What should a basic men’s wardrobe consist of

I like the statement of a great woman – fashion designer Coco Chanel: “You will not have a second chance to make a first impression.” I will start with the mistakes that most often occur when forming a wardrobe: There are a lot of things in the wardrobe, the closet is full, and there is nothing to wear. Things do not fit together. Things are bought emotionally, impulsively, when you come home you realize that you have nothing to wear this thing with. The other extreme is when all the things fit together, because the wardrobe only has basic things. Your wardrobe is faceless and not happy, all things are similar to each other.

Thanks to the right approach to forming your wardrobe, money and time for shopping will be much less. You don’t believe it? And it is so, once picked up a basic wardrobe of quality things, it will serve you for 2-3 years. You will only need to buy 2-3 fashionable things of the season to look stylish and fashionable in the new season. Formation of the base wardrobe will allow you to plan your purchases and avoid expenses for unnecessary things. You can always find a kit for any occasion.

Your wardrobe will be complete and you won’t have to spend time and money on it. Basic men’s wardrobe items are timeless classics that never go out of fashion. Buying basic wardrobe items should be treated as a profitable investment in your impeccable image, which will help you build a career and increase your income. So, let’s begin with, how do we make a men’s wardrobe? What is the basic wardrobe for? It’s a set of things that make up the base wardrobe and combine it with each other and other bright fashionable things. Basically, these are things in which “both to feast and to the world and to good people”. The men’s basic wardrobe consists of the following things:


  1. Classic coat


  1. Suit
  2. Jacket
  3. Cardigan
  4. Jumper (pullover)
  5. Classic men’s shirt
  6. Polo shirts are monochrome
  7. Pants
  8. Classic jeans Shoes for real men
  9. Classic Men’s Shoes
  10. Informal loafer shoes
  11. Topsiders
  12. Warm winter shoes

  1. Classic coat

Basic men’s wardrobe This coat is suitable for both winter and off-season. It is worn both on top of the suit and on top of everyday clothes. For more information on how to choose a classic men’s coat, read here…

  1. Jacket

Basic men’s wardrobe jacket In this jacket you can walk in winter in warm weather and off-season. It is better to choose an elongated model to be worn over a suit jacket.

  1. Costume

Basic men’s wardrobe Well-fitting classic men’s suit always decorates a man. In this suit you can go both to the office and to the gala event. For more details on how to choose a man’s suit, read here…

  1. Jacket

Basic men’s wardrobe in the men’s wardrobe there should be a jacket (blazer) in urban style. This blazer can be worn at a party with jeans, on a date or for a walk and even at the office on Friday. For the basic wardrobe such a jacket should be neutral – black, gray, blue, brown. For more details on how to choose a blazer in Cajual style, read here…

  1. Cardigan

Basic Men’s Wardrobe Cardigan is a universal piece of basic wardrobe, looks great with business trousers and jeans. Choose dense smooth knitwear in neutral colours, preferably monochrome.

  1. Jumper (pullover)

For the base wardrobe it is better to choose a pullover – it is a jumper with a V-neck neckline, such a jumper you can wear on both the shirt and the body. Choose dense knitwear that is not too thin and tight, so that the shirt does not pass through the fabric of the jumper.

  1. Classic men’s shirt

A man’s wardrobe should have at least one classic white shirt. The shirt with darts favourably emphasizes shoulder width and waist and gives a masculine look, but not everyone can afford this style. If there is fullness or protruding belly, you should choose a classic cut shirt. Choose monochrome shirts of light shades, they will perfectly suit both the suit and jeans. If you work in an office with a dress code, you must have a minimum of 5 shirts to change them every day. For more details on how to choose the right shirt, read here…

  1. Plain Shirts

Polo shirts can be more or less athletic in the basic men’s wardrobe. These shirts are designed for everyday wear and can be worn at work on Fridays. Polo shirts are complete with jeans or regular pants, but not with suit pants. Two monochrome shirts will be a great addition to your basic wardrobe. Read more about the polo shirt here…

