subtle kissing and passionate kissing. This will show that foreplay will be unpredictable and generate fantastic excitement. Jellying the girls’ lips, playing with them, gently running your tongue over them: all of this diversifies the already common French kissing.

If you kiss other parts, do it gently. No one likes the purple sign so they don’t overdo it and leave sucking marks. If a woman wants passionately rough, it will take time to give notice.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and go with your gut. Ask the girl directly if you like everything. Don’t hesitate to ask her opinion about stroking. That way, you can make sure you are in the right direction and gradually get a style of kissing that suits them.

Exciting touches

Use a woman’s body touch after a kiss or during a kiss. Don’t be impatient, slowly cultivate your love. Your goal is to deliver blissful time to the girl. How to touch women.

At the same time, however, you can prepare for the next follow-up by touching her sexuality with your fingers.

As the woman warms up a bit, the touch strengthens, rubbing and stroking her arms, shoulders, chests and buttocks.

Chasing a girl, she reacts to your Goosberry-like spare form or is uncomfortable.

If she’s not looking for it from herself, don’t hurt her.

Mix in a kiss to the touch.

Express your excitement with gentle words and vulgar words.

You can touch girls in other body parts, such as hugging their legs, standing around their genitals and clinging to their whole body.

Don’t be shy, sex has no limits.

If you want to perform unusual acts for a couple, it’s best to get the other party’s permission.

Also, let’s answer the question of how to fondle a woman’s breasts. This is a special part of a girl, so be persistent, but please act as thoroughly as possible. The most sensitive part of the breast is the nipple. Touch it with your tongue, lips and fingertips to cause emotional storms. If you caress a woman’s breasts as much as possible, you will hear the passionate voice of the pant that was chosen.

Erotic massage

Massage is an effective way to relax women before sex. Even if you do not know anything, master such simple skills and please the girl. The right way to massage

Prepare a surface y-Create enough and even layers for an amateur massage.

Place the choice so that both are comfortable.

Use an addictive scented massage oil such as vanilla, patchouli and lavender.

Apply the lubricating oil to your partner’s skin and begin to stroke to warm them up.

The response to the force of the pressure is individual. Gradually choose all your efforts for your girlfriend.

Massage the shoulders, massage between the spade, that is the sensitive part and go down to the buttocks and legs.

The massage does not end too quickly and do not rush. Remember that your main goal is not to sleep at the end of the session, but to relax and unwind and unwind before sex.

Massage will be a wonderful thing to help your excellent sex. Such measures are a kind of care, and women will always appreciate them and treat you with maximum passion.

Oral caresses

These caresses, regardless of gender. So, if you want to satisfy your lover and want to be very intimate, do not give up Cunnilingus. Many times men don’t know how to approach girls in this regard and are afraid to do the wrong thing. Don’t worry if you know such embarrassment. Here are the right ways to beat women with your tongue.

Don’t start foreplay with Cunnilingus. Not all women are released right away, and many people need time to prepare for such intimate acts. So start with other varnishes so girls can relax as much as possible.

Tell the woman that this action was really on the starting line. Many women question whether there is a man near his genitals that leads to pleasure. When such an idea comes to mind, please relax the feelings of your chosen man.

Make it easier to caress your mouth while sitting your opponent. It is inevitable to be impatient, so ensure each other’s comfort.

The rhythm and movement of your favorite tongue varies from woman to woman. Basic method:

Strike the little lips and clitoris with your tongue.

Regularly contact similar parts with your fingers.

Return to the vagina and superficial movement.

With your hands empty, caress another sexy girdle, such as the inside of the stomach or buttocks.

If a woman is very shy and wants to give pleasure in her mouth, look with a woman. Such chips will change her attention to the tactile and add sharpness to the touch.

Look at the reaction and remember the girl’s taste. Every time she has a verbal lovemaking experience, she will become a true master of Cunnilingus.

What kind of caresses don’t women like?

The desire to please a girl is admirable. But as in any business, mistakes can be made in intimate caressing. It’s a matter of acting as precisely as possible so as not to do anything fatal. Smoothly move into a more intimate place without insisting that the girl is uncomfortable.

How do you know if a man is caressing a woman inappropriately? Most of the time she either admits to feeling uncomfortable or sees something negative on her face. In this case, if you list the caresses that women do not like, you can avoid such situations.

Forcefully bite any part of the body that causes pain.

