What men’s shorts to choose for the summer of 2020 and what to wear

The quarantine will end soon, and summer is not around the corner, so let’s take the opportunity of temporary self-isolation to buy trendy stylish shorts and leave the house in summer 2020 in trendy stylish shorts. In a fashionable environment, there is an opinion that shoes can say a lot about a person. And not only about his income level, but also how conservative this gentleman is and understands style issues in general.

But in an expensive suit and shoes, looking stylish is pretty easy. But what about summer options for clothing, for example, the same shorts? Can I wear men’s shorts and be elegantly dressed? Let’s see what stylists say on this subject. In the summer heat, short men’s shorts are the most suitable option for providing the body with comfortable conditions. But this is so informal and free clothes that without a certain skill it is difficult to find a good option. In order not to get into trouble, you need to follow several rules for the compatibility of shorts with shoes and clothes.

Chinos shorts 2020 – Oxford chic Chinos, in essence, are a short version of similar trousers. Such shorts are sewn from cotton fabric of twill weaving. This is a dense cotton that keeps its shape well and does not soar at all. So, chinos can be considered an ideal option for urban style. Classic colors of chinos: olive, sea blue, mustard, graphite and, of course, white and beige. White chinos shorts look especially respectable. Perfect for boat trips and crazy pool parties. So if you are going to relax on the sea coast, hurry to buy a pair of such s

Chinos can be worn with polo, t-shirts, sport-style shirts (sleeves are recommended to be rolled up). If you need a more business and official option, you can combine chinos with a blazer – a thin, slightly fitted jacket made of linen or cotton. It looks very stylish and gentlemanly. We select shoes From shoes you can pick up leather, suede or cotton loafers, loafers, lace-up shoes, slippers, espadrilles or slip-ons. Models should be selected according to the situation. For example, if you put on an elegant blazer and carefully ironed chinos, get leather or suede loafers from the closet.

Slip-ons, moccasins, sandals are more sporty and casual models. It goes well with polo and classic knit t-shirts. Feel absolutely relaxed in light chinos and espadrilles. In the latter you will feel the comfort of real slippers. The main condition for wearing all these types of shoes is no socks! Leave this your favorite wardrobe until the cooler time of the year. Although there is one exception: if you intend to wear chinos with high military style boots (they are back in fashion again), socks are a must!

Denim shorts Denim has not left the minds of fashionistas alone for 200 years, however, in fashion collections 2020 it is much less than in previous ones. Nevertheless, they remain convenient, practical, and simply universal. It is difficult to find a man who did not have at least one denim wardrobe item. Denim shorts are an ideal option when you do not want to think about the choice of clothes. They are always relevant and look good.

This year, Fendi offers cowboy-style, high-waisted blue denim shorts with a pair of suede accents. Undoubtedly, American Westerns had a strong influence on the designer. Denim shorts for the spring – summer 2020 season are a must-have worn, wrinkled, slightly sloppy option. The blue color is not quite clear, but it’s kind of dirty.

Look very good and very light, very worn denim shorts. It should be worn slightly (but only slightly!) Lowered. Denim shorts with lapels look best. You can pick up almost any top: from a sports shirt to a white (black) alcoholic shirt and jacket. Recently, fashion gurus have been trying to rethink denim and bring it as close as possible to the evening style in clothes. At the same time, he still remains an integral component of sports style and casual.

From shoes to jeans shorts, you should choose sneakers, moccasins, slip-on shoes and, of course, sneakers. For sports guys who are not averse to “cut” on a skateboard, we offer the option “denim shorts + sneakers + socks + tank top”. It looks very stylish and relaxed. Despite this frankly sporty look, you should not use this option for fitness or running. In denim, running in the summer is too hot. You should not combine denim shorts with frankly classic shoes such as loafers or lace-up shoes. For others, this causes a persistent sense of disharmony. Denim is a more sporty and imposing style. He interacts a little with the classics.

Men’s shorts are a hit of the 2020 summer season. In recent years, sports style has been greatly influenced by urban street fashion trends. Loose shorts to the knee level is a kind of intersection of these two styles. In the collections of almost all fashion houses there are loose men’s sports shorts made of thick cotton, jersey and even leather.

In addition, some designers presented in the collections of ultra-short men’s shorts up to the middle of the thigh and even higher. Such shorts can even be called underpants. Such models are suitable for a relaxing holiday in a city park or on the seashore.