  1. Trousers

Basic Men’s Wardrobe Pants In the basic wardrobe you should have pants that you can wear with sports shoes. These pants will fit any occasion, you will look great in the office on Friday too. It is better to choose monochrome pants of neutral colors and classic cut. For more details on how to choose men’s pants in Cajual style, read here…

  1. Classic Jeans

Basic Men’s Wardrobe Classic indigo or dark grey jeans are a must have in your wardrobe. These jeans must be of classic shape, not narrowed or flared. There’s no need to get carried away by excessively shabby and holey denim. All this looks beautiful on the podium, in everyday life such jeans are not practical. Where do you buy the basic stuff? It all depends on your budget. The most affordable brands in terms of price and quality are Gap, Massimo Dutti and UNIQLO, and there are stores of these brands in almost all major shopping centers. You can find better and more expensive things in the shops of such brands as Gant, Hugo Boss and Tommy Hilfiger. The luxury menswear brands are Ermenegildo Zegna, Corneliani. The perfect alternative to finished products is individual tailoring. Now in Moscow there is no problem to find a good tailoring atelier. Shoes for real men Now let’s move on to basic shoes for a young man’s wardrobe … There are many varieties of shoes and very often men face the problem of choice. Which footwear fits the suit and which footwear fits the everyday urban style. In this article I will talk about the minimum set that any man in the wardrobe should have.

  1. Classic men’s shoes

You need to have shoes for a classic business suit. The most suitable shoes for a suit is shoes with lacing: they can be black oxfords – it is the most formal men’s shoes. oxfords or derby derby For those who do not like to fiddle with laces, thanks to the democratization of fashion, it is allowed to wear under the suit: Monkey (pastoral shoes) Monkey Please note that the formal men’s shoes should be black, so for basic shoes we choose black.

  1. Informal loafer shoes

For everyday wear, we choose loafers. These are comfortable informal shoes suitable for everyday wear, such shoes are ideal for jeans and everyday trousers. With these shoes you can go on a date, party, walk and office on Friday.

13. Topsiders

Basic Men’s Wardrobe For summer, I recommend topsiders (boat shoes) as everyday shoes. These shoes in our climate will be worn better than moccasins, thanks to the strong sole. Please note that it is advisable to have two pairs of shoes of each type in summer to change every day.

  1. Warm winter shoes

While wearing one pair, the second one is ventilated – this will keep the shoes in good condition for a longer time. Warm winter shoes Base men’s wardrobe for the winter will suit insulated high boots or bangs with thick soles. Such shoes are better to shoe in the office. In a warm room you will be uncomfortable in insulated boots. Read more about men’s shoe wardrobe here … In conclusion, I want to draw your attention to the fact that the choice of things for the basic wardrobe depends on several factors: your lifestyle. For example, if you work in an office, you should pay more attention to the choice of suits and shirts, in which case there should be at least two suits.

So, you can change them and not walk around in one single suit all the time. Also, the costumes need periodic cleaning, it may take 1-3 days. Your color types. The color of the basic things depends on it. Typical colours are: black, grey, white, beige and their shades. Depending on your colour type, cold, warm, bright, muted, deep or light shades are suitable for you. For the base wardrobe it is better to choose things in neutral colours, which will be combined with a maximum number of other things. On how to determine your color type of appearance, read here… your type of figure. Depending on your type of figure you need to choose things of different styles.

For example, if you are tall and have a sports figure, you can afford almost any style of clothing. However, if there are such features as low height, fullness, belly, etc., in this case you need to choose a single-breasted jacket, a certain cut of shirts to hide the errors of the figure and emphasize its advantages. Objectives. Your wardrobe is a reliable helper in achieving your goals. For example, depending on what social stage you want to climb, will depend on the choice of brand and value of items from your wardrobe. In the men’s team as in the army, all immediately notice the “epaulets” – insignia, thanks to which you can either make the right impression and in the future only to feed it, or spoil and then long and painstakingly correct. However, to use only the basic wardrobe is not enough. Without bright, stylish and fashionable things your wardrobe will be boring. And also, don’t forget the accessories that will give your look a complete and personal touch. I hope this information has been useful to you, leave your comments and share your experiences. Share the article with your friends in social networks. See you again!