What invigorates stronger – tea or coffee

Waking up in the morning and going to work, many can not do without a refreshing drink. Otherwise their eyes stick together and high productivity is out of the question. And with a cup of hot tea or coffee you can cheer up and get down to business even on a dank autumn morning. If the desired effect is not achieved – you have to drink a second cup and think about the question: “Which is more invigorating – tea or coffee?

A surprising answer to this question is that green tea contains more caffeine than a cup of coffee. Also, the advantage of this drink is that it has the ability to increase pressure and tone (and therefore provide a boost of energy) for a longer period of time. Coffee, on the other hand, is short-lived.

Of course, it is a high-quality green tea, which cannot be cheap. In combination with the tannin contained in its leaves, green tea has a softer effect on the body, relieving sluggishness and increasing efficiency. Antioxidants, also included in its composition, slow down the aging of cells. It is not for nothing that life expectancy in China is one of the highest in the world, because for them a day without several cups of green tea is something incredible.

So why do so many people choose a cup of coffee over tea in the morning? Perhaps it’s because of the taste preferences and variety of options for this drink. Caffeine in coffee doesn’t last that long, so when you’re working hard on your mind, you have to drink it cup by cup. It is better to give preference to natural coffee, because it increases the level of the hormone of happiness in the body – serotonin, and is also a way to prevent gallstone disease.

And whether you prefer coffee or tea – both drinks are not desirable to drink before bed, because they excite the nervous system and can cause insomnia.