Combinatorics Wear loose shorts with sports shoes: sneakers, sneakers or slip-ons. Socks are only welcome in combination with sneakers. If you want to wear them with sneakers, it is better to give preference to a shortened version under the bone. In general, we recommend buying several pairs of such socks. They are perfectly combined with sports shoes, they allow you to feel comfortable in it, but at the same time they do not stick out half a foot above the upper edge of sneakers or sneakers.

They should be combined with sports-style clothes and the same shoes: sneakers, sneakers, gym shoes, slip-on sneakers. God forbid to wear elongated sports shorts – underpants or another manufacturer with socks and flip flops! Leave this “collective farm” option to those comrades who absolutely do not care what impression they make on others. Cropped color shorts This season, the trend is short men’s shorts in a bright floral pattern or geometric print. It is understandable, in the summer near the seashore I want to soak up the sun and sunbathe. And this is best done in the most open clothing. This model assumes the length that opens the hips.

Very stylish options can be found at Raf Simons, Dries Van Noten. These mini-shorts will look spectacular on the sea coast. They will create a very favorable contrast for tanned skin and perfectly emphasize your efforts in the fitness club. Short men’s sports shorts for fitness and jogging This is a great option for jogging, fitness, boat trips and generally any active pastime. If you are an active person who loves movement, you just need to buy at least one pair of such shorts. They are useful wherever you go in the summer: on the city or sea beach, in the gym and on the basketball court, in the park or when walking around the city.

The most stylish options this year were offered by the world grandees of sportswear – all the same Adidas, Reebok, Nike and others like them. A shortened graphite color can be purchased from Adidas. White short shorts just look luxurious. In these you will feel like a real tennis or sailing star. It is best combined with sneakers in the same colors (combinations of dark and light gray, white, graphite). Adidas or Reebok short athletic shorts are best worn with polos and t-shirts. We hide shortcomings Like any other clothes, shorts can both emphasize and hide some shortcomings of the figure.

First of all, this applies to the model. You should not buy yourself shorts for fitness, if you still have to train and train before the perfect fit. If you are overweight, give preference to chinos or denim. But even with its lack, you need to choose clothes very carefully. For example, on too thin guys, well-fitting fitness leggings look very bad. It’s great if you are a god-kissed owner of high growth, oblique fathom in the shoulders and a pumped up press. In this case, almost everything suits you. It is by this principle that men of models are selected to demonstrate fashionable clothes on the catwalk. By the way, if a pretty face is attached to all this wealth, feel free to try yourself in the modeling business.

Small growth If growth did not work out, you need to learn how to hide its lack. You can do this with color. It is worth putting on moccasins or loafers in the shade of your skin and the same color shorts as the legs will immediately visually appear longer. The top should also be in the same color scheme. Shades are suitable: beige, milk, white, coffee with milk, light gray.

Arrows on trousers (in our case, on shorts) also “visually stretch” perfectly visually. A good length of shorts for you is the middle of the thigh. Do not get carried away by cuffs! They will shorten the short man even more. Choose your shoes carefully. High boots above the bone immediately visually “cut off” the legs. Men of short stature are better off buying shoes that do not reach a bone on the foot (loafers, slip-ons, moccasins, shoes as open as possible).

Tall guys At the opposite end of the spectrum are men of very tall stature. If there is a need or desire to seem a little lower, you need to choose clothes and shoes that are directly opposite to the previous option (for short men). The optimal length of the shorts is just above or the middle of the knee. The horizontal line in this area will “steal” a little leg length. Colors need to be selected in contrast to the skin tone: black, navy blue, khaki, graphite. The situation is the same with shoes. Look for high options for shoes that cover the bone. Military boots with high lacing look great on tall guys.

But do not forget that the materials must be in harmony with each other! If you put on “army” lace-up boots, the shorts should be made of very dense cotton, and even better – made of denim. With thin knitted shorts, such shoes will look just ridiculous. And the last recommendation to everyone who wants to look great in the summer – and any other – days: do not forget about pedicures! Well-groomed feet can spoil the impression of even the most stylish clothing option. This is especially important if you have chosen open shoes. Be consistent and start the transformation with yourself. If you liked this article, share it with your friends in the social. networks. All the best, bye!