What if your girlfriend doesn’t love you? 3 ways to win this situation

Yeah, yeah, you got that right. He doesn’t. No, maybe she appreciates you, respects you, appreciates you and even wants you sometimes, but – even if you crack – you’re not in love.

In fact, there is nothing surprising about it, millions of couples live and coexist with such partnerships. This is completely, God forbid, does not mean that she is cheating on you or dreaming of leaving you (we do not consider this type in this case). On the contrary, you may have a great house, a great relationship, and even more great sex, and yet… yet by some elusive signs you realize that this is not true romance for her, as they say, and it does not give you peace. And what’s to be done?

  1. First of all, what do you think “doesn’t love” means, what do you think it manifests itself in?

Doesn’t drag you to have sex in the restaurant toilets in front of all the honest company, doesn’t send you naked selfies a few times a day, doesn’t call you on the 5:00 a.m. face time, doesn’t track your facebook freinds? Keep in mind that everybody’s temperament is different, and you’re not confusing love and passion? It’s not always the same. Think: do you really want her to be crazy about you? Are you sure? But be aware that such a state of mind doesn’t come down to having sex alone.

It must be accompanied by scenes of groundless jealousy, wild scandals, and the elementary desire to enslave, and other nonsense – in fact, it is called “crazy”. Any stormy passion over time reminds the habit of putting a few exclamation points at the end of each sentence – very quickly tiresome. And so you have more time for yourself – well, that’s great.

  1. If she does not love you, a reasonable question arises: who then?

Ask her about her past, often all explained in the most banal way: you do not drank your soul in her, and she, for example, still dries for some dumbass biker with a tattoo in all the necks, with which she had fun before you (who also left her). If it’s really so, do not go to extremes – do not immediately run and stuff a tattoo in all the scruffs.

On the other hand, do not stand in the position of “so that I do not hear from him again” and do not humiliate yourself with curses against people on motorcycles. Just let her know that you’re different and that she has a different and more exciting and new life in every way. Keep yourself with dignity and do not let what is good, develop complexes: because you will constantly blame it on her exes, she certainly does not have a passion for you.

  1. Sooner or later a real woman will choose coziness, peace and other real intimacy…

If you surround her with sincere love and warmth (and this does not have to be measured in monetary or orgasmic terms, and this certainly does not mean that you will follow her for the rest of your life with a beggingly-obvious look), sooner or later you will get something like this in return (provided, of course, that you have contacted a really worthy special).

So rot your line, and most importantly, be sure that you are the best for her, and you need her, and no one else. Sooner or later, the violent sex will get better…