What is a trench coat and what to wear with it?

A classic trench coat is a wardrobe item that ideally should be in every business man. Why? A quality men’s trench coat is not only an excellent protection against the weather. He has miraculous properties, instantly turning a man into the dream of many ladies. Don’t believe it?

Classic trench coat According to surveys, most women of different ages consider Alain Delon an extraordinary beauty. It is obvious. However, his image in the film “Samurai” caused particular delight.

And not surprising, because Delon looks very elegant, in the manner of the hero’s behavior one feels masculinity, and in the look – firmness and mystery. Of course, a properly selected trench coat plays an important role in the image of a man. So, a trench coat is a serious thing and you need to be able to wear it. But first you need to figure out what a real male trench coat is, what it should be worn with, and how to choose this wonderful thing.

Contents Characteristic details The color scheme and modern interpretations How to choose a fashionable trench coat and what to combine with it Fashionable trench coats 2020 A bit of history Characteristic details Some people confuse the trench coat with a cloak, believing that these are identical things, but this is not so.

The coat can be of any size; there are also no uniform standards regarding the type of fabric and lining. In fact, clothing designed to protect from rain can be called a raincoat.

28 With a classic trench coat, everything is different: this is a special type of raincoat, featuring constant details: a turn-down collar, a double-breasted fastener, a double yoke back, a slot in the back, a belt, a fastener in the neck, side pockets, adjustable cuffs; additional details in the form of rings on the belt, straps on the cuffs, shoulder straps are important distinguishing features of this type of clothing; checkered lining; fabric with a water-repellent, windproof effect.

31 (1) The color scheme and modern interpretations The most spectacular color is beige – it looks flawlessly combined with other clothes. Dark blue is also considered a favorite among models of this type. But why wear a black trench coat? Care must be taken here: it is better to avoid wearing black models with trousers and accessories of similar tones, because such a combination can turn you into a dull dark spot.

Male trench coat How to choose a fashionable trench coat and with what to combine Buying such a stylish thing is an important event. Elegant men’s trench coat remains fashionable for decades and does not lose its relevance. High-quality fabric and good tailoring are factors that prevent quick wear – which means that the branded item will look chic even after 10 years.

A competent approach will make the new thing a promising investment. Men’s trench coat A few simple rules will help in this: The optimal length is above the knee. Shortened options look spectacular on some young people. Such things are best worn in the warm spring or autumn – their adjacent silhouette leaves no room for a warm sweater.

For cool rainy weather, outerwear is more relevant, not restricting movements. Therefore, before trying on, it will be nice to put on your favorite woolen sweater. What is the best way to wear a trench coat? It blends perfectly with a classic costume. Worn over a jacket, reliably hides its sleeves and bottom. However, do not give preference to too loose, baggy products.

They will look messy. Fabric requirements: waterproof, ability to protect from strong winds. The principles of combining a trench coat in clothes: business style: stylish demi-season leather shoes, an elegant bag-bag, an umbrella in restrained colors and a hat (optional). sporty style: put on comfortable chinos, sneakers, a sweatshirt – and you are ready to go for a walk in the park. casual style: in casual style, it will be jeans in harmony with a shade of raincoat fabric.

Trendy trench coats 2020 Dolce & Gabbana brand Dolce & Gabbana men’s fashion Dries Van Noten spring-summer 2020 Dries Van Noten A bit of history It is interesting that the modern trench coat is a “descendant” of Thomas Burberry’s long-standing invention – a military coat made of gabardine. In 1880, this fabric was expensive, but warm, water-repellent and practically windproof. Soon, these clothes became an attribute of the British army.

Later, the trench coat gained more elegant forms, became shorter. For the sewing of new products, light fabrics were used, which were often processed with special compounds. Modern trench coats are striking in their diversity. I wish you to look elegant and stylish. Share the article with your friends in the social. networks. Have a nice day!