What kind of men’s underwear do women prefer?

Your favorite, of course, is damn attractive when completely naked. But some models of clothing “below the waist” can make it even sexier!

Just recently, pulling off his jeans, you knew exactly what to expect – you had to discover either the smocks or typical family members. But times are changing. Young people have become more interested in clothes. According to Freshpair.com, the largest U.S. portal dedicated to lingerie, today the best-selling men’s model – short tight boxers: “Support everything that is required, and at the same time do not squeeze.

The demand for original models has become so high that self-respecting companies do not get tired of inventing new variations.


Because of the multilayer pockets and seals made of fabric sometimes men in lingerie seem … m-m-m … more ready for exploits!

“When the stores appeared short boxers, I immediately became a fan of them. They are very comfortable and girls like them much more than usual”. Alexey, 29


…very fashionable underwear! Before becoming stars, these cute people advertised underwear.


The first models had a significant drawback – under narrow pants and tight-fitting jeans they were knocked down. The solution to the problem with the designers came by itself – to shorten! This model is ideal for hiking at work, and for romantic dates. You should agree that tight tight short boxers are much sexier than baggy family members. In general, today, cool guys vote for them!


(or ordinary men’s underwear) Some men still do not think about what kind of underwear to wear. Their life principle is “the best is the enemy of the good”, their style was chosen as a child by their mother and grandmother (such “panties”). Men who prefer this model are practical, but not ready to grow up!


(sports underwear) David Beckham style underwear. Sport, European, “hot” version. The guy who chooses them is most likely not restrained in bed, perhaps even excessively dusty. This improved version of short boxers, which appeared on the market several years ago, is comfortable and invisible even under tight pants.


(elongated model)

This option has been a favorite of most men for a long time: free, not constrained movement. But today, the demand for them has fallen. The reason is simple: pants and jeans have become already, so the elongated boxers are uncomfortable. So not many remained faithful to this model.


To express their individuality, many people prefer funny pictures and bright colors to traditional white, black and gray. In 2006, the demand for colorful underwear on the same Freshpair’s increased by 5%. “Today, underwear is perceived as good shoes or a properly selected tie,” – explain the experts of the portal.


(melts) Another popular model – melts on the hips. Sales hit the last two years, by the way. Perfectly fit and approach the jeans with a low waist. In general, they are ideal for metrosexuals. More and more guys give them preference. But for now, the model is still a certain sign of belonging to a certain, stylish circle. Men who watch soccer every night on the sofa with beer in their arms can’t be found in such underwear.


Girls on men prefer:

46% – shortened boxers

27% – slips (low-waist melts)

15% – trunks

10% – long boxers

2% – thong

Hard women’s criticism of men’s…

47% – thong

34% – white briefs

19% – “family” with a stupid drawing