What kind of guys do girls like?

Girls can change their opinion so often that sometimes men start to go crazy about our impermanence. Women really often can’t articulate clearly what they want, so relationships with the opposite sex don’t always work out well.

What kind of guys do girls like? Many men ask themselves such a question. They just want to know what they should strive for. We will try to help them in this.

If you ask a girl directly what kind of guy she needs, not everyone will be able to clearly arrange the ideal partner for her. After all, every day we are waiting for some changes, and from this our views on life and people become different.

There is a type of girls who want to get married from birth. And the longer this desire is not fulfilled, the more the requirements for the future chosen one are overstated. They can say what the ideal guy should be, but do not take the words of these ladies to heart, because the demands they make a lot.

Still, there are some basic signs that most girls can recognize a man as ideal.


You can shamelessly sly sly and claim that the appearance of a man is the last thing, the main thing is what kind of man he is. But, these are all empty words. Women strictly assess the appearance of the future chosen one and sometimes act as a more brutal judge than the same guys. Moreover, most “girls in their 30s” still haven’t gotten married because they evaluated men’s appearance too closely.

In order to be popular with women, a man must be physically attractive. Believe me, the press cubes can distract attention from the curved nose. Tightened torso, strong arms and wide back are the ideal set for girls. The color of hair and eyes is all secondary. But a beautiful body is an important trump card when conquering women’s hearts.

That’s why you shouldn’t be jealous of famous athletes, when no less chic women are standing next to them. Go to the gym, or at least to the nearest bar and start forming a new self. As they say, a pumped-up body has not spoilt anyone’s life yet. Look at the photos of beautiful men and you will understand why girls go crazy about them.


Now it’s time to identify the internal characteristics of an ideal guy, according to most girls. Unfortunately, external data alone are not enough. You can spend a couple of nights with a handsome guy, but if he can’t tie two words and behaves like a dumb boor, then in the near future he won’t have a serious relationship.

Girls often say the phrase: “He must be a real man. The words are beautiful, but often guys do not understand what exactly they mean. Besides, it’s better not to use the word “should” at all because we don’t owe anything in this life to anyone. A guy just has to learn to be responsible for the words he says and the actions he does. If a man throws a lot of words, but nothing happens in practice, it causes complete disappointment for women.

Girls like well-groomed men. To do this, a guy does not have to make a face mask every day. There is enough tidy clothes (no holes and stains), no weekly bristles and pleasant body odor. And do not forget about fresh breath, but do not overdo it, after all you are not a mint factory.

A sense of humor can win a woman’s heart. And that’s all, because with a man who knows how to joke, there are no embarrassing situations with prolonged silence. You should agree that there is nothing worse than to sit in silence at a romantic dinner. In addition, it is always nice to know that your young man is able to cheer you up even in the saddest moment of life.

Variable tastes

Generosity for girls is one of the signs of an ideal man. In this case, a guy does not have to give coats and cars. Generosity is shown not only in expensive presentations. Sometimes, the bouquet of camomiles can impress much more than an expensive watch.

It is important for a woman to know that if she has a financial crisis, her man will help her go through troubles. But to live together with a man who has to ask for money for each loaf of bread nobody will want.

Men’s self-confidence is an important criterion for girls. Inner strength always attracts, so women are delighted when a confident guy is next to them. It’s hardly pleasant to meet weaklings who are capable of bending down at the first shout.


Beginning with school days, girls lose their minds from bad boys. This is due to the fact that most often these guys have a good figure, they dress stylishly (sports jacket and jeans – it’s sexy), and most importantly, from these guys blares the strongest energy and confidence. Bad boys may not be as romantic as in the movies, most often they ruin the life of good girls, but from this they do not lose their popularity.

Girls like guys with unusual appearance and skin color. People of different nationalities differ from each other, and this adds interest and excites fantasy. Moreover, it is no secret that the same African Americans have stunning bodies. And this is a great argument for women.

An intelligent guy can conquer no woman’s heart if he does not cross the line between mind and nerdiness. Girls appreciate in guys politeness, the ability to care for a lady and politeness, but at the same time, they hate when they are considered fools. Therefore, you need to think carefully before you start telling a girl about the laws of thermodynamics.

Romanticism will not be a century yet popular among girls. Women like surprises, walks, and romantic dinners. Not everyone, of course, likes to be serenaded under the window, but it’s already a matter of taste. A romanticist is able to make it clear as no one else that he needs only this woman. True, you can’t bring up romanticism in yourself, you have to be born this way.

Perhaps, these are the main criteria for girls to like. Remember them and use them to win women’s hearts.