What it is bubble tea

What’s Bubble T and what do they eat it with?

Bubble Tea in English means “Tea with bubbles. The drink is famous for its unusual composition – it consists of freshly brewed tea/milk, natural syrups and toppings. Bubble Tee is an invention of Taiwanese restaurateurs that has been widely used in Asia, America and Australia for thirty years. Four years ago the drink came to Europe, and a year ago it appeared in Russia.

What is Bubble T. like?

Today, there are dozens of kinds of Bubble T’s: classic, fruity, dairy, with the addition of syrups and various fillers, based on coffee, milk or freshly squeezed juices. Both hot and cold drinks can be prepared.

Any version of Bubble Tee will be useful and easy – it contains natural fructose and no sugar.

How to prepare Bubble T

The drink is being prepared in several stages. The classic Bubble Tea is brewed with high quality leaf tea (e.g. black Earl Grey, green Ulug). The brewed tea is poured into a special thermos, which allows you to maintain the temperature of the tea. Natural fruit syrup is added to the tea depending on the chosen taste: mango, peach, guava, lime, passion fruit, pineapple, blueberry, lychee, kiwi. To sweeten the drink, fructose is added instead of sugar. The contents of the drink are mixed. To make a cold Bubble Tea, ice is added to the drink. Very unusual topings are added to the finished drink.

Types of toppings

Popping boba balls

Popping boba is most often found in the form of balls with a seaweed shell. Popping beans contain natural juice inside. Pearls with strawberry juice, lychee, mango, passion fruit, orange, yoghurt have become one of the favorite topping beverage lovers. The gentle shell of popping boba is easily bite out. Therefore, in Russia they were given their name: bursting balls. Very interesting combination turns out, if you add popping boba in freshly squeezed juice.

Tapioca for Bubble Tea and Bubble Coffee

Tapioca is often referred to as starch flour balls with different nutritional properties. Flour is compacted into balls of the same diameter and sealed. When the balls are boiled, they become black. Ready-made balls are added to Bubble Tea, Bubble Coffee and Bubble Ice ice cream.

Fruit jelly

Rectangular pieces of jelly with the addition of Agar-Agar algae and natural fruit juice gelatin.

One of the most common flavors of fruit jelly: fruit assortment, mango.

Coconut pieces

The basis of topping is coconut pulp, which is immersed in various syrups. Coconut pieces in apple syrup, pineapple syrup and passion fruit syrup are widely known.

Aloe Vera

Made from Aloe Vera’s plant. Very gentle topping, so requires use within 10-15 minutes.

Species of Bubble T

For the preparation of drinks any basis of choice is taken: tea, coffee, milk, freshly squeezed juice and never added sugar – only fructose. This is the way to make different drinks: Bubble Tea, Bubble Coffee, Bubble Fresh, Bubble Milk. In combination with toppings and syrups and ice cream, they make Bubble Ice and frozen yogurt Frozen Yogurt.

How to eat and drink Bubble T

Bubble Tea, Bubble Coffee and Bubble Fresh drinks are always served in a sealed package together with a wide tube, which is eaten by toppings. The tube allows you to eat toppings at the same time as the drink. It is because of the unusual way of consumption and its unusual taste that Bubble Tea drinks have become popular not only in Asia, but also in Europe. The real bubblemania began, huge queues for any kind of Bubble Tea were lined up. The drinks, because of their funny way of drinking – through a tube – were called tea funny – funny tea. So Bubble Tea is always fun.