What is fatty food good for?

When trying to lose weight, many people try to completely eliminate fatty foods from their diet. However, you should not do this. Why not?

Previously, the situation with eating fatty foods was clear: butter and lard are harmful, vegetable oils are healthy. And in general, no fat was even better: you would be slim and healthy.

In recent years, however, some of the immutable statements of last century’s nutritionists have been disproved. The most extensive research on the dependence of health on fat consumption began in the U.S. in the first half of the twentieth century. It is still going on. However, even now scientists have come to the conclusion that the most healthy and physically active people are on a mixed diet. Their diet includes both animal and vegetable fats.

One should not refuse fats at all. Because if there is a lack of fats, the body starts to process carbohydrates into fats. This is not the best option, because carbohydrates do not make the most useful fats.

Over the past 10 to 15 years, the mass use of low-fat foods in the United States has not led to a reduction in the number of fatties. Not only that, but the number of obese Americans is growing. The incidence of diabetes is also increasing, which is directly related to being overweight. So a fat-free diet is just as bad for your health as the constant abuse of fatty foods. Lack of fats leads to an overall metabolic disorder.

Another fairly popular belief: margarine is healthier than butter – also has not stood the test of time. Margarine indeed has no cholesterol. But it does contain trans fats, “broken down” fatty acids that are not characteristic of normal products. Recently, an influential English medical journal published the surprising results of a multi-year study of 80,000 nurses. It turned out that fans of foods with trans fats have a significantly increased mortality rate from coronary heart disease and myocardial infarctions.

The Energy of Fat

Fatty foods are a source of energy and are involved in heating the body. In emergency situations the store of fats enables us to do without food for a long time. People living in the northern latitudes especially need fats. At low ambient temperatures, you should eat a small piece of butter or some other nourishing food in the morning every day.

By accumulating in the subcutaneous tissue and in the tissue surrounding the internal organs, fats insulate the body. Thus, the risk of hypothermia is reduced.

It is not without reason that the diet of many northern peoples is based on fatty fish. The peoples of the Far North less often suffer from atherosclerosis and hypertension. Though they eat very fatty food during all their life. Scientists link this fact to the usefulness of fish oil.

For mind and beauty

Fats are part of cells and are necessary for cell renewal. Especially a lot of fat-like compounds in the nervous tissues and the brain. Therefore, a poor diet in infancy causes irreparable damage to the intellect. If not enough fat is eaten, schoolchildren may suffer from poor concentration and poor academic performance.

Cholesterol is essential for the production of biologically active substances: bile acids, sex hormones, and some other hormones. If there is not enough fat in a woman’s body, her periods disappear and it is impossible to conceive.

Only with fatty foods are absorbed fat-soluble vitamins – A, E, D, K. Vitamins and fats are necessary to grow good hair, and the skin was healthy, beautiful and smooth.

Irreplaceable acids

Some fatty acids are essential. We have to get them from our food because the human body is not able to produce them on its own. These essential fats are found in fish and fish oil, flaxseed oil and some other plant foods. The right ratio of essential fats is found in the Mediterranean diet, including olive oil and seafood. Essential fatty acids regulate cholesterol metabolism and are essential for our blood vessels.

About the benefits of a puffy form

Fat is also important for proper body shaping. Very thin women are at risk of kidney prolapse. After all, our internal fat is like a pillow to support the organs and cushion the shocks. It has been proven that thin women suffer from osteoporosis and fractures more often than fat women. Therefore, if you are underweight, you should eat food containing easily digestible milk and vegetable fats every day.

Natural is healthier

The composition of fatty foods is also very important. If we derive our ‘normal amount’ from cookies, shish kebab and refined vegetable oils, then we will not be of much use to our health.

The main principle of modern nutrition science is simple: the more natural, the better. This means that the best fats are those that have not undergone any processing. In other words, these are vegetable fats in the composition of seeds, fatty fish, natural sour cream. In this case, a person is insured against unhealthy additives and gets all the necessary components of each of the fats.

Therefore, do not get carried away with products with trans fats. There are a lot of them in confectionery products, candy fillings. Chips, French fries, crackers, cookies and other confectionery products can have 30 to 50% of such molecules.

A “heavy” product for the body and, in particular, for the liver is palm oil. It is included in some varieties of chocolate and “disposable” noodles. Therefore, products with palm oil should not be present on our table every day.

What to choose

An animal fat that we should not give up is milk fat. It contains about 20 fatty acids of high biological value. The best digestible dairy products of normal fat content.

Very useful products that are rich in omega-3 acids – linseed oil, sea fish. It has been proven that omega-3 acids are important in the prevention of atherosclerosis. Try to eat fish at least a couple of times a week. Add a blend of vegetable oils to your food to get a variety of fatty acids. Mix olive, sunflower and corn oils just before dressing your salad.

The healthiest oil is unrefined, cold-pressed oil. If you don’t like the taste of it, you can just eat olives, avocados, seeds or nuts daily.