What kind of woman does the modern man dream of? All women dream about… What kind of women do men dream about?

In a previous thread, Sergey Kalendaryov asked: “What do you have to do to make you (i.e. women) like me? My opinion is this: external attractiveness is not that important for men.

The main thing is the inner content. I found a reflection Galina Zaitseva, which is consonant with my idea of a man, and I think it can be an answer Sergei.If anyone can add, or does not agree with me and Galina, let’s consider.

How often women think about how their chosen one is endowed with truly masculine qualities, unusually attractive to women and invaluable for life together. There are five such features in total.

Reliability – the main virtue of a man. Women sometimes get upset over nothing, get upset because of trifles, pass up in front of insignificant obstacles. And next to them you, men – a point of balance in the family. You smooth out the fluctuations of women’s moods, dampen the emotional outbursts, do not allow to get wound up over nothing, you direct her thoughts in the right direction and say: “This is nothing, and this should pay attention” or “I know exactly, you can! A reliable man is always there when you need him. And even if you are in a quarrel, he, despising resentment, comes to the woman’s aid.

Remember the real man, Rat Butler, from Gone with the Wind? That’s who was supremely dependable! Even when his beloved woman Scarlet remarried, he continued to help her.

He knows what a sense of duty is. Debt is an old-fashioned concept, but it still works. Nowadays it is customary to say that love drives us to good deeds. This is partly true: a man loves his woman (his wife) and so takes care of her. But does he love his mother-in-law, much less his father-in-law? A man without a sense of duty will not take his mother-in-law, who has had a stroke, into his home or take her groceries to her elderly father-in-law, and if he falls out of love with his wife, he will not take care of her well-being after the divorce. After all, why should he bother for the sake of those he does not love?

He is generous. A generous man patronizes everyone who is weak and defenseless. Sometimes he is in conflict with those of higher rank or social status, or he fights with equals to prove his strength and win his place under the sun. But everyone who is smaller and weaker is taboo for him. A generous man will never kick a dog if he is angry with you, and he will never hit a child, even if the 5-year-old devil tries to kick him because of the switched-off VCR.

He is courageous. A man is a hunter and a guardian. And then an accountant, doctor, journalist or manager. If he does not have the instinct to protect the family, then he will always be a trifle under attack: “Go, agree, find out” and then scold: “Not about the wrong agreement, did not really know anything” / that’s so – the most basic example /. A courageous man is the first to enter a dark staircase, an apartment, an elevator, a movie theater, or any other dangerous or crowded place. If a couple of suspicious types are following you in the street at night, he won’t turn to them and ask if they want to get in the teeth, but will hold your elbow firmly and walk without speeding up his step.

He always wants you. A man is incapable of loving a woman who does not arouse desire in him. The more strongly he is attracted to his girlfriend, the more he wants to have sex with her, as he shows his love for her by physical caresses. He takes every opportunity to touch, hug, and caress you. A weekend together and being able to stay in bed until dinner is a real treat for him. After sex he is in no hurry and lies down next to you, closing his beloved in his arms.

So what kind of men never leave women? Yes, from those who have five virtues.

It is believed that the mysteriousness is inherent exclusively to women, men we by definition consider the creatures of the primitive. But do we really know what men dream about? What they really want and how to win their hearts? We have created our own stereotypes that we believe in, but practice proves them untenable. In this article, we’ll look at 4 of the most common misconceptions women have about men.

What do men dream about? Misconception #1: men like women with a pretty face

We believe that the opposite sex is fascinated by the beauty of the female face, but in fact, many men prefer it to other parts of the female body. So, first of all a man pays attention to the length and elegance of the legs, as well as the thinness of the waist. Anal men are attracted to women by the roundness, umm… of “that” spot. Muscular men are only interested in one thing: “a woman should be good-looking”.

And what is really important for men of all vectors is a clean skin of a woman’s face, absence of skin defects. When choosing between a woman with the right features and a woman with clean skin but with the wrong features, the second one will be chosen most often. Because clean skin signals to the unconscious man about the woman’s ability to adapt to the landscape – to its changes.

