What mistakes do you make every day? 30 of your mistakes

What are the common mistakes people make every day that drastically worsen their lives? It is important to make as few mistakes as possible in order to be happier and live a better life. What does modern society consider normal when it is not? We have lost the thread of what brings positive change and what doesn’t. We take on false goals, lead questionable lifestyles, and get caught in a time crunch.

What is a Zeitnote? In the game of chess, it is the lack of time to think about moves. We have too little time in life to make the necessary decisions to change something for the better. Sometimes mistakes cost us too much in every sense. We live a life that doesn’t suit us. We don’t do the things we want to do. We are unhappy and feel constant anxiety. If you make a mistake every day and don’t fix it, you make another one. Take away all the minuses, then your pluses will shine through. “It’s one thing to be wrong, it’s quite another to be wrong again and again.” Jodi Picoult

What mistakes do you make every day? Constant lack of sleep, when you gradually destroy yourself mentally and physically. Systematic overwork. Coming to work early and leaving late. Being the busiest is cool? This is the inability to manage your time. Trying to impress people and be pretty for everyone. Sitting on social media a lot, absorbing tons of useless information.

Allowing yourself to be insulted by those who should have fought back long ago. Maintaining a promiscuous and hedonistic lifestyle. Believing that attending courses of motivational speakers and coaches, will dramatically help. Rarely resting and only working? That’s not a sign of a proper life. Spending money on all sorts of nonsense that you don’t really need.

Avoiding a hearty breakfast but eating a lot before bedtime? Give in to feelings, ignoring facts and events. Watch what the person is doing, not talking. You eat junk food, reducing your ability to work, health and well-being. Taking out loans, installments, or using overdrafts. You stick to the rules, traditions and prohibitions. You lose when you play by other people’s rules. In life, you act too linearly, forgetting about flexibility and discretion. You succumb to manipulation by your bosses, coworkers, friends, acquaintances or your second half. Always waiting for better times, never taking risks or grabbing good chances.

You think it’s okay to be fat or thin when it’s a flawed life and an early death. You post posts and pictures on social media, expecting approval from those around you. Smoking, drinking and having other bad habits that take years off your life. You consume too much sugar, too much salt, and too much fat. You don’t exercise, allowing your body to fade and age faster. Underestimating the importance of vitamins, medications and doctor visits. Allowing others to take advantage of you and sit on your neck. Choosing jobs and lifestyles where you only survive, not live. Over-consuming everything: things, food, entertainment. Living only in the past or the future, but not in the present. Believing that everything will work itself out. When it only depends on you. You read articles on how to improve your life, but you do nothing.

As the Australian author Colleen McCullough said in Singing in the Blackthorn: “To understand what is wrong is not to correct it.” It is not enough to realize one’s mistakes. Empty regrets can’t fix wrongs. It is important to get down to business as soon as possible. Stop stepping on your favorite rake. Make mistakes, but don’t make the same mistake twice. You will move forward.