What makes a man’s face attractive? How do you become more attractive?

Girls will hang around your neck. Girls prefer men who are beautiful and attractive with their faces. Isn’t that so? Then why do all women so easily fall for brutal beauties and give themselves to them almost immediately? As long as liar girls talk about the fact that male appearance is not important, let’s improve it. Ugly men want to believe that girls do not care about their appearance and beauty of face, but it is not. Girls fall for the pretty handsome as easily as men on attractive ladies. How to become more attractive face and appearance for girls?

Nine ways to get prettier. How does a man become more attractive?

1. The bristles on a man’s face. Some girls like smoothly shaved men, while others like beards. But most of the girls spoke out for a little bristle on a man’s face. That makes it sexier and masculine.

2. The man’s massive neck. It is often forgotten that a man’s face makes a powerful neck more attractive. The cuddly neck is a hallmark of weak and losers. Massive and powerful neck – a sign of winners. Swinginging the neck will make a woman’s neck look more attractive.

3. Hard look on your face. Girls find a serious and slightly angry face more attractive than a good-natured one. Partially aggressive face makes a man stronger, more dominant and masculine, which all women like. Keep your face harsh if you want to be popular with girls.

4. Masculine facial features. Girls subconsciously divide men into men and deer. What makes deer different? A small jaw and a big head. And alpha males look different. They have a massive and powerful jaw. Grow a beard or bristle, it will visually increase the jaw and add masculinity. Pick a hairstyle that adds masculinity to the face, not ridicule.

5. A man’s discerning look. Eyes are the mirror of the soul, and a man’s look acts magically on girls. Running and avoiding eyes do not inspire confidence in girls. Practice looking straight, open and confident in front of the mirror. Do not look away and do not blink too often. Look into the eyes or into a girl’s nose bridge.

6. Beautiful smile of a man. Many men forget that they have problems with their teeth and suffer from tooth decay. Going to the dentist can take a man’s appeal to a new level. All girls like a beautiful and healthy smile of a man. It’s worth it.

7. It’s a slim face. Girls prefer men with a skinnier face than a full face. Chubby cheeks of men talk about fullness, health problems and low testosterone. That’s why you should be in shape. Apart from a man’s face, he will have a beautiful sports body. It turns all the girls on.

8. Tanned face. The darker face is considered more attractive because testosterone darkenes the skin. Tan to the extent that girls like it, but don’t overdo it.

9. Healthy skin. Pimples and skin defects spoil your appearance. A man should use creams and lotions to keep his face clean. Wake up, rest and work out. This will give your face a healthy and fresh look. Any man can raise his attractiveness level by 50-200% if he starts to watch his appearance. Girls will hang around your neck. It’s what you’ve always dreamed of.