It is the properties of the skin vector that allow us to adapt changes of the landscape, and since a woman is endowed with a special role – she is responsible for the preservation of the future (in the form of children as a new generation), she – nature – has also endowed women with additional, skin properties (even if the vectorial set of women has no skin vector), as evidenced by softer and softer female skin compared to that of men.

Together with the properties of the skin vector, a woman has also acquired some of its features. Thus, poor condition of these properties is immediately reflected externally – on facial skin. Of course, it is most pronounced in women with a skin vector. Acne pustules, chronic acne, uneven complexion – all this indicates a bad state of the skin vector, insufficient realization of the skin properties, which reflects this woman’s poor ability to adapt changes in the landscape, and thus her inability to ensure the safety of her child in this landscape.

Unconsciously, a man is looking for that woman who will be able to continue his gene pool in the future, i.e. to bear, give birth to and keep his child alive. Therein lies the connection between the purity of a woman’s facial skin and her attractiveness to a man. A woman can have ugly features, even facial defects, different eyes and crooked lips, but still have clean facial skin, in which case she will be more attractive to a man than a woman with perfect facial features but unhealthy skin.

What do men dream about? Misconception #2: Men dream of unlimited sex with no strings attached

One of the most common misconceptions of women is that all men are afraid of the registry office like fire. They do not want to start a family, they are afraid of having children, afraid to lose their freedom and voluntarily give up all women but one. And because women have to go to all sorts of tricks to get the coveted ring on the ring finger.

In fact, any man is created for a paired relationship, except one – the owner of the urethral vector. The rest are quite capable of living in a monogamous marriage, not even dreaming of other women. And as for the man with anal vector, he is literally created for marriage. His species role is to protect women and children and keep them safe.

However, now that the value of marriage is going away and new forms of relations are being created, to which men adapt much more easily, it is really much more difficult to “ring” them. But this is not due to male nature itself, but to changing societal values.

What do men dream about? Misconception #3: Men dream of “domestic” women who are ready to give up their careers to have a family.

Indeed, there are men who dream about women who are the keepers of the home, able to devote all of themselves to the house, husband and child. But only one group of men are like that: the possessors of the anal vector. And today, when a woman begins to enter society and to realize herself in society, which is a natural course of human development, men also begin to be more loyal to women’s social realization. At least, this applies to those men who are able to adapt to modern conditions. These are men who are developed and realized in their characteristics.

As for those who continue to demand that a woman knows her place, which is in the old fashioned way at the stove, then we are talking about not quite well established men, life with whom will prepare many more not the most pleasant surprises. Therefore, believing that men dream of “domestic” women, looking for such and specifically for them “domesticated”, we deliberately go into a relationship with a non-adaptant.

But this does not mean that any man who is timid about wanting his wife to devote herself to the family is frustrated or unfulfilled in his qualities. To a certain extent, any man with an anal vector would like to see his wife at home, and the house itself neatly cleaned by her hands, and dinner prepared for his arrival. But a modern woman must be able to find her realization in the society, her happiness – the feeling of fullness and satisfaction of life – depends to a large extent on it. And the man himself – if the properties of his anal vector are in good condition – will not suffer from the fact that his wife does not bury her happiness in the dirty laundry basket.

What do men dream about? Misconception #4: All men want variety

Who among us has not heard this opinion? Does it have the right to exist? Of course, if we are talking about men with skin vectors, as for the anal men, already mentioned more than once in this article, the novelty factor is a stressor for them, so with our “difference” we can only scare away and-. And even too strong tendency of skin men to novelty should be alert, because it is a sign of insufficient realization of a skin vector, which may result in unreasonable jealousy, inability to provide for family materially, treason, and lead to many other unfavorable consequences…

So, from all of the above you can already draw at least one important conclusion – the dreams of a man is dictated by his vectorial set. If you understand well what qualities your man has, you will know exactly what kind of desires he has and what kind of woman he wants to see by his side. But, most importantly, you’ll have a good understanding of what a relationship with each particular man will lead to and how to make it truly happy, if possible.