Long, solemn smiles at one point: kind, varied behavior.

On the 5th point, put your arms around her and give her a hard slap (if you really want to show a little disrespect, back the girl up with some prior reinforcement).

Love is short-lived and cannot be awakened enough.

Conversely, too long a relationship can eventually lead to a decrease in libido.

Mistreatment of the breast or clitoris. This female area is highly sensitive and can cause painful sensations when touching the glans.

Set yourself up for a great general hobby. If you don’t get frustrated, everything will go according to plan. For women to relax and enjoy caressing, they need comfort above all else. Support the girl, encourage her, take care of her and pet her.

What kind of sex makes us happy (and why it sometimes makes us sad afterwards)

Sex can be frustrating and traumatic, but it can make us happier. Science knows what it depends on. Journalist Valentina Petrova draws on recent research to find out how sex affects life satisfaction, what orgasms depend on, and whether all animals really are sad after intercourse.

Difficult to translate: What is sex and what is happiness?

What sex is and what sex consists of is a difficult place to be. It’s different for everyone: all interactions with others, only for love. Anything that ends in an orgasm. Any meat can be called “date” sex. Fingers up the ass, thrusting in the kitchen while everyone goes to smoke. Can~, only erotic experiences that I remember well (still allow myself to torture myself).

Sexual activity, lovemaking, styling, pack, styling, carnal embrace, we have many words associated with sex, but there is only one for happiness.

But it is easy to define. According to Aristotle, it is pleasure (Hedonia) or perfect presence (Eudemonia). In other words, orgasm and satisfaction with your life, the sum of your desires made real.

Prolonged joy is difficult to measure. The Oxford Happiness Questionnaire and the Rural Ladder Questionnaire can help in psychological studies in which participants see themselves from a high hill and assess their own well-being. This is a person looking for happiness, he takes for it health, wealth or sex, and he goes back and forth and looks for the fence beyond his reach.

Why we like sex

If we look at sex as a path to happiness, of course it’s short: arousal → plateau → orgasm → reconciliation. It’s not fair that it takes so long to look forward.

Sex brings some happiness. Your brain’s light bulbs will go on one by one.

The limbic system (I love you, I’ll never forget you).

The hypothalamus (I respond to you, I touch you).

The amygdala (it’s not scary anymore).

Orbitofrontal cortex (don’t change your mind, don’t stop).

What about dopamine?



Oxytocin (especially important, often leads to the cessation of love).

How the female orgasm hides

The characteristics that make you feel that little thrill of happiness are different for each person. Having at least one orgasm: it almost always happens to men. As for women, I know they exist. Perhaps the female orgasm is an evolutionary state designed to trigger ovulation or create a strong oxytocin bond with a partner, like rabbits do. So far, however, nothing conclusive in favor of evolutionary causation has been found.

In Finland, a “National Gender Survey” is regularly conducted to study gender differences in the population, and the results are analyzed. Despite gender equality and sexual education, the number of female orgasms has declined rather than increased since 1971. Time steals Finnish orgasms!

Now let’s see if we can get stable orgasms from external factors.

A woman’s orgasm is not dependent on exercise. About income levels. About the power of making love, the power of making love. About a man’s number (it doesn’t tell me). It’s also not affected by masturbation skills.

It has a little bit to do with genes. Women who have their first orgasm early and are not particularly into masturbation may orgasm more easily and more often. It has to do with who is around. Statistically, it happens more often if a woman has a regular sexual partner. If that partner doesn’t keep a journal. If you can talk about sex

Women will have more orgasms if they believe that their pleasure is important and that they are good in bed.

Also, people who believe in God come more often than non-religious people. However you think about it, thank you very much, Mr. White.

I want to read together.

What kind of sex makes a person happy

Our lives are expanding in time, and with it, so is our happiness. Long-term happiness is no longer about feeling happy, but about being happy. Being happy all the time doesn’t mean that every second you feel light pouring out of you and the earth breathing new ecstasy with you. Breathe, go to work, have sex, just “everything is normal.”

Researchers tend to study sexual happiness in relationships and marriages, not the sexual adventures of single people. Presumably, if sex is all over the place where it’s grabbed, it’s hard to detect by laboratory methods.

The classic 1938 study of the psychological determinants of marital happiness found that happiness was related to sexual satisfaction and (as expected!) the frequency of a woman’s orgasm.

