What panties to choose for the type of figure of a man: the main nuances

Choosing men’s underwear by body type: the main nuances

What underwear should be worn by full and thin men?

What kind of underwear suits the athletic and large figure of the man?

Does it matter the length of the body – the height of the man when choosing the type of men’s underwear?

What kind of underwear is suitable for sports?

There is no need to talk about the functionality and usefulness of underwear, because everyone knows their importance for health and hygiene. Today there is a huge selection of underwear models already not only for women but also for men, but the most popular among the latter are four:

Types of men’s briefs boxers briefs trunks hips

Boxer shorts

Boxer Briefs

Trunks or Hips


When buying underwear, many men are guided by price, brand or perceived comfort.

However, not everyone knows how to choose the right underwear based on body type. At first glance this criterion may seem insignificant, but in fact it can favorably emphasize the features of your body, giving self-confidence, or, conversely, expose all the shortcomings. The main nuances of choice and will be discussed in this article. Read and choose wisely.

Why is the selection of the right underwear is so important?

When it comes to underwear, we understand that it’s still underwear, that is worn under the rest of our clothes and hidden from public view.

Is it that important?

The answer is yes, definitely!

But you also have to choose the model of underwear, which can literally affect your life. The right product can literally give you confidence and make you more attractive to your partner.

Below is a table that clearly shows a comparison of the four most popular lingerie models and the figure types that fit them best.

Now let’s walk through each model, noting their features.

Model #1 – Boxer Shorts (Family)

Suitable for: large (overweight), stocky and muscular men.

DA cotton boxer shorts family shorts purple

The good old boxer shorts were created based on the loose shorts worn by professional boxers. Their shorts were designed to give athletes ample comfort and freedom of movement during a fight. They are not baggy, but they are slightly wider than the wearer’s thighs. Especially since athletes’ legs tend to be more pumped up because of training than the average man.

Therefore, boxer shorts (also known as panties) are great for everyone who does not have too thin legs and not very massive thighs. This model does not have elastic and fitting holes for the legs, which means that this type of underwear can visually make the lower part of your body larger. However, if you are generally of a large build, trim or muscular, then loose boxers will suit you perfectly.

Panty Model No. 2 – Briefs

Suitable for: skinny, stocky and muscular men.

This type of underwear is well known to everyone as classic briefs. They are the antithesis of boxer briefs in every way.

Briefs fit fairly snugly against the body, being a supportive model of men’s underwear. They usually consist of an elastic band and about 13 cm of fabric covering the top of the thighs. These briefs tightly cover the crotch area, forming a Y-shaped fly, support your genitals well and show them in a favorable light.

They are soft and comfortable, however, there is one nuance. If you have a well-built body, a pair of breeches will show it off at its best. Even quite skinny guys will look good in these briefs, as they don’t accentuate thinness. But in large men or men with wide hips, briefs may draw more attention to weight or hip size (View models of briefs and slip-ons here)

Panty Model #3 – Boxer Briefs

Suitable for: all body types.

Boxer briefs are also called briefs. This hybrid style, based on the name, combines the cut of boxers with the fit silhouette of briefs. They are considered versatile for all body types and suitable for any activity due to the elasticity of the fabric, which is slightly stretchy, but retains its shape.

These briefs provide comfort and keep the genitals in the same position. It is a beautiful model of underwear, allowing any man to look attractive. (View models of tight boxer-briefs here)

Panty Model #4 – Trunks (Hips)

Suitable for: skinny, trim, muscular men as well as men with wide hips.

In fact, men’s trunks or “hipsters” are shortened boxer-briefs, which appeared relatively recently, but have already managed to win huge popularity among the male half of the population. These briefs are characterized by a tight silhouette and a comfortable stretch fabric. If you purchased a high quality product, it will not lose its elasticity for a long time.

Trunks also provide good support for the genitals. They are most suitable for thin and slender men. Because trunks are smaller than boxers and fit closer to the body, they will not look very favorable on a large build, although as an option may suit men with wide hips (View models of briefs hipsters trunks can be here )

Important Note: Underwear for Sports

When choosing underwear for men, it’s important to consider lifestyle. Especially when it comes to different types of exercise.

If you are into running, a priority underwear feature for you should be genital support. However, a pair of tight-fitting briefs will rather quickly lose their attractive look and shape under such exertion. Wearing a larger size or models with a special supportive pouch can help.

Does your large physique allow you to handle the bar at the gym in a healthy way? That’s great, of course, but you can’t forget that you sweat profusely all over your body. To avoid embarrassing other workout enthusiasts, you should favor appropriately sized boxer-briefs over regular loose boxers.


Guided by common sense, it is better to give preference to underwear of good quality, rather than buy cheap, which will not survive and a couple or three washings. By quality underwear can be enlisted as such, if it meets the following characteristics:

Absorbs moisture from skin evaporation

Prevents the inside of your pants from getting dirty

Provides support for the genitals, keeping them in a comfortable position throughout the day

Reduces friction between the genitals and clothing (with top brands using quality, durable fabric to prevent rapid wear and tear in the area of the step seams)

Regulates the temperature in the lower body, preventing overheating

Don’t forget that the right size of men’s underwear is just as important as its type, and high quality underwear allows you to start each day with confidence. No matter where you go, no matter what you do, comfortable underwear does a great job of letting you focus on what really matters.