This article was written based on the materials of system-vector psychology training Yuri Burlan.

What is more important for a man: a tasty borscht, ironed shirt or sexy underwear? Expert lists four qualities that must possess the ideal life partner.

What qualities do men think the ideal woman should have?

How to be desirable for your man and the only one? This question does not leave the pages of any publication. And it is relevant every day. Many women to throw into action all their charms and trump cards to seize the attention of men and become to him the very thing. But there are four immutable rules that a woman must follow to be with her man. And it’s not just about the length of her legs and beauty.

The main thing – the soul, the rest is not important?

Modern fashion offers a lot of tricks: to make the legs longer, shorter skirts, black eyelashes, lush lips, etc. But it happens that for all manipulations, the woman remains invisible and lonely.

The other extreme – it’s married ladies who are not too much effort in the care for themselves, because her husband saw all kinds: in the morning, and sick, and crying. Many such women have a firm belief that the main thing – it’s the soul. And if the husband loves the soul, then the appearance does not matter. Unfortunately, this belief is as stable as it is wrong. Alan and Barbara Pease, American researchers in the field of relationships, found that men for all their intellectual demands and other features, unconsciously prefer women who are:

Sexually attractive;

– Capable of having healthy offspring (as evidenced by the state of skin, hair, teeth, elastic gait, grooming and slimness);

– Capable of serving this man: a delicious meal, watch his clothes, home comfort, order, and so on.

– Are faithful and loyal to the man.

An interesting list! At the same time, for both men and women is extremely important. For ladies who are too relaxed about taking care of themselves, this can be a wake-up call. Men’s bodies produce 5 times more than women’s, hormones that are responsible for states such as adoration and passion. That’s why they are careful, picky and choose a companion. Many painfully react if women in their understanding make themselves less attractive: cut hair, wear something masculine. By doing so, it’s as if women are letting it be known that men have made the wrong choice, that they are not the sexiest option.

She sacrificed herself

Now for those who, with their outward gloss and sexiness, do not know how to build and maintain a relationship. This can hardly be explained by hormonal background alone anymore. Although, even if we stick to Pease’s classification of spouses, criteria 2 through 4 have to do with a woman’s ability to “be for her partner” and invest in the relationship.

In the minds and culture of our population, the concept of “contributing” is often confused with the concept of “sacrificing. Many women are willing to do anything just to be near a man and check the box – “I’m in a relationship.

Examples of this are: listening to uninteresting stories; trying to save a friend from a hangover instead of going about their business; having sex “because he wants it”; borrowing money indefinitely; giving expensive gifts, even when they are unrequited.

Men in such cases feel that their partner is overdoing it. He feels overindebted, and after the sacrifices made for him, he also feels guilty. That’s why he often runs away even from a stunningly beautiful woman. Guilt and debt kill any desire.

So in the matter of building relationships important balance, consistency between what’s inside and what’s outside. Check your closet, update the look, make it well-groomed and glossy. That way there will be many times more men around you. Well, the ability to invest in a relationship – an art that will have to hone your whole life. Dare!

Maria Zemskova, psychologist, family therapist and facilitator of training sessions of personal growth Training Center Marika Hazin.

Good day, our dear readers!

It’s been a long time since we wrote for you! All in business and worries. Recently, I am more often in . I invite you! I have a lot of interesting things to do. I started doing more consulting. People need and support, they turn to me, and I am always happy to help.

Therefore, I do not have time to write articles for you, which I really want to do. But that’s okay, and there’s a big plus here too! You can read each article without hurrying, being aware of everything I write about, to speculate on a topic of interest to you in the comments, to which I will definitely answer you.

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And today I want to talk to you about what a woman should be, or rather, what kind of woman a man dreams about. And if even more precisely, who is she – the Woman – the dream?

