What men want from women

Did not have time to rattle the royal wedding in Britain, and the Internet is already full of rumors about the plight of Kate, now the Princess of Cambridge: say, with her husband, she was unlucky, deceived his wife – he promised that he would quit his military service, and did not quit. On the contrary, he was going to the Falkland Islands, where he was not allowed to take his family with him. All in all, according to the famous quote: “Oh, this Buckingham – and he’s like all men!”

And if there’s nothing surprising about the situation itself, the reaction of the male half of the Internet is astounding. “Well, – writes, for example, one of the users, the wise Why it’s easier for me to communicate with men Why it’s easier for me to communicate with men’s experience with women – now begins: “Don’t go, stay with me!” How annoying this whining is!” That’s the time! It always seems like this is how we show our love to men, and they should be pleased to be loved. So, what do men really want from women? This question is answered by a teacher with many years of practice, a master with ancient energy techniques and knowledge, trained at the University of “Unity” in India.

He’s going to leave anyway

Let’s start with the fact that no matter what we say to a man, he will still leave, because the work for him is in second place, of course, after him – the favorite, the only and unique. But if she says: “Don’t go, stay with me!” he will go away with guilt, and it has never contributed Man and woman: a perfect union Man and woman: a perfect union of good relations between man and woman.

That is why, having felt guilty several times, he will think seriously: why would he do this? A woman, in an enlightened male perspective, is designed to provide men with spiritual comfort, not vice versa. And he will find exactly what he needs.

What kind of woman does a man need

If you think that the first place for a man is the ability to cook borscht and shine borscht apartment, then you are wrong. First of all, he needs the one who will be able to pour into him the energy he needs for life and work. An ideal woman through the eyes of a man looks like this: she is, first of all, good and well-groomed, so that it would be pleasant to admire herself and show others no shame. Secondly, she should always be in a good mood.

And, finally, thirdly, with all her appearance she must demonstrate that she has absolutely no problems in life. In such cases, it is best to chirp like a bird in the spring – carefree voice of the woman you love in itself calms the man, and he does not have to listen to what she says. And if she also discusses his problems and sympathy (it is interesting that she does not have to go into all his complaints, most importantly, do the appropriate expression), he will be just in seventh heaven from happiness.

Why is it important to fulfill a man’s wishes

As a rule, after active communication, a man needs a rest from everything, including the woman he loves, so he secluded himself in a room with a book or TV, which shows news or football. But he needs to feel that she is in his field, so from time to time he calls her and asks her to bring him tea or to lie on the sofa with him.

There is no tradition to resist it: “Why should I take care of him – do I have my own problems?!” Very often we in our minds unnecessarily complicate men, they are actually arranged very simply – they want a woman – no more and no less – Why not all our desires are not fulfilled Why not all our desires are not fulfilled all their desires. And if she succeeds, she will be rewarded.

What do men enjoy…

A man pays a woman like that to solve all her problems. Once she has something to worry about, he immediately rushes into battle: he is used to the fact that she is always cheerful and carefree, and ready to eliminate everything that prevents her good mood, and as a consequence, his own positive emotional background.

What’s more, he also enjoys it. In such an alliance, everyone does what he can best: a woman injects energy into a man (without it, he just can not take it out of nowhere), he also gives her what she herself, if she even three times a feminist, can not provide for themselves – male protection and care. Therefore, the most important task of women – to deal with their mood, supporting him at the appropriate level. As for the solution of problems, then this man must be gradually brought to. The main thing is not to dump on him all your negative, crying: “Have pity on me!” This is pure emotions, and in them any man – a profane, they prefer to prove their love deeds.