What should a man know about a woman?

We asked women for advice for men, and they gave us a whole list. Women told us their secrets, complexities, and problems that men don’t usually understand. What doesn’t a man know about women, but what is better for him to understand right now? It will make the relationship with the fair sex better and happier. What do women think men don’t understand at all? Let’s not say anything about Mars and Venus. We are just different, but we don’t talk to each other much. That’s how misunderstandings and difficulties arise from nothing. All this does not allow us to better interact with each other, depriving us of happiness in personal life.

What should a man know about a woman?

1.Men are afraid of smart women, preferring naive silly girls. Men avoid great girls, and if those earn more, no chance at all. For this reason, many good girls can’t find a man.

2. If a girl is thin, beautiful and well-dressed, it means she has easy principles. Is the girl overweight? She’s a lazy loser. Where do so many prejudices come from? And patterns of thinking?

3. When a girl stands up for her rights, they call her a bitch. But if it’s the other way around, they don’t take her seriously, like she’s nothing.

4. It is easier for women to find a one-night stand, but it is not easier to find a soulmate. And sometimes even harder. Many men pretend to want a long-term relationship just to get a one-night stand.

5. Body hair is considered unacceptable, and a girl should look like a picture. This is exhausting. The invented model standards are too strict and wrong.

6. Men think we’re looking for a millionaire with 6 cubes of abs. But we’re not. We are looking for someone who will respect us, make us laugh, and love us.

7. The line between public opinion and stamps is very thin. Too promiscuous or too modest? How do we behave so that we don’t fall under judgment? There will still be criticism.

8. Girls are always analyzing everyday situations and adjusting behavior to be safe. The threat of physical violence is real. We always tell our girlfriends where we are. This is just in case something happens.

9. Men often don’t realize that we’re not ready to date them. Persistence and conquests don’t make a difference. Is it really that hard to accept rejection and find another girl? No need to waste your time and ours.

10. If a girl holds a high position, everyone thinks the same. She achieved this by her beauty or by her love affairs at work. But not by her professionalism.

11. Not all girls want to get married or be mothers right now. We don’t have innate motherhood and the drive to have a family life. We are afraid of it all, too.

12. A girl is always criticized for how she dresses, how she looks, how she acts, what she posts on social media. Where did so many judges come from?

13. Very often a woman’s bad mood or dissatisfaction is blamed on PMS. But the reasons may be quite different.

14. A girl is not your mother, and therefore does not have to act that way if a man is infantile. There’s nothing worse than a man who doesn’t know how to be an adult.

15. Men are more trusted in technical things, so girls have to take the time and effort to prove that they can be relied upon.

16. What should a man know about a woman? Big breasts are not only beautiful, but also tiring physically. Be careful with her. She is very sensitive.

17. birth control pills carry many side effects for women. Better to use a condom or abstain from intimacy.

18. Compliments are not pleasant to hear from all men. Most of it is better to just skip your ears than to listen to all sorts of slutty nonsense.

19. If a girl acts nice and friendly, you shouldn’t immediately think that they want to date you. This is normal behavior.

20. Loving men’s things and hobbies doesn’t make a woman a guy. We, too, love sports, motorcycles, games and many other things that are considered masculine.

21. Girls are often called a bitch or an ancient profession girl if she doesn’t do what a man wants her to do.

22. When a stranger writes you, you always hope it won’t be another inadequate mate. And the picture you send will have a face on it.

23. A pretty girl in an expensive car? She’s a mistress who earned her car in an understandable way. Are you serious?

24. Foreplay is not something we invented to piss men off. Women need time and help in bed to get aroused and turned on to the right level. Otherwise, sex will be mediocre or painful.

25. Women have more responsibility for children and the future when men often allow themselves to forget that. Grow up already. Learn to take responsibility at least for the children.

26. At work, women are often not taken seriously. It takes a lot of effort to be considered a professional.

27. A girl has to be always on her guard with a man. It’s scary to be subjected to aggression or violence. It’s scary to turn in a stalker, a drunk or an aggressor as a victim. There are plenty of good men, but jerks get in the way more often.

28. When we’re close to the finish line in bed, there’s no need to change anything. Just keep doing what you were doing before. Otherwise you’ll ruin it, and the pleasure will be thwarted.

29. Men often don’t take women’s problems seriously. They think we just like to complain or whine. But we may have problems that we really care about.

30. Girls are taught to be polite and modest. It’s exhausting and keeps you from being yourself. But otherwise you will be perceived as a bitchy and arrogant lady. You have to be nice.

Men often do not understand or do not want to understand the fair sex. What should a man know about a woman? Many things. But more important is the desire to compromise and be happy together. A man’s desire to make a step towards understanding, not ignoring your differences. Girls, like men, just want to be happy in a relationship.