What is worth living for and waking up in the morning? Why do you live?

Sooner or later everyone wonders why they live, where they move and why they should wake up? In youth everything seems clear, but when you gradually grow up, more and more questions appear. What to do with dreams, what is worth living for and most importantly why? Here’s the answer to all your questions. “What we take as unfortunate misunderstandings is really life.” Clive S. Lewis When you’re little, the future seems clear and clear. You’ll have a marriage at 25, children, a favourite job, a spacious apartment, a luxury car and a happy life.

But soon you realize that things work out differently. You lose your youthful dreams, you come across a household, you sink into a routine and live on autopilot. One day, it’s like lightning strikes you. You realize you don’t know what you live for. What’s all this for? Where are you running off to? Why are you trying so hard? How satisfied is life and what’s going on around you? Why is there nothing left of all your desires and dreams? Why is there only the word “must” left? You have to get up, you have to go to work, you have to do something. Gotta, gotta, gotta… Moral dead end. This is how depression, apathy, despair, anger against the world and yourself begin.

What to do and how to find the answer to this philosophical question? What is worth living for and waking up in the morning? For many thousands of years people have been looking for the meaning of life, but there is no one answer for everyone. Some people find meaning in families and children. Somebody chases material goods. Somebody wants a lot of power. Somebody plunges into the household and scores on everything. Somebody starts to get drunk. Somebody chases the pleasures. Some fall into sin and debauchery. Somebody’s tormented by searching for meaning all their life. It’s hard enough to understand what a person lives for. Everyone has to find their own answer. Everyone has their own way, but how do you find your own way? Ask yourself questions. The answer will hide in them.

Questions to find your way in life

1. What do you get paid for and what do you do now?

2. Are you satisfied with your life and what surrounds you?

3. What do you know how to do well? What are your special knowledge and skills?

4. What do you do in your spare time and what would you like to do in the future?

5. What do you want to achieve and what goals do you set for the near future?

6. What do you like to do, what are you passionate about and what is your soul to do?

7. What is your self-esteem and self-satisfaction with life?

8. What makes you smile and rejoice and make you happy?

9. What kind of achievements and successes are you proud of?

10. What do you want to realize yourself in?

11. Who would you like to talk to and spend more time with?

12. Who do you love the most?

13. What would you like to learn and what would you like to try?

14. What do you want to give this country, the world or humanity?

15. What do you dream about and who do you see yourself in your dreams?

16. What do you see your life’s mission in?

17. What do your loved ones and friends expect from you, and what do you want to give?

18. Where do you want to go and what do you want to see?

19. What do you want to do most in your life?

20. What emotions and experiences do you want?

21. What will the descendants say about your life?

22. What would you like to do for the rest of your life?

23. What memory and trace do you want to leave behind?

24. What goals or dreams do you want to achieve in this life?

25. What do you want to live for and wake up in the morning? Answer your own question. The answer has long been in you. Do not wait until you get a job, get married, get rich, buy something, Friday comes or retire. Live the moment today, find your dreams and enjoy life.