What is female and male energy?

Many people know about the fact that every person is filled with energy. But not everyone knows that such energy is divided into male and female, and both are present in both men and women. And how do you understand what kind of energy prevails in you? And how to develop one side or the other?

The concept of the male and female energy of a man

There are a variety of practices and theories that involve the division of energy into two opposing parts: the male and female. For example, if we believe the philosophy of oriental directions, the whole world is divided into Yin and Yang. Yin is female energy, which represents the forces of the Earth. It is dark, calm, cold, empty. Yin is masculine, heavenly energy. It’s a kind of filling expressed in warmth, light, mobility, activity, movement.

The renowned psychologist Jung introduced the concepts of Animus and Animus. What is that? Animus is feminine, soul, emotion, mood, direction inward. Animus is spirit, masculinity, outward direction, decisions, categoricality.

From the point of view of psychology, men’s energy is aimed more at overcoming obstacles, achieving goals, creating material values and things, to protect. The female side is an intangible part, i.e. the creation of a certain atmosphere, creativity, relaxation, emotions, and so on.

There is another opinion that male energy is a kind of core, and it goes to the cosmic depths. It’s a kind of basis, a core, power and strength. Female energy is a spiral that should surround the core. It feeds off the Earth and supports the male side, strengthens it, gives it development.

How do you know which energy is dominant?

How can you tell which energy is predominant in you? To do this, you can assess your qualities, views on life, character, habits. If you are a calm, creative, somewhat passive, dreamy and romantic nature, then the female side prevails. If you are a man determined, active, a little sharp and constantly in motion, then your masculine side is much better developed.

You can also pass a simple test. The following statements are listed:

You never have a desire to prove something to someone, to compete with someone.

You have many goals, you constantly set new ones.

You have almost no interest in anything.

You are not interested in philosophical themes; you think only about the most important things.

You are very active and practically do not sit still.

You like to do something with your hands, you do it easily.

You’re a real workaholic.

You’re not used to asking someone for help and almost never do it.

It’s hard for you to relax, you’re always serious and focused.

You’re practically not inspired by anything.

You’re not dreaming and you only make realistic plans.

For each positive answer, draw a blue circle, for each negative – red. Calculate the number of circles to determine the ratio of female and male sides. Red represents the feminine side; blue represents the masculine side.

Ideally a woman should be dominated by female energy, but slightly, otherwise the balance will be severely impaired. In a man should be more male, but the advantage, too, should not be too strong.

How do you develop this or that energy in yourself?

How to develop this or that energy in yourself?

For starters, a few tips to help strengthen your femininity:

Take your time. Try to do everything slowly, thoroughly, with pleasure. Hurry is not desirable.

Surround yourself with calm tones, give up bright colors.

Try not to use gadgets and modern devices, they carry male active energy. It’s better to read books, listen to classical music.

Develop your creative abilities. For example, you can sign up for dancing or singing, start drawing, embroidering, knitting, making cakes or something else.

Get your interior furnishings right. Remove all aggressive and active objects from the room, use muted tones for decoration.

Dress properly. Things should be feminine, beautiful, stitched from light, soft and flowing fabrics.

Be sure to make plans, find time for your dreams and thoughts. At least five minutes a day, be alone with yourself.

Talk more, not about being, but on distracted topics.

Purchase a potted plant and start taking care of it.

Learn how to cook, and do it with pleasure.

And how do you develop male energy?

Try to think more realistically. Of course, dreams can also be allowed, but they should not dominate and fog your consciousness.

Set goals for yourself and achieve them. Start with the little ones, then move on to more global ones.

Surround yourself with active things, such as various instruments, clocks, waterfalls and fountains, fast growing plants with sharp long leaves.

Do not make your room too bright, but dilute the calming tones with more intense and dynamic colours such as red, orange and yellow.

Wear more restrained clothes. Strict things from dense and rough fabrics, simple styles are welcome.

Try to do everything yourself, do not ask for help if you can do without it.

Do everything with your own hands. Learn how to hammer nails, fix furniture and so on.

Tip: Do not try to completely suppress any of your sides, it will lead to disharmony in your mind and in life. The ideal scenario is a balance of sides.

The energy in the house

Surprisingly, the power of female and male energy is present in the house: in every room, in the color scheme, in interior items. And if you learn to achieve balance, the housing will be as comfortable as possible and even help you in life.

So, how do you use energy correctly? It is believed that female Yin calm, cold, passive, empty, balanced, so it is ideal for the bathroom, bedroom, toilet. To support her, to arrange the interior you need to use calm, dark and cold tones, simple things streamlined forms. No bright colors, appliances, watches and so on. It is desirable to place such premises in the north or west. Actively use curtains, screens, canopies.

Male energy Yang, as noted above, is embodied with light, fire, brightness, warmth, fullness, mobility. It is optimal for rooms such as an office, kitchen, living room. Bright and light tones should prevail in the interior.

Also be sure to use fresh flowers, active objects such as watches (especially with walkers), lighting and heating appliances and so on. But passive and “dead” things should not be present here, as well as muted tones. And it is best to place these rooms either in the east or in the south.

Harmony in everything!