What is love? 55 unusual facts about love

Knowing the basics of love will help you find love faster, keep in touch and be happy. Love is feelings, emotions, actions, affection, respect and attraction. Each of us has experienced this extraordinary feeling, and sometimes even many times.

Psychological facts about love, love, emotions, romance and dates that everyone needs to know. Love is the most beautiful and terrible thing that happens in people. What is the basis of love? How to fall in love with a person? How to keep the relationship? What is the psychology of love?

What is love? 55 interesting facts about love

1. An extreme situation leads to people falling in love more quickly. Therefore, it is recommended to take people on a date to an amusement park or a concert.

2. Mood, habits and character of lovers are gradually synchronized. Lovers become more like each other, even if they were the exact opposite. But lovers who are too much alike part more quickly than the opposites.

3. Lovers should hold hands more often, hug, kiss and caress each other. This helps to make love appear, as well as to preserve it.

4. How long does it take to fall in love, and is there love at first sight? According to research, 5 minutes is enough for a person to fall in love.

5. The secrets and mysteries of relationships help to keep love alive. Therefore, you should not rush into a relationship and tell everything about yourself at once.

6. Men and women prefer to fall in love with happy people. They are looking for smiling, positive, easy to climb, optimistic and funny people in the crowd. What is love? 55 unusual facts about love

7. The most dangerous years of relationships are the first year, 3 years, 5 years, 7 years. In these years, you should be more vigilant and take care of each other.

8. The more obstacles to love, the stronger it is. Therefore, the intricacies, stormy emotions, a long romantic path and barriers in the relationship make love stronger.

9. Lust is the main instrument in love. It is important for a man and a woman to look as sexy as possible.

10. Girls fall in love with men who have great ambition and self-confidence. Men prefer girls who like to laugh, are positive, tender and active in sex.

11. People fall in love with a partner who has a similar assessment of attractiveness. With a 10 point system, seven are in agreement with seven, and five with five. Sometimes there may be a difference in score, but a big one happens less often. Often a less ugly partner compensates for the lack of the necessary points with the amount of money, social status and other advantages.

12. Love is contagious. If a person is very friendly, gives warmth and joy to others, he becomes attractive.

13. Expression of gratitude, compliments, praise and words of tenderness strengthen the relationship, and love makes stronger.

14. Monogamy is inherent not only in humans, but also in some species of animals: wolves, monkeys, wild geese, swans, storks. Sometimes some species of animals are united only for one season to feed their offspring, and then break up.

15. Girls also fall for the appearance of men. They fall in love with sports men more quickly and easily without a beer belly.

16. Love and love are similar in action as psychological drugs. They cause addiction and dependence on the object of love.

17. Men prefer to fall in love with girls who have a waist that is 70% of their hips. Venus of Milos is the standard ratio.

18. Touching helps people to fall in love with themselves. Therefore, on a date is recommended to touch more often the object of sighing.

19. people who seek love for life, more often fall in love with a beautiful face. Those who want to have fun prefer a beautiful and sinful body.

20. Fall in love with the help of questions and conversations that touch upon psychological topics.

21. love reduces pain. The love hormone produces oxytocin. It helps reduce pain and makes you sleep better. Therefore, hugs and kisses of the other half cause positive changes in health.

22. Success in love and in the opposite sex is strongly dependent on the level of self-esteem. If a person is self-confident and has a healthy self-esteem, he or she is more successful in the relationship. What is love? 55 unusual facts about love

23. Love has a term of 1 year. If love develops into love, it can last a long time or even forever. If love and passion go away, and love does not appear, the couple breaks up.

24. Women feel the love of a man when he looks them in the eye continuously.

25. Why do lovers often quarrel? Most often, quarrels between lovers occur because of distrust.

26. men love eyes, so girls need to work on their appearance. Girls love the ears, men need to learn to comfort women.

27. Girls fall in love faster with men who have a low voice and timbre. This indicates a high level of testosterone.

28. Almost every person has a desire to love and be loved. These are biology and genes that encourage us to reproduce.

29. Love awakens creativity and strength in a person. He becomes more successful in all matters.

30. When love breaks up and ends, a person goes into depression. The best means are recognized other love or sport. And better yet, both.

31. One partner loves more than the other. This is normal.

32. When people lie down together, it is a strong bond.

33. Love puts pink glasses on a person. He starts to see his half in pink and ignores unpleasant factors. So sometimes there comes an “epiphany”, and love ends.

34. Girls often fall in love with the smell of a man. For this purpose, a man should not neglect the shower and hygiene.

35. How often do people fall in love? According to the research, every person falls in love and makes a relationship 5-7 times before starting a family.

36. What are women looking for in love? Women need to take care of them.

37. Love is beautiful, but it is often the cause of crime. Half of the murders and part of the injuries are caused by people who were in a relationship.

38. When people are close to each other, they fall in love. That’s why there are so many novels at work. If you want to fall in love with a girl, be with her.

39. In love, there is a sense of ownership. Everyone wants to own others unconditionally. Starting from the body and ending with thoughts.

40. Most often, lovers change with their best friends and girlfriends. So keep them out of it.

41. The same level of education contributes to stronger relationships and love.

42. Newness awakens the fallen asleep love. Therefore, couples are recommended to be more spontaneous and unpredictable. Romantic dates, hotel sex, new sex poses. All this helps to fall in love again.

43. In a relationship, it is not only what is said that is important. It is very important how it is done and served. What is love? There are 55 unusual facts about love

44. Men more often than women confess love, but they do not always do it because of the lofty feelings. Sometimes men talk about love to drag a girl into a bed.

45. Not all people are able to fall in love. Sometimes doctors diagnose hypopituitarism. This is an inability to produce hormones with the pituitary gland and to feel in love.

46. The longer the courtship lasts, the more promising the relationship will be. Bright, tumultuous and passionate novels quickly end in parting.

47. Women are more immersed in relationships and take care of them.

48. When a person falls in love, he often loses his best friends. What is love? 55 unusual facts about love.

49. The success of love and relationships depends on the ability to negotiate. The search for compromises is the basis of long-term love.

50. Without a full sexual life and good sex love will last little.

51. About 30% of people will never be happily married. Therefore, only those who work on relationships are happy, and do not let everything go on its own.

52. Men prefer to marry women of the same age if they are under 25 years old. From 30 to 40 years of age, men begin to choose their younger girls by 5-10 years. Men prefer young girls.

53. The strongest love is the one based on friendship, not passion. After all, the passion in a year, or maybe faster, ends.

54. We often fall in love with those who look like our parents. Having love and romantic relationships makes people happy. What is love? Everyone has their own answer.