What if you’re bored at home? 120 household chores

What to do when you are terribly bored and have nothing to do? The home world is filled with a lot of interesting and exciting things that are waiting for you. The list of things that will entertain, take and will not let you get bored at home. The same routine, from day to day, can lead to boredom and even depression. It is morally exhausting, leaving us tired, irritated and exhausted. Sometimes we find ourselves in a state where we just don’t know what to do next. We are bored at home, we do not want anything and we are tired of everything. If you have a lot of free time, we have a lot of interesting things to do. Keep this list and do them in a random order when you get terribly bored. How do you spend your free time with benefit, diversify your leisure time and have fun? What to do if you get bored at home?

Home entertainment list

1. Try to draw. Always wanted to learn how to draw beautifully? Here is a good opportunity for you.

2. Read a book. There are many interesting books that you have not yet read. It is a whole unknown world.

3. Listen to the radio, from different countries and in different languages, on the world map at radio.garden. Install their application and listen to music without restrictions.

4. Start a blog or website on the Internet.

5. Shoot a video, and then upload it to YouTube or TikTok.

6. Try the art of beatboxing or rap.

7. Prepare something interesting and experiment with recipes. Post the results on the Internet and conduct your own personal culinary show.

8. Find a new hobby or passion.

9. Learn to dance on video lessons from the Internet. Learn to breakdance or hip-hop.

10. Go in for sports and get in great shape.

11 Start making repairs, which you have been postponing for a long time.

12. Start writing a book or articles for a magazine on the Internet.

13. Try to learn a new foreign language. You have always dreamed of it.

14. Explore the career of your dreams and get involved in self-education.

15. Start writing poems, songs, music. Maybe Sergey Esenin or Sergey Shnurov sleeps in you?

16. Make up a genealogical tree and ask your relatives.

17. Look at the street, the sky or the stars. Admire the sunset or the dawn.

18. Plan your future vacation and future trip.

19. write a letter to your future self.

20. Do yoga, gymnastics or relaxation.

21. Take care of your appearance, try a new mask and put on a cream.

22. start learning programming by choosing the most promising language. Work, good prospects and a lot of money.

23. Have a haircut and shave. Give yourself a manicure and a pedicure.

24. Arrange a photo shoot or take pictures of everything at home. Sell photos at the photostocks.

25. Lounge on the sofa, take a nap and rest.

26. set up your profiles in social networks and update your information to the latest.

27. Play with your pet. If not, it’s time to have one.

28. Make a collage of desires, where there are all your future goals and dreams in a visual representation.

29. start learning something new and interesting that you didn’t plan before.

