What is tofu good for and how to eat it

Tofu – a popular (and not only among vegetarians) product, which has many useful properties. Together with the endocrinologist and nutritionist of the Atlas Medical Center Larisa Bavykina we understand what is useful tofu and its shortcomings, how much tofu can be eaten and what to make of it.

More and more soy products appear on the shelves. Tofu, soy milk and soy-based desserts are chosen by those who refused animal products, can not tolerate lactose or just want to diversify their diet. Tofu is a soybean product that is textured like cheese or curd. It is prepared by fermentation of soy milk. Tofu itself is neutral in taste, so it can serve as a basis for a variety of dishes.

– 100 grams of tofu contains 8 g of protein, less than 2 g of carbohydrates, 4 g of fat, fiber and phytoestrogens isoflavones. Tofu is a vegetable product, so it has no cholesterol. It contains 31% daily manganese, 20% calcium, 14% selenium, as well as phosphorus, copper, magnesium, iron and zinc.

Soy products contain all the essential amino acids. Therefore, tofu is able to replace meat in a balanced diet of vegetarians.

It must be taken into account that tofu contains phytates, which prevent the absorption of iron and zinc. To avoid shortages of these metals, you need to stick to a varied diet.

What’s good for tofu?

Soy products reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. This effect is also associated with a high content of phytoestrogens. Probably isoflavones reduce inflammation in the walls of blood vessels and increase their elasticity. It is believed that the consumption of 50 grams of soy protein daily helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by 10%. Note that 50 grams of soy protein is 680 grams of tofu or 8 glasses of soy milk.

Chinese scientists have found that women who consumed soy products at least once a week had a 48-56% reduction in breast cancer risk. Many doctors recommend limiting soya products to women with estrogen-dependent breast cancer. However, in a two-year study involving women of postmenopause age, scientists found no increase in breast cancer risk when using soybeans.

According to studies, soybean in the diet reduces the risk of stomach cancer (59% for women and 61% for men), as well as protects against osteoporosis by calcium in the composition. 100 grams of tofu contains 146 milligrams of calcium. This is about half the amount of non-fat cottage cheese, but quite a lot for a vegetable product.

Tofu is a low-calorie and nutritious product, so it is included in the diet for those who want to achieve weight loss.

How many soy products can you eat

If you are a vegetarian, soybean products will only benefit from moderate consumption – up to 2-3 servings per day (1 serving – about 80 g).

With a regular diet, the optimal amount of soybean products is 1-2 servings per week.

If you eat too much tofu, fermentation and increased gas formation in the large intestine may occur. This is due to the antitrypsin substance, which slows down the digestion of proteins.

How do you pick tofu

Study the composition. Tofu is a classic (only soybeans and water) and with additives (vegetables, oil, spices).

Pay attention to the color. It should be white. If the product is yellow, it is likely to be frozen.

Choose a product with a minimum shelf life. The less tofu is stored, the better.

After opening the package, you should eat the tofu within 2-3 days.


Tofu can be hard (extra firmed) and soft (silk). Fry hard deliciously in a frying pan, add to salads and sandwiches. Make desserts and casseroles from soft. Tofu is actively used in Asian cuisine, where meat is practically not used.

Classic tofu cheesecakes

Very easy to prepare vegan cheesecakes, taste almost the same as usual.


Tofu ( hard classical ) 300 г

Coconut flour 2 Art. L.

Banana 1 pcs.

Sugar 2 Art. L.

Vanilla 1 pinch

Preparation process

Throw in the tofu with a fork.

Mix the banana with flour, sugar and vanilla separately.

Mix the tofu and banana mixture and mix well.

Mix the cheesecakes, pour a little bit of flour and bake in a non-stick pan for a minute on each side.

Serve cheesecakes with coconut yogurt, berries or vegan condensed milk.

Burger with tofu cutlets

Spicy, sweet, aromatic dish for those who are tired of regular burgers.


For a burger

Bun (for burger) 4 pcs.

Onion (red) 50 г

Carrots (grated) 1/2 cup

Tofu (hard classical) 400 г

For marinade

Sauce (soy) 2 Art. L.

Olive oil 1 st. l.

Sauce (shearing) 1 st. l.

Syrup (maple) 1/2 tbsp.

For sauce

Yogurt (classic) 1/4 cup

Sauce (shredding) 1 st. l.

Juice (lemon ) 1 h. p.

Preparation process

Mix all the ingredients for the marinade.

Cut the tofu into slides. Cut circles out of them with a mold or a glass to make cutlets.

Marinate the tofu for half an hour.

In a pan, fry the tofu cutlets on both sides until they turn golden.

Collect the burger: add the cutlets, shredded onions, carrots and sauce to the buns.

Poké with tofu

Vegan poker from the Bowl Me Corner of the Baltschug Gastro Market.


Rice (boiled) 160 г

Vinegar (rice) 10 ml

Sauce (tom) 45 г

Tofu 85 г

Beans (edamame) 15 г

Cucumber 25 г

Tomatoes (cherry) 25 г

Avocado 40 г

bell pepper 15 г

Carrot 15 г

Cashew 10 г

Preparation process

Mix the rice with the vinegar and sauce and put it in a deep bowl.

Top with tofu, edamame, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, avocado, bell pepper and carrots. Sprinkle cashew.