Multiple orgasms, duration and frequency of sex do not affect life satisfaction. Marriage becomes unhappy because one party is dissatisfied with sex, often refuses or dreams of breaking up, and because of differences in sexual temperament between husband and wife.

In addition, harmony in marriage has been found to correlate with choice of body position, spontaneous sex, kissing during foreplay, and less frequent refusal of sex. Simply put, people like things that are varied, fun and non-negative. Happy wives are less obsessed with other men and less likely to turn into other, sexier women. They like this man in love who is here now.

In general, it is said that frequency of sex is related to life satisfaction, but that does not necessarily mean that you should mate more often. Each husband and wife have sex at their own rhythm (get drunk and complain about it), and disruption of that rhythm negatively affects each other’s mental state.

In one study, participants compromised science and had a basket case for three months, twice as much as usual. The couple in the control group coexisted for as long as they wanted. The result was that the experimental groups with many genders always felt lower than the contrasting groups.

As a result of the U.S. Economic Research Institute of the Economic Institute of the Economic Institute, it was found as follows:

Regardless of your intentions, people who have sex are happier. 2. The person who is most satisfied is the person who has had a partner in the past year. 3. Only and because of high income does not promise more sex acts or a sexual partner. Ha! Four People who have paid for sex and flirting are unhappy.

After that, a new discovery was found in a survey of Chinese respondents.

Unwanted sex does not make men or women happy.

The U.S. Institute for Economic Research warned that “it pays to interpret the statistics carefully” and requires caution. Looking at the vast amount of data, no secrets are revealed, and everyone is happy. Statistics can’t see a familiar sight that has sexes in thrall. Punch, weird scenes, kisses on the neck, sounds of belts falling from jeans, musical etiquette, truckloads of passion, love and love to love and love to love.

Secrets of bad sex

No one wants to learn bad sex. Even I It’s better to remember good sex than to suffer from serious stories, bad sex.

It’s also hard to judge “bad sex.” I can even say I don’t like it. Awareness of wants and desires is not as close as we expect (the suspicion of pain experienced in anal sex can be explained in some way).

But I’m sure sex is not satisfying. There is a unique law, and if you think ahead, you will be struck, it will not be broken, or if you break it, you will not be held responsible.

Roof sex is hard to understand. People are more complicated than washing machines, so you can run many programs at the same time. One night sex “: we researched loneliness and depression for students and ran the questionnaire again during the semester. The depression monk who succeeded in “release” in four months became well. For those balanced after casual sex, somehow the symptoms of depression appeared.

Another survey shows that 65% of people are anxious or depressed during casual sex, and only 27% of those who became happy. Most people, 35% of them, were completely depressed or sad.

Second Fair. If you are unhappy with yourself, sex will be useless. A woman whose sexual satisfaction is low, she is self-conscious, and her self-esteem depends on appearances. It is interesting to recall a program for women that addresses Canadian psychologist Laurie Brot and the decline in Libido. One of the steps is “Meditation,” the ability to get back to “now, here.” In short, you need to think about sex, not yourself.

The third law: orgasm doesn’t matter. Sex you don’t want to remember can end with an orgasm. The aftertaste varies depending on the situation. Those who have had sex, those who have lost their own, those who feel they need to do, and those who have experienced other inconsistencies seem to find orgasm quite traumatic. It was “empty,” “mechanical,” and “weak,” in a nutshell, “wrapping paper for candy instead of candy.” Yes, even if there is an internal conflict, sex is not diversified, and even if there is destruction of its own principle, there is no creepy thing.

Why is it sad and lonely after sex

The doctor of ancient Rome comes from the expression, “After intercourse all animals, except roosters and women, are sad.” The emperor’s attending physician was wrong. This sadness cannot be enjoyed by both men and women. We will reform. Animals can be sad after contact.

Approximately 40% of those even had negative emotions (NPES) and skepticism (PCD) after similar acts. This melancholy can be hidden by making your face dark. You can generously share your sadness with your partner. Science has not yet figured out how the victim chooses and why kt oo calm palm is bound.

Scientists have found three types of melancholy.

I can’t escape when the adversary is near. If you think about yourself, you will worry.

The first is common in women, and the last is more common in men. The third is worrying about his reputation, that is universal.

I hope that kt oo nothing can be done, but it doesn’t work. Remember the first law of sex again. Everything is complicated and vague as murder. This is what you really want to talk to dark water, listen to the promise and the threat and all you have.