30. What to do if I’m bored at home? Play computer games or on your phone. It will take you a long time.

31. Do some needlework, doing something interesting with your own hands.

32. Meet an interesting person on the Internet and talk to each other.

33. Organize the cleaning, wash the windows or make a grand reshuffle.

34. Listen to educational and useful audio podcasts.

35. Pump your brain and memory using exercises, puzzles and puzzles. Look for special applications for your phone.

36. Update your resume and portfolio to find a new job.

37. Create a list of important goals and plan your life.

38. Call an old friend or write to your loved ones.

39. Listen to music or watch video clips.

40. Drink alcohol or make your own cocktail.

41. Laugh. Read jokes, watch comedies and funny shows.

42. Think about your future in peace and quiet.

43. Become a DJ. Learn to put together tracks and record your mixes.

44. Give in to your memories or look at old photos.

45. Start watching sports or enjoy it.

46. Do something useful that you have long wanted.

47. Update the programs on your phone and computer. Put the gadgets in order.

48. Make a list of something.

49. Perform virtual excursions to the museum or an exhibition.

50. Learn martial arts on video from the Internet. Learn a knockout punch.

51. Watch serials or movies.

52. Start collecting coins, stamps or something else.

53. Create a first aid bag or an alarm case, in case of a big shooter.

54. Study history, biology, geography or other sciences.

55. Enroll in online courses to learn something important and new.

56. Karaoke pop, making your neighbors happy with your talent.

57. Fix something at home that broke, and your hands did not reach you.

58. Learn interesting tricks, card and other cool tricks.

59. Take apart the clothes in the closet and create new images.

60. Find the people who inspire you, then subscribe to them on the Internet, watch their videos and read them.

61. Learn to play a musical instrument that you wanted to master.

62. Find a remote job to make money from home.

63. Take care of the flowers and explore your botanical garden at home.

64. Read the Bible and learn more about religion.

65. Find like-minded people with whom you can communicate on the Internet on common themes.

66. Learn to blindly type a print on your computer and learn the hotkey sets.

67. Analyze your strengths and weaknesses. Do you have something to work on?

68. Learn by heart beautiful poems that you will read to the girls.

69. Find interesting sites on the Internet and subscribe to them.

70. Talk to your other half or your loved ones.

71. Follow the news on the Internet and what is now in the trend.

72. Make knives, swords or armor for historical reconstruction.

73. Learn to play good chess, backgammon, checkers, dominoes or the Chinese game of go.

74. Work on your diction and your ability to speak beautifully.

75. Learn to striptease or dirty dancing.

76. Learn open educational materials online that may be useful to you.

77. Decorate your home with jewelry of your own production.

78. Stretch out your body and learn to sit on a twine.

79. What to do if the house is boring? Download the dating application and find a half.

80. Try to beat any world record in what you are good at.

81. Think about how to make the world a better place.

82. Do your own body massage. Internet to help.

83. Try the art of origami, collect puzzles.

84. Get a new skill or skill that will help you in the future.

85. Take a bath and spend time reading books, drinking tea or watching movies.

86. Analyze your finances and how to improve them. How to get richer?

87. Have an impromptu picnic at home without going outside. Watch movies or admire the street from your balcony. 88. Take some tests to learn a little more about yourself.

88. Find exercises for beautiful posture and officer training.

90. Back up all documents and change all passwords to new ones.

91. Learn to play cards, poker and other similar games.

92. Learn how to behave in fire, war and other extreme situations.

93. Do something on video lessons from the Internet.

94. Arrange a home party at which the guests will be home or you alone.

95. Become a Wikipedia editor or lead a website.

96. Play the old game from childhood.

97. Learn to knit, embroider or do interesting Hand made things.

98. Master the art of calligraphy, scrapbooking or decoupage.

99. Create a photo collage with your loved ones. Print any of your photos and hang them around the house.

100. Watch documentary or scientific films.

101. Learn to work in Photoshop and other useful programs.

102. Shop on the Internet and find something useful.

103. Make a nutrition plan where you will be healthier.

104. Learn how to tie a tie, knit knots or other useful skills.

105. Master board games.

106. Learn to juggle to surprise people.

107. Start thinking about what online or offline business to open.

108. Create your own selection of the best music, and then share with loved ones.

109. Run on a treadmill or use a bike simulator. If not, then take a walk around the house.

110. Guess about the future and what awaits you. Explore the chiromancy.

111. Learn new useful habits or get rid of harmful ones. Challenge yourself for 30 days.

112. Do Kegel exercises to be great in bed.

113. Look for new opportunities and chances that you see now.

114. Collect something interesting (Lego or other) from the designer.

115. Create a niche in something new, and then poke it into Instagram and other social networks.

116. Learn the basics of time management, leadership and communication.

117. Learn video like skateboarding, surfing or something else.

118. Travel from home. View the world through Google Earth and satellite images.

119. Dream and fantasize about the future. All the best starts with a dream.

120. Thank life for all the good and positive. Enjoy every day of your life and be happy.

People with rich imagination are not bored at home, but sometimes it is difficult to invent something new. What to do if I’m bored at home and loaded? Puzzle any number from 1 to 120, and then see the list of cases in the article. There are 1000 useful or fun things to do at home. You decide where to put your time and energy. And what do you like to do at home?