What happens if you stop using social networks Life will get better

We are all hooked on social networks to be always in trend, to be successful and happy. But social networks do the opposite. The more you sit in social networks, the less prosperous, successful and happy your life is. What happens if you give up social networks? You imagine this in a nightmare dream, but many successful people have done so long ago. After that, the world hasn’t collapsed, and their lives have only gotten better. How so? What happens if you quit social networking? People shared the big benefits they got from giving up.

What happens if you stop sitting on social networking sites? There will be greater clarity of thought and productivity. The flow of unnecessary information will be reduced by several times. You won’t be stuffed with endless tape of videos, photos, news, gossip and other nonsense. Thinking will become clearer and you will be more productive when the information noise is reduced by several times. You will enjoy moments rather than the hustle and bustle of “Everybody’s on these social networks now all day long. You should go for a walk in the park or something!” You’ll watch the concert in peace, enjoy the fireworks or watch the sunset. You’ll enjoy the moment while others fidget about the angles and filters for photos on social media.

Life-safety will increase “Careful what you post on Facebook. Whatever it is, it’ll come up sometime in your life.” Barack Obama. Your life will be safer. Sharing details about yourself and your life with hundreds, if not thousands of people? There are too many jealous people in the world who wish you harm. Don’t give them information, let the gossip mongers guess. Stop competing in pathos. Who cares what you do and what you do? You’re not gonna see the idealized “perfect life” of others. You’re gonna stop comparing yourself to other people. You won’t have to show your “success” and “happy life” on social networks, which is so exhausting and depressing. You will do what you really like You will stop trying to like others and get approval in the form of likes. You won’t give a damn what anyone else thinks. You won’t have to spend endless amounts on clothes, things, concerts and events that aren’t interesting. You stop buying things you just wanted to brag about. You stop going to places you’ve visited to mark on social networks. You’re only gonna do what you really like.

Identify real friends from the virtual “Thousands of hearts received on social networks are worth less than one manifestation of the heart in real life.” There’s only real friends left. The number of people who are friends with you won’t change. You’ll call and see each other like this. Social networks will cut off those who communicate with you for the sake of a tick. So you’ll separate real friends from virtual friends. Life will get calmer. You won’t check social networks every half hour like you stop looking in the fridge at night. It’ll make life calmer when you’re not on the phone every chance you get. You’ll find that you don’t know any of your friends’ birthdays, except for close friends.

The number of formal greetings will go down. When you write to each other twice a year, congratulating each other on your DR. That’s where all your communication ends. Why all this formality and a game of friendship, if you do not even communicate? Stronger sleep Less headaches and sleep problems if you stop hanging out on social networks. When it’s time to sleep or get up, you do it instead of lying on the phone for hours. You stop being angry and become happier You stop being upset or angry about different things. Politics, wars, religion, society. All the negativity, arguments and anger stays on the social network, and you’re happier. Sofas “wars” are the pinnacle of degradation. If you want to change the world, then go and do something important. Will your self-esteem increase the number of likes? It’s like mocking, like other people are more popular and better than you. The approval of others should not determine your self-esteem and happiness. You’re setting your own criteria and options for life evaluation.

There will be really more time. There will be really more time, which you have been complaining about for the last 10 years. You’d be surprised how much time you spent on such a useless thing as social networking. You’ll have more time and faster to get what you want. Social networks deprive you of your productivity at work and your rest and enjoyment in your spare time. It is better to do business, read a book, take time for hobbies, self-education, recreation or entertainment.

You’ll work better and have more fun. You can do many useful, necessary or interesting things, but 90% of the world’s population chooses the “matrix” of social networks. A prosperous, successful and happy life lies outside the matrix. It is not worth spending all your time on social networks, when there is a real world that has limitless possibilities.