What kind of overalls and footwear do they buy for everyday wear? What are the benefits?

Let’s tell you how specialty clothes and shoes differ from household ones.

Overalls have long ceased to be just a form for work. Modern models are laconic in design and suitable for all occasions: from a trip to the forest to repair the house. And high performance products will make you feel comfortable.


Wear-resistant materials. The weave of the fibers and their percentage are selected so that the product combines softness and strength, elasticity and resistance to deformation, the ability to keep warm and let air pass. Silk, canvas, cotton, polyester, nylon threads are used.

Special impregnation. Strengthens the technical characteristics of fabrics – tensile strength, resistance to abrasion, multiple bending. Or gives additional properties – resistance to fire, acids and alkalis, weathering.

Strong fittings. For people working in extreme conditions, a detail can play a decisive role. Therefore, the fittings are made of durable plastic and metal. It preserves integrity at high and low temperatures, is not subject to corrosion. Heavy-duty yarns and adhesives are used for connection to the product.

Structural features. The models have elements that give breathability, allowing you to adjust the length and width. Even the shape of pockets, their number and location are determined according to the requirements of the profession.

As a result – durability, high protective properties, convenience. Here are a few situations when it is time to change your usual clothes for an advanced specialized one.

Cold season


Winter, autumn overalls are made of water-repellent materials and do not get wet in the open space for 3-4 hours. Models are insulated with new generation materials. Lining of tinsulite and shelter – light, insensible, not knocked down and keep the temperature, allowing many hours outside at -20 ° C and below.

It is important that the clothes do not stiffen movement, otherwise a trip in transport will turn into a test. Quilted El-Risto jacket with nylon top is soft and elastic, does not interfere with the lifting of hands and turns of the body.

Sports activities

The vests are convenient for this purpose. Complete with thermal underwear and sweater, they provide the necessary protection against cold. The “Comfort” model with detachable hood fits tightly on the figure due to the knitted belt; the vest can be quickly removed without interrupting the exercise.

Holiday girl

Boots should ensure a tight grip on the surface. Special shoes sole is made of thermopolyurethane, thermoplastic elastomers and other expensive polymers. Materials, first of all, allow making deep treads. Secondly, due to their characteristics, they prevent sliding and do not “stone” in the cold.

Cowhide leather is often used to make the top – the best in quality, superior to pig and bull leather. It has fewer pores, almost no moisture, and heats perfectly. Soyuz” boots with two-layer polyurethane foam sole are made of such leather. The sole itself is fixed with a casting method, which eliminates micro holes through which water can penetrate.

Repairs, agricultural work

Overalls protect against chemicals, dust, dirt, moisture. Its advantages include a comfortable fit, various tool pockets, and materials that are easy to clean from dirt.

Special shoes have composite or metal trays, they protect from damage to the foot when heavy objects fall – like in the model “Docker”.

When working with aggressive substances there is a risk of spoiling your clothes, getting chemical burn. When painting surfaces, spraying plants in the garden, use protective aprons. PVC aprons are resistant to oils, gasoline, acids and alkalis (concentrations up to 50%) as well as inorganic solvents.

Electrical installation work is convenient to perform in clothes made of a blended fabric – it does not sit down during washing, recovers after wrinkling. The working suit STATUS (made of cotton and polyester) has two breast and side pockets for tools. The anatomic cut gives maximum freedom of movement, and the mesh in the armpit area improves air exchange.

Tourism, fishing, hunting

Dense overalls, boots on a thick orthopedic sole are suitable for outdoor activities. The cut of the overalls is designed so as not to miss moisture and insects.

If the route is laid on stony ground, BAZALTRON boots with a two-layer sole will be suitable. The layer of nitrile rubber – with closed micropores – gives increased strength. At the same time, the elasticity of the platform is maintained and the foot is naturally bent.

Good models with Kevlar insole made according to the same technology as the bulletproof vests: you will not damage your feet with sharp branches, glasses, stones.

Tourists should also take a look at suits with reflectors. In them you will feel safe when riding a bike or touring, if the route runs along the track. Pedestrians in the signal jacket can be seen a few hundred meters.

In uniform every day

Many models of corporate clothing are designed in the style of “classic” and casual. Calm colors, V-neck, straight silhouettes give space to combine with any shirt, pants, jeans.

The main advantage of the uniform is its easy detachability and indelible. The materials are made by a special technology of loop formation from a mixture of synthetic and natural fibers. The products are not deformed in the drum, they do not need to be ironed. And durable dyes exclude fogging. Thus, the classic El-Risto suit made of polyester and viscose does not wrinkle and is easily cleaned from sweat stains, food.

As you can see, professional clothing and footwear in everyday life solves three tasks at once: provides high comfort in wear, increases the service life and thus saves the budget. To buy more profitable, study the range of online stores, follow the promotions and take several models for different occasions.