I will try to give a portrait of such a Dream on points.

Dear men, I appeal to you. If you have something to add to your dream, please write about it in comments to the article. We will be very grateful to you.

Are you ready? Then let’s go.

Lovely women, man and – are different concepts. Man and the center of the universe are also different. For some of you, a man is the limit of your dreams, and that is a grave mistake! Although finding the other half makes sense in any woman’s life. Otherwise, how can you live a “half” full happy life? However, the world has much more possibilities and is much more interesting than the meaningless presence of “any” man in a woman’s life. For this reason alone, it is necessary to avoid the main mistakes that cause you to lose the possibility of meeting “your” man, meant for you.

First mistake: to run after them, like a faithful dog.

Second: Hang yourself on his neck, as if this were your last chance.

Third mistake: to serve and hover around him like a pesky fly.

Fourth mistake: dependence on the man and your helplessness.

Replace all of these mistakes with one successful action on your part. Just be there for your lover, enjoy the feelings and positive emotions.

Every woman should be self-sufficient, both financially and professionally. She must necessarily be self-sufficient and (not to be confused with promiscuity) a person, not one who “wiped her feet” and walked away. Not to be confused with the position of a woman who is a career woman and beware of a salary or income greater than that of her husband. This infringes on a man’s ego, and will soon run away from you (or into drunkenness, or altogether). Do what you love, easily and casually. And you’ll succeed at everything, which begins our second point.

Only a woman can be a keeper of the hearth! There are no other options. Only she creates comfort in the house and cooks mind-blowing food, keeps the house clean. Her children and husband are always neat, full and happy. A man will never have an idea of leaving such a woman who is a magician.

This is the woman who must never demand that her husband give her his entire monthly income. The man is responsible for all financial matters in the family. He is the primary breadwinner.

A wise woman is a dream that a man appreciates very much, trusting her, will never check his pockets, even if he is sure that his wallet or business card is there.

With all of this woman – a dream – is primarily a friend of life, which at any time can give a man moral support and encourage him in any situation, to soften all the “sharp” angles, despite the fact that it perfectly and without stress performs many roles: she and the mistress, and housewife, and mother of his children.

Worship your man, then life will favor you, not hinder you. Follow your husband, but not obsessively (read about this above). It is very difficult for men when they find themselves alone in the spiritual side of their lives. And this is where you need to be present and together. It is important to grow and develop in the same direction by supporting each other. Be able to listen to your husband and hear his thoughts and plans. Discuss this with him, and if he needs your advice, advise him. Also, be able to accept his advice and wishes yourself.

The woman is a dream, which , always calm and balanced, even if inside heated passions. She knows how to express her thoughts without scandals and tantrums, both her husband and others. She will never, and for no reason will not “nag” her husband and manipulate him. She knows how to listen, hear and negotiate. And if she can’t do the latter, she simply walks away. At first to another room, and after doing her best but not getting a positive result, forever.

The woman a man dreams of is in constant growth. She is always improving herself. She is relentless , looking good, getting rid of bad habits. She happily, without a creak in her heart, spends money on herself. And do you know what that means? Improving the image in the eyes of others, including other men.

A woman who dreams of a man and will be her companion for the rest of her life, with respect, deference, with sincerity, coming from the depths of her heart, refers to the hobbies and interests of her companion. But at the same time, she necessarily has her own, of which she is aware.

The woman is a weak and gentle creature, at the same time, she is smart and wise. Stupidity is the destiny of women who do not respect themselves.

The woman about whom a man dreams, is faithful to him, even in his thoughts!

A woman is the dream of every man, (selfishness has nothing to do with it at all!). This is the main guide, leading her to sincere love for her companion and this is the direct road to a woman’s happiness. What else does a woman need?

And finally … Dear women, honor your husband as God. Then your only man will take care of everything else, making you happier every day.

Success to you!

Be happy, joyful and prosperous on the way to your Perfection!